Our Personal Beliefs

There are so many things that have surfaced recently in my life at 25 years of age that I wish I knew at least 7 years ago. On many occasions I’ve thought exactly that, why don’t we learn about ourselves growing up? Why do we not have mindfulness and self awareness in our curriculum! I know schools can’t teach us everything but neither can our parents. When it comes to ‘our beliefs’ it’s actually best someone outside of your life is able to make you aware of this stuff, someone who has no judgements and opinions.

I must admit I didn’t know what a ‘limiting belief’ was 2 years ago, maybe even 1.
I know what they are I just wasn’t aware of mine and I wasn’t sure where they come from. Being able to highlight my limiting beliefs and acknowledge the positive ones has been the greatest advantage to my personal growth and development. I can’t not share this knowledge with you, if I had this realisation and i’m benefiting from it then you should be too.

Your beliefs become your thoughts which then become a physical influence on your actions. This is why it’s important to align your beliefs with your reality and make sure you’re not stuck with the beliefs that are limiting you.

What are limiting beliefs?

Our beliefs are created throughout our personal life experiences and from everything an everyone we absorb information from. The people we have around us somewhat have a significant influence on us ( our parents, partners, siblings, teachers, bosses etc). We have beliefs about absolutely everything and everyone, they’re all different – mine and yours, that’s what makes us human and that’s what makes us individuals.

Why are limiting beliefs toxic?

Beliefs become outdated and invaluable, what I believed at 15 shouldn’t exist anymore, I should adapt and create new beliefs as I grow up through different stages in my life, however it’s not always that easy… they can unintentionally stick with us because they become so integrated in our minds, we don’t see the toxicity around them. We’re forever evolving internally and everything is evolving externally too, you must honour that, we should mould with the times… flexibility is essential.

Our ‘false/outdated’ beliefs will drive poor decision making, we make choices everyday on the basis of our morals, values and beliefs…we will miss opportunities and we will lower our expectations to suit what we think we deserve. You’ll stay in this bubble of limiting beliefs and you’ll only live within them until you know which one’s are holding you back.

We will only create goals that align with your current beliefs- even the false ones , if you’re told or assume you need to be rich to start a business, 9 times out of 10 you’ll avoid starting a business knowing how much money you had in your bank. You have to create your own beliefs and know that you can achieve everything you want to achieve if you’ll go work for it.

Be Mindful of Your False Reality


How do we recognise our beliefs?

Write a list of you beliefs, take time out to really think about them in all aspects of your life. What you think of yourself, your lifestyle, your family/friends & the world as a whole.

Are they positive/negative?

If you think they’re negative then think about where it would’ve stemmed from & when would it have started? (Childhood experience, a bad experience with a partner, parents, teachers, bosses/colleagues etc)

Make note of all the reasons it’s negative and how it could be having an impact on your life now or how IS it impacting your life? – what is it holding you back from?

Another great way to highlight our positive and negative beliefs is to think about what it is you really want from your life, what’s keeping you from achieving this?

So now what?

Picture the highest version of you, your future self. What do they look like? How do they think? What beliefs do they have? What are their values? What language do they use to other people and themselves?

Visualise this person and create an action plan to be that person…
Be that person – Show up as that person. 

Example : My future self will have more time and be more mindful of time.
How will this happen, what does she do that I need to do?
Practise an efficient way to get things done each day (to-do-list techniques), set boundaries and be mindful of what I accept into my life,

Use positive positive affirmations that go against your limiting beliefs, recreate them.

Become aware of what you inhibit and do everything within your power to break the mould, don’t allow someone to alter your values and make you consider your own beliefs. Make your own choices aligned with your personal values and morals. Reflect and then allow yourself to visualise your highest self and plan for lifestyle improvements.

There’s no right or wrong but you’ll know when something in your mind is holding you back and limiting you from living a successful mindful life.

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One thought on “Our Personal Beliefs

  1. So very true in what you say – I’m aware that when I’m negative I quickly turn it around to be positive and have stopped thinking about what can go wrong and stay positive.
    Love this 😘😘😘😘

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