2019 Reflection – 2020 Goals

I cannot believe I am here again writing another reflection post, this is my 3rd one on the blog and I remember writing every other one so clearly – in all fairness these kind of posts are for my personal reference but I know you’ll benefit from it somehow..

Firstly i’d like to say Happy New Year to everyone…we’re at the end of January (I know) but it’s such a crazy month it doesn’t count really does it? I wanted to get my thoughts and ideas together this month and just get a little bit of clarity on what I wanted from this year and now i’m ready to 100% move forward in Feb.

I’m happy to admit 2019 wasn’t the greatest of years for me, I had a lot of expectations that were not met and I just wasn’t feeling 100% for a lot of the time. I feel awful for admitting that because i’m living what was my ‘dream life’ at some point and i’m doing more than what some people can do in a lifetime. 2019 taught me more that what I ever imagined and I am so thankful i’m able to adapt and overcome the challenges and lessons I learnt (it was a lot)

After all it’s never a negative it’s always a positive, I’ve grown immensely and I feel more like an adult as apposed to a ‘young adult’ and I really have found my passion for my career and future; i’m more ready than ever to achieve my greatest potential, 2020 really will be my year!

Reflection – My Goals for 2019:

I had a very BIG smile on my face when I looked back at this, I actually referred to it quite a lot towards the end of 2019 to see if there was anything I could do to reach my goals for the year.

Securing a job in Sydney ♥ Due to the working holiday visa limitations you’re only able to work within a company for 6 months at a time & it’s pretty hard to get a half decent job, luck was on my side in 2019 – first of all I secured an event management role and secondly I secured an EA role, I’ve absolutely loved every second of each job.

Become the fittest I’ve ever been Becoming the fittest I’ve ever been…questionable (cringe) – If I was referring to mental fitness then yeah great but physically not so much… I actually put on a shit load of weight in the first half of 2019 which wasn’t ideal but towards the end of the year I got back into my training and become a lot healthier (physically and mentally) the show goes on in 2020.

Business research and planning ♥ Business planning and research was pretty successful, I gained a lot of clarity on my vision and really picked everything apart and i’m happy with the direction I’ve chose to go in (very very excited for what’s to come)

Blog upgrade ♥ 

Go away 2-3 times this year ♥ I went back home to the UK to see my friends & family (this was NOT a break, it was the best hectic 4 weeks of my life) I wasn’t able to get away for the rest of the year unfortunately but 2020 is certainly making up for the lack of adventure.

Save $10,000 ♥ I did manage to save $10,000 and probably more which was great, it got me everything I needed for that year (going home, moving etc) I am pretty good at budgeting and saving money but it’s a little harder here in Sydney so it’s just about discipline and determination to reach a goal!

Start YouTube or a podcast ♥ 

Attend more events & workshops ♥ Last but not least, I managed to go to a few workshops and seminars which was amazing, I even gained the courage to attend events alone and network with others too… I even got to meet/hear one of my biggest inspirations of 2019 at a women in business event as a guest speaker, defo worth the goal!



I could tell you 100x over how much I love to set myself a goal and why I think it’s important for anyone to do. It doesn’t need to be HUGE & it doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone else other than yourself. Setting long term goals gives you a sense of direction and a little motivation along the way.

Don’t feel obliged to see them all through, things change all the time (Especially our desires and needs)

This year is a big year for me, I’m not setting the bar high like I did last year – i’m simply going to take everything as it comes and enjoy every moment i’m in (completely trusting the process) however there’s a few things I really want to achieve in 2020 and I’m willing to put the work in.

2020 Goals:

In April it’s time to come home back to London. My first big goal is to settle in comfortably; secure a new job in the city and find a place to live.

Secondly my dream goal is to Travel Travel Travel – I am dying to get a little more adventure behind me in 2020, a few new places on the bucket list to be ticked and revisit some of the oldies!

I need to ‘pluck up the courage goal’ goes to my blog/Social platforms – I want to reach out to at least 10 brands/companies and secure collaborations with them. There’s a strong need to want to go very far with this platform and I know I have an amazing space to influence and inspire so many people.

The main motivator goal is to complete and line up key meetings to start the process with my business plans, i’m aiming high here like I said I wouldn’t but you’ve got to have at least one that scares the absolute life out of you (this is it)

Last & certainly not least, I want to spend a lot of time in the company of my friends and family. I recently was challenged to a difficult thought, this was ‘if you had 48 hours to live, what would be your biggest regret?’ – My only regret is not being with the people I love & not having enough memories with them.

Congratulations if you managed to get here… it went on a bit didn’t it? I could go on for another 20 mins about what I want from this year but I have to keep a few things to myself… I just want you all to get your goals on paper & start working towards them and manifesting the best of them all. Set short term goals and long term ones, reflect on your last few months to a year and see what you would like to change or enhance.

Remember, you can have it all – Just not all at once!

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