How to be Socially Wise & Mindful

Written by me, Becky Carver Featured on – Cohortedcult 

It’s time to admit the personal overuse of social media, it comes with as many disadvantages as it does advantages so we must be in control of what we consume on a daily basis. Being mindful when it comes to choosing our physical social circle and your online social presence, they’re equally as important.

We become a combination of the people we surround ourselves with the most. We pick up energies, language, attitudes and all kinds of personality traits. Our bestest of friends and even family members might generally have a negative impact on us, yet we absorb their behaviours and implement them to our own. You’ll only grow as far as you allow yourself so it’s crucial you spend time with the people that nurture your growth, physically and mentally.

So… what’s the difference between physical social circle and an online social circle?

Apart from having physical contact there’s not much difference at all, We operate our online platforms and have full control of who/what we follow and decide what we want to see on a day to day basis, just like we do in the real world too.

How to Manage Our Use of Social Media

Be Mindful of Who You Follow

Follow accounts that excite all factors of wellness, those that have similar interests to you, people that motivate & inspire you, accounts that make you feel good, accounts that dispense your passion/hobby and of course accounts that you really genuinely enjoy.

As soon as you find yourself mindlessly scrolling and not interacting purposefully then there’s something not right, if you’re following accounts that make you feel envious and self-conscious then unfollow them. We shouldn’t be absorbing anything that makes us respond in a negative way, it’s easily done but can be avoided. Say goodbye to anyone that’s not adding value.

Don’t allow social media to be a distraction

There’s nothing happening on there that should distract you from doing your own thing. Focus on yourself and your life.

Turn off notifications – Schedule a timer on your apps so your time spent on them are limited – put your phone on silent/do not disturb mode.

Track the time you spend online

Set yourself aside certain points in the day to ‘catch-up’ on the world of social media. Avoid using it during important parts of your day; waking up & before bed, whilst eating or whilst walking along the streets and certainly avoid it whilst spending time with friends and family.

Stop getting in other peoples business

Don’t go reading other comments and don’t be checking other peoples likes…not only is this a waste of time, it’s mindless and negative. It has zero relevance to us at all yet we still find ourselves doing it, how bizarre?!

STOP freely commenting your opinion and making nasty comments to people you don’t know. It’s becoming more evident that spiteful comments are carelessly being made over the internet (mostly behind fake accounts, yuck) but I cannot stress enough how disturbing this is – it must stop! (Not that any of my lovely readers would do something so shameful)
You never know who’s reading and you never know what someone is going through… make a change. Call people out in a polite way and tell them they’re not being nice (don’t be a bully back) and report accounts if you feel like they’re breaking rules and being mean.

Lastly, don’t feel like you’re entitled to comment hateful things on the posts you don’t like to see, it’s in your control!

Final thoughts

Socialising should be fun and somewhat beneficial, if you’re not getting anything from it that’s not on a positive scale then it’s probably doing more damage than good. Think about what you want your feed to look like and delete/update accordingly – have a little spring clean on the socials. As long as you take the reigns and intentionally choose to spend your time online that’s fine, just remember what your intentions are and align yourself with them.

Photo credit – Photo by Mikoto from Pexels

Instagram  @beckyrosecarver  & Wellness – @wellnessinspodaily

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