Behind EyefulEvents


Hello, this is me Becky Carver. I don’t always look this clean and pristine it was actually just down to great lighting and an exceptional effort with my appearance before a night out, seeing as this is a social platform you shall see me at my best because you will see me at my worst during my openly honest posts.

I am 22 years of age currently living in between homes (sofa surfing) whilst I save for my travels starting April 2018. Of Course I work but not in one place, I am somewhere different every few weeks, I temp wherever I am needed simply so I don’t waste anyones time taking me on for a short amount of time when I know I’m going away – you may find me working as an event coordinator, event assistant, marketing/pr assistant or somewhere administrative.


I thought I would share with you a little insight behind EyefulEvents and why I started, I will literally keep this as short and sweet as possible just to keep you reading!

Right at the start in 2011-2013 I went to college to study business management and I instantly just figured I would be a business woman of some kind, I am naturally organised, hard working, patient and passionate. One of my assignments was to design a business and I had this thing with underwear so I designed an underwear shop called ‘Eyeful Underwear’ I drawn to the name and it has literally just stuck with me.

I then had to decide what I wanted to do with myself after college and I wanted nothing more than to challenge myself to university – from then I signed up to do a bachelors degree in ‘Business and event management’

2013 – 2016 I went to Greenwich University and pursued what I planned and what I grew to feel so passionate about, EVENTS! In my final year I thought I would start a blog based on event inspiration/reviews, I wanted something to go to whilst doing my dissertation as it was really bloody stressful and all I wanted was to express everything I felt rather than in a diary. Carrying on my love for the name ‘Eyeful’ I merged together Eyeful & Events, I then had a friend I went to college with, Colm, design my logo that I could literally always visualise – only this year a year after graduation I’ve realised how seriously I want to take this blogging and focus it on ‘Event Inspiration, Lifestyle & Travel’

I have a long way to go and so much to learn but I know that this blogging journey is going to create a life for me that I literally dream and visualise. You’ll see posts like ‘My 5 year plan’ and understand the journey I plan to take, I would love to see you along the way and see me grow.