Be Body Kind

That feeling of self love & acceptance is undeniably one of my fave feels. It’s taken me a while but i’m finally getting there even-though I have my off days I feel better than ever. This is always a touchy subject for everyone as we all have different thoughts and feelings towards ourselves regardless of what everyone thinks.

I’ve struggled a lot over the last few years with how I perceive my body & my only regret is not learning to love myself sooner. I’ve spent a lot of my late teens/young adult life obsessing over my body and been SO hard on myself it actually makes me sad thinking about it. I feel it’s right that I share my experiences with you and what I’ve learnt so far… I know women go through it but so do men – we’re just a lot more vocal about it.

What is Body Image? 

Body image is made up of 2 elements, The physical (Size, appearance, Shape, marks etc) and the attitude towards the physical – Body image is how you see your body, what you feel about your body and what you think about your body & then it’s how you react/behave towards all of the above.

A negative body image can lead to extreme low self-esteem and low confidence, in worse cases it can lead to eating disorders & self harm. It’s mentally draining for that individual to experience and also tough for the people around them… on the other hand positive body image will do the exact opposite – it’s completely down to us and how we use our mindset to control our thoughts and feelings whilst considering environmental and social factors around us.

Changing Your Ways

There’s small efficient steps that you can take in order to become body positive rather than body negative, It’s not easy believe me! If you’re in the negative then I hope this post helps you in some way, I’ve been through it for so long I never thought it was going to end but I can happily say I have one leg firmly in the positive and the other on its way out of the negative. I’m going to include the things that helped me so you have an idea of what I did.


Don’t talk shit to yourself about yourself. It doesn’t matter how hard you might find this just be mindful of the language you use. You are fit and you know it.
I occasionally call myself fat or say I hate this and that but I’ve started to be cautious about my language, when I notice I say something I turn it round and put a positive spin on it.

Set healthy goals for yourself (don’t obsess with weight loss) create a healthy diet plan and fitness regime that suits you and works for you. It’s all about the balance, consistency and determination. If you’re financially able to get help from a personal trainer and nutritionist then great but you do not need to – the internet has everything  you need and there are plenty of books.
I found my for weight training in the gym and having a diet plan (then I enjoy eating on the weekends) I find I get more results and feel better physically and mentally. Taking long walks are always good too!

Appreciate other peoples beauty instead of comparing yourself to them – I would strongly advise un-following people on social media if you find yourself doing this often, you shouldn’t torment your own mind over this. Follow people you appreciate and admire only – Go out of your way to follow more body positive accounts or even take time out away from it all.
Soooo guilty, I used to binge follow accounts when I felt super insecure to make myself feel even worse (in hope i’d shock myself into getting super skinny) now I just unfollow the accounts that make me feel insecure…

Bodies are all different, we are all born differently… the body I was given can’t physically be changed unless I work for it. I’ve always had a bigger built structure whereas a lot of people are naturally slim – that’s fine, it is what it is so accept that. What works for me might not work for you so you have to know what’s going on within yourself first to be able to make healthy changes.


Write down 10+ things you love about yourself, even include the bits you’re not that keen on (mind over matter) this is practicing how to love yourself as a whole. Fake it till you make it. Repeat them to yourself daily.
I did this for a while and it just become a natural thing to do daily, Without sounding vein I look in the mirror everyday and just appreciate what I have…

Dress how you want to dress. Embrace your style and go with it. I still find this pretty difficult but I’m getting a little better, I admire fashion and love seeing people embrace their own. Express yourself in ways that you’re comfortable, go wild child.
I always wear what i’m comfortable wearing and do get scared to come out of that and actually wear the things I really admire, I envy other peoples wardrobes but this can also have a damaging part to play with body image… be mindful.

Be thankful, gratitude is everything. Beauty is not skin deep. You’ve got so much more to be thankful for, please appreciate this. Change your negative thoughts to more positive ones (make note of daily affirmations and alternative language for your personal reference)
I am thankful every single day for everything – I cant stress it enough how beneficial this is, give it a go. write it all down and say it out loud.

Examine your body often, be aware of it’s changes and all the things you have going on physically (it’s pretty amazing) be gentle with yourself and take good care of what you have. I used to hateeeee my stretch marks but now I’ve fully accepted they’re part of me and I actually love them.

These are just the simplest ways you can become more body positive, they’re extremely easy and possible to do everyday. Knowledge is power and self learning is absolutely necessary; read inspirational books, listen to motivational podcast & practice what you preach. We’re all in it together no matter what size/shape we are or whether or not we have stretch marks, scars and cellulite.

Body shaming other people will never benefit your journey to self-love it will actually worsen it… when you gain a deeper insight to body image and how we’re all completely different you’ll be more respectful of others and yourself (this is the whole point) you never know what someone is going through so always be kind.

I could sit here forever and a day telling you about my past experience with my perception of my body and what I went through with it all but that would be digging up old dusty dirt, I’m getting over it and as always want to keep this space a positive one. I’m living for now and being mindful of the things I think about (thoughts become things) with that being said I’m always happy to talk with people privately – I can’t give professional help but I can answer any questions you may have.

If you have any tips or personal growth stories yourself that you’d like to share then pretty please leave a comment below…Be Body Kind is of course part of my #welcomewellness2019 campaign so any photos/posts you share on social media that are relatable don’t forget to use the #

Love B x

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2 thoughts on “Be Body Kind

  1. Love the fact that you have just found your beautiful body , we are all made in different ways, we are all unique hence that’s why we are here on earth. I hated my stomach and wobbly arms but no matter how hard I tried to work out-they stayed the same 😂 I had three children and proud of my stretch marks they tell a story and my arms are to hold all my beautiful grandchildren in – I’m happy.
    Well written once again darling love you 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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