Power of Podcasts

Repost –  Cohorted Cult – Power of Podcasts by Me, Becky. 

It’s the simplicity of listening to a podcast that appeals to the audience. They’re highly engaging and relatable, you’re in control of what you want to hear, and you get to check in with your favourite hosts every time a new episode is uploaded. The most pleasant part of a podcast is of course having a real sense of personal connection – if we’re not having physical connections then these on-demand audios are certainly the next best thing.

Why Should We Listen to Podcasts?

The motivation and inspiration you gain from podcasts is pretty incredible. As mentioned earlier you have a sense of personal connection with those host/presenters you listen to and you connect with them on another level, you’ll value their advice and trust their sources through their discussions and conversations they have with other like minded and well informed guests on the basis of a particular topic – with podcasts you’re usually listening to conversations which is far more interesting than an e-book style.

It’s absolutely necessary now, more than ever that we’re mindful of our personal wellness and that we have 7 factors that we need to protect and nourish. By listening to podcasts we’re actually nurturing our intellectual wellness – this is what stimulates our brains and expands our knowledge.

There’s an extensive load of Informative and educational podcasts that we have access to. We shouldn’t stop learning when we reach our final year of education or when we feel satisfied within our jobs. There’s an entire universe of knowledge out there that we only know a tiny fraction of and there’s always room for improvement in our lives and within the things we do on a day to day basis. Tune in to something and learn something new or enhance your skills and information with what you already know.

Podcasts are easily accessible and easy to use and you can listen to them wherever you are whilst doing pretty much whatever you’re doing; Working out at the gym, commuting to work, getting ready in the morning & completing mindless chores, they’re good to go wherever you are – above all that they are FREE.

You can find a podcast for everything now. Need a laugh? Need break-up advice? Fancy listening to murder mysteries or conspiracy theories? Learning about nutrition – you name it it’s there and it’s here to stay! There’s a topic for everything and everyone make most of having access to such useful platforms.

4 Podcasts to Download Right Now

  • Jay Shetty – On purpose  – Jay shares his meaningful conversations that he has with inspirational people to influence as much wisdom as possible. He’s extremely intelligent and is a fantastic speaker.
  • Your Dream Life with Kristina Karlsson – Kristina explores how dreaming has a massive impact on us and has discussions with really positive and successful people who are living their dream life. Kristina has a mission to inspire 101 million people to start writing down their dreams and to start fulfilling their dream life.
  • The Receipts Podcast – A hilariously funny and real genuine podcast hosted by 3 bold and outgoing women whom are honest and open about every topic that arises, this one is guaranteed to have you laughing out loud wherever you are.
  • Deliciously Ella  – Ella and her husband Matthew focuses on how to stay positive in today’s world and explores physical & mental health and wellbeing along with a vast amount of guest hosts sharing their knowledge and must know information.

Final thoughts?

If you haven’t already started obsessing over podcasts, then go do so now. Consider them as time fillers – music isn’t always a mood but listening to something influential is. Explore what topics you’re interested in, what would you like to know? Start making most of your time and fuelling your brain with good media and engaging with things you’re personally more interested in – you’re in control and it’s not often we are in control of the media channels that are online and on the tv, we can’t determine whether or not we see/hear negative stories/comments especially in the morning and before bed. Choose your entertainment wisely.

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