Improvise, Adapt & Overcome

In April my plans for departing Sydney come to a pretty sharp end, due to the pandemic all of my travels were cancelled, it took me 5 attempts and a lot of money to get back to the UK, we had to ditch our apartment and belongings and leave some of our trusted friends to deal with it over there whilst we got on the next available flight. The pressure was on, I was devastated that my 2 years of travel plans  were tipped down the drain (poor me right..) anyway, i’ve been a little under 2 months since I got back to the UK and it’s like I never left, i’ve adapted so seamlessly after being away for 2 years and it’s become noticeable to those who watch me on social media and those I have around me… “How have you adapted so well?”

Realistically it’s where I wanted to be, I didn’t want to be in Sydney for soooo long that my mind had already adjusted to being home I guess, but for so much to happen in such a short space of time I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to adapt my personal learnings over the last few years in regards to personal growth & development.

I guess it’s down to flexibility as whole, having these traits under my belt over the the last 7 year’s (Teen to adult) has been a massive advantage for me. During the important life stages i’d say i’ve been able to handle big changes pretty well. Being able to improvise, adapt and overcome is probably one of my main adulting ‘life hacks’, they are certainly traits I will strive to work on and improve throughout my life time.

We’re often dealt with circumstances that are out of our control but it’s really down to how you respond and act upon something that has the most impact.

I’m not saying everything I’ve experienced was an easy transition i’ve just been on top of the game and worked with it. Leaving my family home, moving to Greenwich & then Stratford, starting and finishing university, moving to Ibiza for a summer, leaving a graduate job without one to turn too and moving to the other side of the world for 2 years (naming some) – looking back at these times I feel as though I just went for it all and worried about the rest later. I’m not saying that’s the most beneficial or realistic thing to do by the way, you make your own rules, I am completely winging it like the rest of the world.

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Improvising is about making ‘something’ from whatever is currently available to you with no other alternative, simply working with what you’ve got.

Acknowledge the situation, don’t dwell on what could be, be understanding and find the learning from the current situation you’re in.

Adapting is about creating ‘something’ suitable for a new use or purpose.

Again, focus on the valuable lessons. Don’t stress about it – stressing about stresses has much more of a lasting impact on our mental health – you’ll feed yourself false information and add extra unnecessary stress.

Remember your values and what’s important to you, when a situation arises that’s pretty big it’s hard to keep positive and maintain a strong mindset but perspective is everything.

Also make sure you’re not expecting too much, keep your expectations at a healthy and realistic level.

Overcoming is how we successfully deal with a problem or any difficulty after it happens or shows up.

Face the reality and observe it, reflect on the situation from a few angles – reframing a situation is pretty essential just so you’re not always looking at it from a negative lens. Start implementing gratitude and being thankful for the things you have now.

As I mentioned earlier when you’re given a circumstance it’s your choice with how you respond to it so you must be accountable, when we make sensible choices we are more in control of our lives and this makes situations 10 x easier in the long run. This can occur at anytime out of choice or through complete unfortunate circumstances, when either of them arise it’s about taking control. 

You just have to go with the wind sometimes, nothing is ever promised. We certainly can’t ever predict pandemics happening nor can we predict anything that happens in the future. Be flexible & confident in your present moment and believe you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

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