8 Day Social Media Detox

So here it is, my 8 day social media detox debrief.  8 days probably wasn’t enough I could’ve easily done 8 more BUT this has already been great for me, I got what I needed from the break and that alone has been worthwhile, I have also gained an understanding of where my time is being wasted and I know that moving forward I will allocate ‘productive’ social media time and ‘social’ time, I do not want to increase my screen time anymore with no purpose behind it.

Social media has become such a large part of our lives across all generations… our parents, grandparents and our littlest siblings, nieces/nephews have access to phones and computers and within a few clicks we’re on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and all the other platforms that exist in 2020.

Overtime i’ve learnt to control what i’m consuming and how it’s making me feel, when I was struggling with my own health issues I found myself constantly comparing myself to other girls online, just wishing with every part of me i’d look like them one day and wishing I could get everything they had, even their clothes! – it was a never ending cycle that tore me down daily – thankfully I don’t feel as though I struggle with this anymore, I am able to switch off and embrace me for me and appreciate all I am and all that I have without even doubting it.

I did a post ‘Being socially wise and mindful’ a few months back when I felt like I learnt to control what I’m assuming, I always want to inspire people to live mindfully and social media consumption always seems to be a significant factor against that.

Life has been crazy this year, I’ve had a huge lifestyle change and so much has happened in such a short space of time I just figured a break was needed – social media hasn’t been fun for me lately, it’s been horrible. Everything and everyone seems to be wild, rude, openly nasty, judgemental and just outright assh*les… like there’s not enough going on right now ?!

I pick up energy quicker than you can blink, I feel things extremely deeply and get anxious over anything negative, I felt my anxiety creep up on me and I felt as though I was losing myself a little bit – my anxiety causes me to procrastinate and become a bit mind numb? I was just aimlessly scrolling with no good intent, I was pushing everything aside and leaving myself on an empty battery.

My screen time as of late was topping 10 hours a day most days, sometimes even more – this makes me feel sick. Although half of this time was productive and informative for me it’s still a lot and it’s not necessary. Especially since i’m fun’employed and on my own mostly all week, social media has become a significant part of of my day to cure the emptiness and boredom I suppose.


Day 1

I completed day 1. I have logged out from all social media on my MacBook and deleted all the apps from my phone so the temptation is very limited. I haven’t had a productive day today but I went to see some family which was amazing, I also had time to chill and have some ‘me time‘ – this was very well needed.

Today’s big win for me was reading more than 2 chapters of ‘Lost Connections’, I’ve been trying to finish this one for a while and i’m almost there!

Screentime @ 10pm = 5 hours; Whatsapp, Linkedin, Safari & Spotify (Podcasts)

Day 2 

Another successful day of not looking at social media and not wanting to either, I feel like the days are flying by at the moment so it doesn’t even seem to cross my mind. I am focusing on ticking off my productivity list, a few things down already!

Today’s wins were finishing 2 more chapters of my book, Starting my 90 day manifestation journal, completed some more modules of my course & went for a long walk to see my mum.

Screentime @ 10pm = 6 & half hours; Spotify Podcasts, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Safari & Pinterest.

Day 3 

So the weekend is here, this is where I thought i’d struggle the most as I like to treat the weekends as a weekend and I tend to not focus on being productive as such. I went to see my Uncle & Auntie for a garden lunch today (I haven’t seen them in 2 years) which was beautiful.

There was no desire to look today, I feel like this experience is going to change my relationship with social media and I am here for it.

Screentime @ 10pm = 4 hours & 48 mins; Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Pinterest & TikTok (added it to the equation as I didn’t feel it was social network? Literally a 10 min scroll and I took myself off before getting sucked into a hole of videos)

Day 4 


So my days seem to be more meaningful right now, I’m able to unwind much quicker – i’ve really had some down time and i’ve been able to take so much more in. Maybe this is all I needed after all, I never switch off. I’m present, I’m not distracted! I’ve been sticking to my mindful morning rituals.

I’ve had a lovely day today, me and my mum ordered a TGI Fridays & ate it in the car parked up, we sat there for 3 hours just talking about life (when would we ever get this time with no distractions?)

Todays win was opening up and talking to my mum, I find it really hard to talk to people (ironically) but I managed to let go of some heavy baggage and it really helped.

Screentime @ 10pm = 4 hours & 37 mins ; Whatsapp, Pinterest, Safari

Day 5 

Today was a really productive day, I managed to complete everything on my to-do list (it was a big one today)
I’m slowly but surely ticking off the HUGE list of things I made before the social media detox started and I am feeling so excited about the outcome, I have finally been able to get a clearer idea on plans.

I have been sleeping 10000x better than usual – I wake up in the morning feeling like a new person, I also don’t go for my phone first thing in the AM anymore which is just wonderful – this is a great habit to build and I want this one to stay.

