Simple Affirmations for Everyday Motivation

What Is An Affirmation? 
Affirmations are positive statements that you repeatedly use on a daily basis, it’s a great way to practice gratitude/abundance & an even better way to nurture all of the avenues towards your personal self-development and growth.

How Do I Do It? 
Affirmations are a daily occurrence, there’s no limit to how many times you use them – If you want to say it out loud 100x a day then go ahead.

I personally will pick an affirmation or maybe even a few for the day and repeat 2/3 times in one go, I will then repeat them out loud or in my mind throughout the day whenever I feel like my thoughts and feelings go off on a wild one.

Depending on my mood and what I’m currently experiencing, I usually focus my affirmations on that and connect them in some type of way. It’s all about training your mind to draw back to a positive thought process. We often use a lot of negative terminology without even realising as it just comes naturally to us human beings.

TOP TIPS – Don’t forget to use present tense as if it’s already happening, Make them as simple/short as possible so you can repeat them, use positive and uplifting words.

Do Affirmations Work?
What do you think… give it a try and find out. They’re certainly going to do more good than any harm so what’s stopping you? The purpose of an affirmation is to target your conscious mind with a better attitude and a clearer life perspective.  Whether you believe it or not, thoughts become things! Self-destruction is a thing and that’s what positive affirmations are here for.


Types Of Affirmations To Use Day-to-Day


Today I am full with energy & overwhelming amounts of happiness

I am able to overcome any negative thoughts and actions from myself and others

Everything that is happening now is happening for my own good and is leading me to where I deserve

I trust the universe is listening to my efforts and is making changes for me to get to where I need to be

Today I will continue to make the best choices and form greater habits and leave any bad ones behind

Love/Relationships; friends and family 

I am surrounded by loving and supportive people that allow me to be who I want to be and help me overcome every low and enjoy all my highs

My relationships are forever flourishing and full of joy

I give and receive love openly and freely, my relationships are in harmony with greatness

I am the best version of me when I’m with my loved ones, I love that I am me around them

I feel safe and secure with my loved ones, I am full with gratitude because of their existence.

Self-love & Confidence 

I am respectful of my mind and my body, I am powerful and purposeful

I have a lot to love about myself, I radiate the person I am

I am healthy, I am happy, I am amazing

I am at peace with the love I have for myself, it grows everyday – I respect, love and appreciate every part of me physically and mentally.

I’m allowed to have off days, they don’t define me or take over my life – I will spring back as soon as possible


MY thoughts are not in control of me, I am in control of my thoughts – I will not let them override that

I’m going to focus on the things I love and bring me joy to get me through this feeling

I value where my energy goes, I will not let this stressful/anxious feeling consume me and my positive attributes

I am in charge of my breathing, I can control each inhale and exhale – I can slow it down * deep breath in and slowly out *

I am ready for this, I am living in the moment… living in the moment is all I need to do


I feel calm, peaceful and present

I am going to sleep well tonight, I will sleep through the whole night

I invite the best qualities of sleep every night,  I will sleep peacefully and be well rested and refreshed each morning

I love to sleep, my room is a place of rest and tranquility

I enjoy deep refreshing sleep, it’s a natural process where I am safe and present

Physical activity 

I feel my best when I am fit and strong

I appreciate and love my body, I am fascinated with the changes I see happening

I am thankful for my health and my ability to work out

I love that I can push my body to its limits & make the necessary changes to my body that make me happy and comfortable

I am filled with enough energy for all my daily activities

Unemployment/Bad working spaces

I deserve to be in a respected work place and well paid for all of the skills/knowledge I can provide to a team

Even though this is a difficult time for me, I am able to maintain my optimism and strength

I have the power to fulfill my dreams,  I know the right role is coming towards to me

The universe is full of endless opportunities that will support me and my future, I trust I’m on the right path to do the right thing.

Each day I am closer to achieving my goals. I have great habits that are getting me 1 step further towards my new job/career

When To Use Affirmations

Really you can use them whenever you like at any point of the day, as I mentioned earlier I use them AM & PM and whenever I feel like my thoughts are diverting from positive to negative.

Write them down, put them on a vision board, save them as your phone/desktop wall paper (I change mine weekly), send yourself reminders on your phone/email calendar and even change your alarm notes to a positive affirmation. Any way possible you can consistently remind yourself of a positive affirmation just do it! It might seem cringe or a little weird for you at first but it’s such a small act of self-love but really effective!

Final thoughts… 

Affirmations are healers, reminders, motivators and improvement strategies – Don’t underestimate the power of what you put out, our words are powerful and so are our thoughts. They can improve relationships, motivate you to improve yourself/something you do & make you feel a whole lot better about something that’s going on in your life (there’s way more benefits)

NEVER forget that our brains believe the things you think and the things you tell it, that’s why it’s important to use the affirmations in such a way that you’ll get full effect… if you use negative statements like ‘I’m going to be late’ chances are you’ll notice a ripple of things getting in the way of your plan to get there on time and it will delay you!

Do you use affirmations? What’s your go-to affirmation? – Leave your comments below

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