Find your New Year Motivation

Written by me, Becky Carver Featured on – Cohortedcult

Already forgetting them New Year resolutions, they tend to fizzle out after a while and become a distant memory half way through the year, I tend to focus more on manifestations and visualisations of how you’d like your year to look rather so you can create a strategy for your goals rather

Transitioning into a New Year is pretty special but heading into a new decade is more magical… It’s a new era for us all. The chances are if you’re in your 20’s now the start of the last decade probably didn’t have much significance to you but now it will have a whole new type of meaning whilst transcending through different life stages as an adult.

As we enter the new year it’s important we clearly understand our needs and have an idea of what we want from 2020 to help us stay positive and motivated throughout the year. We don’t have to have everything figured out but at least take some time to think about what you want and what’s important, so you’re able to maintain that focus.

Remember that your New Year goals don’t happen overnight and you have an entire year to work towards them (it doesn’t matter how big or small either), so take your time, be present and enjoy your year.

Staying Motivated in 2020

Firstly, make plans & set realistic goals. We all need something to look forward to from time to time and more often than once throughout the year; Whether it’s going on holiday, getting fitter or completing a new personal challenge. Something to remember when setting up goals is to ensure the actions you choose to take are energetic and enjoyable – when something becomes more of an effort and the thoughts you have towards doing them are negative then it’s probably best to stop doing it, you’ll get bored and unmotivated.

Doing what you love and what genuinely sets your soul on fire is the key to a constant flow of motivation. Making time for you and the things you love sets up a whole new ball game when it comes to getting you through the new year. If you set yourself an hour a day or a few hours a week to do these things, you’ll fuel your lifestyle in the best kind of way.

An important factor to master the new year motivation is to look after yourself physically and mentally. We can get comfortable being sluggish and get caught up in a negative mindset so we must nourish our minds and bodies to the best of our ability.

Working out and keeping active is an amazing way to create a healthy mind, find something that’s suitable to you (it doesn’t need to be the gym).

Eat well and have frequent well balanced nutritious meals – treat yourself when you need too, personally I feel like after a few weeks of binge eating is impossible to come back from 100% so small steps are great

Create mindful rituals to complete every day; meditation, diary writing, reading, spending time in nature or organising yourself the night before for the day ahead.

Last but certainly not least, something that cannot be missed from the list – religiously reflect, use positive affirmations daily and show your gratitude and appreciation.

Motivation boils down to the space you create for yourself; how you spend your time, who you spend your time with, the good habits you do daily and of course the bad habits you work on for improvement. When you prepare a positive place for yourself and allow yourself to be free with thoughts and actions and not get tied down with ‘must do this’ kind of talk then you’ll be in a great space for 2020. Be present, enjoy every moment and always trust that everything happens for a reason… this is a year for growth and success – no matter how little or large.

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