Screentime @ 10pm = 6 hours & 28 mins

Day 6 

I can’t believe it’s day 6 and i’ve not even thought about logging onto Instagram or Twitter. I have moments where I go to get a quick photo or to post something and remember i’m not on it at the moment but it doesn’t make me want to get on.

It’s highly unlikely i’m missing anything on there so i’m pretty content with not being active… I do miss spreading my positive energy but I know i’ll be coming back with a better energy.  I have not felt anxious over the last few weeks so it’s really been beneficial.

Today I attended a funeral so it was a bit of a busy day/off day for me but I did go to my mums and have dinner for the first time in 10 months, It was the best. I’ve missed spending time in her home and spending quality time with her.

Screentime @ 10pm = 4 hours and 46 mins ; Whatsapp, Safari, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Day 7

Seven whole days without social media wooohoo, that is a big win for the week. It’s gone SO fast. I’ve proven to myself I don’t really need social media and I know how much time I waste on there. If it wasn’t for business i’d probably stick to keeping screen time to the bare minimum, I literally don’t even need to charge my phone in the day anymore!

Screentime @ 10pm = 3 hours & 52 mins ; Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google

Day 8

Easy peasy, I really had this under control. No one thought I could do it, I even doubted myself a little bit but here we are… I created some lovely content for @wellnessinspodaily today and I put together content ideas – I’m going to do themes for the week on both accounts and increase my engagement with them both by doing interactive stories.

I ticked off 15 things from my list of 21 things to complete during the ‘detox’ – They weren’t little tasks they’re pretty hefty tasks, I am SO pleased with myself…

Screentime @ 10pm = 3 hours & 23 mins ; Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Safari, Pinterest and Notes.

Final thoughts : I didn’t do everything I set out to do but I did a lot, I gained more valuable lessons from these 8 days than I never expected. It was relaxing, meaningful and pretty grounding. I focused on my own mental health & my personal well-being which was absolutely needed during this time, I ran myself down to the ground and was overwhelmed by everything.

My sleep improved; i’d fall asleep quickly and sleep solid throughout the night, I formed healthy morning and night time habits, I spent time with my family and just focused on the present moment everyday… that’s all I needed and all I wanted. I focused on 3 main goals and made sure I did something everyday to get myself a little closer to achieving them.

My goal is to maintain a healthy relationship with social media, I want it to be meaningful and I want to continue making my space on the internet a positive place to be. I love connecting with people online it brings me such a new lease of energy, I wouldn’t ever want to lose that or disconnect from people so I need to remember the what my intention is regarding my platforms and allow that to inspire and motivate me. I feel much more organised and understanding about what I want and what I need to do.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read – I just wanted to document my experience everyday so I was able to reflect, I really enjoyed this and would absolutely urge anyone else to do the same if they need some mental space!

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12 thoughts on “8 Day Social Media Detox

  1. Becky, I loved reading this and I also didn’t look at social media as much also I stopped taking my phone to bed and slept all night like you I would wake and look at phone. I shall not be taking it to bed anymore.
    Well done 😘😘😘😘

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  2. Social Media can be a blessing and a curse. We have to be conscious of how we incorporate it into our lives. Anything in excess is detrimental to our wellbeing. It’s great to know you completed your 8 day detox successfully.Now you’re better equipped to decide for yourself how you need to spend your time judiciously on the screen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t agree more!! Your comment is spot on. I have noticed how mindful i’m being of my time on there now – although I use it often for business purposes I kind of cut it off when I find myself getting distracted from other things – defo recommend xx

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  3. Great going on your sabbatical from social media. Before he virus came along 4 of us couples would get together for dinner out. The rule was you cannot answer your phone or use it for any purpose until after the bill was paid. If you did, you have to pay every ones bill. Getting together is so much more fun this way as we have to talk and communicate with each other.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Geri!

      Thank you for reading my post.

      That sounds amazing, what a great way to enjoy each other, I would love to do this when the restaurants re-open! I love being present in the company of others.. I hate sitting on my phone and i’m uncomfortable when that’s all someone does too!

      Thanks for the tip x x

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  4. Well done you, so proud of you for completing this. I think everyone should try this once and while. Life gets busy and we need to take breaks. social media has its ups and downs and break from this would help everyone x

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  5. I had a kind of involuntary detox when I went camping for a week. We only had two portable chargers so we had to really limit our phone use. I just checked and my average was a bit over an hour a day all week. It’s crazy how little I missed social media! But I still enjoy Twitter and blogging and am glad to be back in the real world, it’s just nice to not feel forced to use it beyond a point that makes me happy.

    Rachel || http://anotherstationanothermile.com

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    1. That’s amazing, probably the best way to have a break too when you’re occupied doing something else. You’ve hit the nail on the head there with the not feeling forced – We should use it for as long as we enjoy it and it’s fulfilling our needs! x x


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