Expectations Vs Reality

Coming to the other side of the world has been completely different to what I originally anticipated, not everything has gone the way I planned but I’ve gained more than I ever expected in other ways. I feel like I’ve experienced every emotion low and high and i’ve felt things I didn’t think i’d feel… truth be told my biggest expectation was that i’d want to stay away forever but I really don’t, if I didn’t have other commitments here I’d probably be back home or somewhere else in the world.

With a lot of thought this is something I’ve always dreamt of, ever since I can remember. The fact it’s not actually been what I imagined has really put everything into perspective for me and proves that everything you expect and plan isn’t always going to be the reality of it. How you deal with that and what you do in response is the biggest part to play in what happens next.

We have to learn to scrap the misconception that comes with what we imagine life to be and believe that what’s meant to be will be – it shouldn’t be any different because that’s not what was planned for us.

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Expectations Vs Reality

Well the reality of moving abroad is that you have to do everything you do at home; you’ve got to work, you’ve got to pay to live, you’ve got to prioritise life and still be the same grown adult you are when you’re home.

In an ideal world escaping from the reality of home you’ll start to feel more free, be less stressed, do what you want when you want to (with no limitations) – False, it’s completely opposite to that with probably a little (or a lot)  of added stress of missing home and being on your own without your friends and family to pull you up when you’re down.

So then, What else?

I thought I was going to travelA lot more. I had in my mind that I would tick off at least 7-10 places on my bucket list by now reaching the 16 month mark. I’ve done a lot and I’m so thankful for that but there’s so much more I want to be doing. I’ve realised that travelling is SO expensive even when you want to do it as cheap as possible.

Living ‘the’ dream or just living? I honestly just feel like I’m existing. Travelling has opened up so many creative ideas for me and put my future into perspective, I know what I want and I just want to go get it but i’m not in the right place here. All I can do is wait… I thought I’d become this well-known award winning influencer that had endless opportunities coming out of my ears (oops) However i’m thankful i’ve found my passion and direction in life.

Landing my ‘dream’ job – major expectation. After a few weeks of me being in Sydney I realised the harsh reality that it wasn’t going to happen. The visa limitations only allow me to work for one company for 6 months at a time, so finding a job with a 6-month contract in the area you want to work in is pretty much impossible.

I was persistent with the search and landed a job as an event admin assistant in a corporate company (It’s far from what I want but it’s something) I’ve been working for a great company with better people so despite it not being what I wanted it will always be memorable.

Be happy 2-4-7 – OK I am happy. Beyond happy actually so I’m not disregarding that but I have had SO many more down days. I thought coming away would take all my stresses, worries and anxieties away but how wrong was I? you have to survive and thrive just like everywhere else in the world. You don’t all of a sudden get this perfect lifestyle because you’re somewhere sunny, you have to really work on it and become the best version of you there possibly is.

This one’s just a little one but I really thought I was going to be a Bondi Babe and Be a tanned sexy goddess – WRONG I put on a stone, they call this the ‘Sydney stone’ and it’s the real deal, it’s funny because it’s true. I am however working on my fitness and relationship with food and am loving the journey.

I know, I’m the other side of the world doing what people could only dream of doing ‘poor princess’ but it’s the ugly truth and the truth that not many people like to discuss but I’m all here for it. Honesty is key.

Final Thoughts – What has this taught me?

To be more present – I’ve not been focusing on the present moment as much as I could be and I have taken a lot for granted. I am living the life I once dreamt of and I’m not using any of strengths to advantage. I’ve been holding back with everything because I’ve had this idea in my head of how it should be and it’s not, I’m the one losing out and I’m the one that’s made me think negatively towards it.

To be more grateful – everyday for everything. I am the planner of my life and only I can determine what I get from it. You get out what you put in. STOP moping and start appreciating.

This has taught me to also put my all into everything I do from this moment forward, everything is possible if you work for it. I’m going to give myself a break and stop living in the future rather than the current moment, most of all I’m going to start living my life to the absolute fullest.


& Stop Expecting 

I know now that home isn’t so bad, it really is where the heart is and that’s back with my loved ones. Everything I envision for myself is right there and I know myself and so many other people take that for granted. It takes coming away and seeing such a wonderful part of the world to be able to know this so I wouldn’t change a second of it. It’s made me wiser, happier, more positive and more ME. Take life with both hands and ride the wave… we make all of the vital decisions to get us by, never regret but always learn.

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14 thoughts on “Expectations Vs Reality

  1. It’s always annoying when things don’t turn out what you expect them to be. I’m hoping to travel around Australia next year on the working holiday visa and I really hope the reality meets my expectations because I’ve been dreaming of this for way too long.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Lovely!

      It sure is but you’ve just got to learn from it and believe not all things go to plan all of the time and that’s OK.

      Travelling Australia has been one of the best things I’ve ever done – It’s a very BIG beautiful place… there’s so much to do and see so you’re spoilt for choice, I wish I had plans to get my backpack back on and head off again! (Settling and being an adult sucks sometimes)

      If you have any questions regarding Aus please feel free to get in touch x


  2. Probably your best post yet pud , you’ve stumbled upon something that some people take years to discover if at all ! Dreams and plans are the best of things that anyone can have but they are not carved in stone , more scratched in sand and hopefully you get to have them before the tide comes in ! Your proof of that , you’ve done more with yourself than most people do their whole life and even though it might not always meet expectations in 50 years when your telling people about your 20’s you’ll talk about them in the fondest of terms so treat them now with the same fondness! Remember this , the dreams you’ll have are good dreams , and if they don’t come true still be glad you had them ! Love you pud x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Best comment ever. I couldn’t agree more, sometimes it takes a few things to happen in order for us to take a step back and realise what we’ve done with ourselves; what we have learnt and experienced. I’m proud of everything i’ve done and not at all regretful of my choices – Thank you for always supporting me and giving me the best advice and love – Love you pops x x


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