Spiritual Wellness

I’m excited to share this one on spiritual wellness. I want you all to know how important it is to be spiritually well along with all the other factors. Spiritual wellness is what makes us who we are, All of what we stand for and how we perceive life. You’re either open to the idea of it or you’re not. I’ve mentioned before in my 7 factors of wellness post that it’s not about being spiritual in a ‘magical’ way it’s about loving yourself and everything and everyone around you for how it is; It’s honouring your connection with the universe. You get out what you put in kind of thing.

I have only discovered my own spirituality over the last 5 years from when I was at university and my social circle started to expand. I started to travel and take on new experiences and really plummeted into the unknown, half teen half adult. I wish ‘spiritual wellness’ was something that was introduced to me at a much younger age because I feel like my spiritual journey would’ve already peaked and my mindset would be much more healthier and focused than it is at this stage.

Spiritual wellness is our core purpose and motivator, keep your spiritual wellness nurtured and you’ll see/do everything differently.

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How To Be Spiritually Well 

There are SO many things you can do to look after your spiritual wellness. It takes patience, practice & i’d say a little curiosity. There are copious amounts of things to do in order to maintain and improve your spiritual self so explore and see what works for you.

 Yoga & Meditation

I’m not a pro at either, in fact i’m a steady beginner at both and that’s perfectly fine. We’re so lucky to have access to the internet, mobile applications and books to help us learn everything we want to know. I swear by the ‘Headspace meditation app‘ to guide me through my daily meditation practice.

YouTube is my best-friend for yoga too… I’ve made it a goal for 2019 to join a yoga class and implement it to my lifestyle on a weekly basis. Not only will I learn the art of yoga I will get to network, I will be able to surround myself with like minded people.

Yoga and meditation has endless advantages for your physical and mental health. Practising these can reduce stress and anxiety and allow you to bring attention back to yourself when you feel like things are spiralling out of control. Meditation and yoga is known to increase your immune system and create a more positive lifestyle, you become more aware of your body and what’s going on.

Explore & Travel

You don’t need to get on a flight to travel, you can explore your home town or jump on a train to the next destination and explore there. We can trap ourselves in our own homes and live on auto pilot and forget about the the space that surrounds us.

Travelling has made me more aware of my surroundings and made me fall in love with the concept of ‘exploring’ – Living in Sydney and coming to the other side of the world i’ve realised how many beautiful places I have access to in the UK and i’m excited to go on road trips and jump on a train and tick off the ultimate European bucket list.

Exploring is great for your mental health, you’ll gain inspiration and fresh new ideas and become more thankful for everyday things and be genuinely happy.

Write down everything – Practice Gratitude 

Buy yourself a note pad (I have about 5, no joke) and write down everything you feel and think. I’m sure the people close to me think i’m crazy with my obsession of pen and paper but I love it. I thrive of writing down my ideas, my gratitude list and everything I am thankful for, My dreams, my to-do list and my intentions etc.

I feel like this get’s everything out of my mind and onto paper, I can put all of these things into perspective and start making it all happen & reflect on how I feel and what makes me happy.

Reiki & Crystal Cleanse Experience


Reiki is an experience guided by a qualified practitioner to cleanse a persons energy, it’s often looked at as an alternative medicine ‘healer’. It’s an incredible way to guide relaxation/meditation and relieve any negative thoughts and feelings.

I’ve experienced this twice by 2 different practitioners over the last few years and they’ve made me so incredibly open and inspired in different ways. I’ve recently been to see a good friend whom I’ve met this year that is actually my spiritual angel & in fact a reiki practitioner. I took my time to go to her but i’m glad I did.

What is the process?

The practitioner smudges the space and the client with sage etc, they then tune into your energy & decide what crystals to place on you on each chakra (The image above shows you where the charkras are situated down the centre of your body) Next they start with a grounding meditation where you can visualise and find relaxation. They then go on to begin the reiki healing and end with a clearing & protection meditation.

My Experience..

I find it easy to clearly visualise through a guided meditation so as Kati (my practitioner) was going through them with me I was able to really see what was being discussed – I was really able to relax and focus my mind an be 100% present on that specific moment.

 Baby pink & blue colours kept appearing through the meditation, we looked into it after and it meant that both of our energies were syncing together (which is soooo cute)

My top 3 chakras were blocked so Kati did a lot of work on those areas to unblock them, she debriefed after about why it could be blocked and what I could do to prevent them being blocked again.

It’s an extremely positive experience and can prompt positive thoughts and a sense of relief – that’s how I felt anyway. It’s certainly a satisfying experience but it can make you literally burst into tears or laughter (very weird)

I would 101% recommend putting this on your to-do list and getting a session booked in just so you have a feel for it. If you’re looking for some spiritual insights then i’d suggest checking out @spiritualessexbabe & of course keep your eyes peeled on my social media accounts!

Have you experienced reiki before? What are your thoughts?

Feel free to ask any questions i’ll always do my best to answer to the best I can.. I’m on this journey with you as well so we’re here to learn from one another and grow!

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One thought on “Spiritual Wellness

  1. I love this and so want to try meditation technique, yoga is so good too I have a dvd for you to continue at hone.
    Very relaxing reading this too ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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