Wellness Is A State Of Being – The 7 Factors

Well, What is wellness? I’ve never really been sure of it to be completely honest I just thought it was about keeping fit, eating well & having a pamper night every week or so but how wrong was I? Very.

This is the year I’ve made a promise to myself to make sustainable lifestyle changes for myself and I want to share everything I learn and experience along the way in hope I can potentially guide others to positively change theirs too.

What Are The 7 Factors of Wellness & Why Are They Important?

Physical Wellness

Is the combination of all of the lifestyle factors like fitness, nutrition, sleep & mental well-being together to create the greatest level of health for yourself. It’s important we are mindful of the choices we make so that we don’t jeopardize our maximum level of health (i.e drug/alcohol consumption, bad diet, no exercise etc)
It’s vital we take small and steady actions on a daily basis, sometimes we cant tell how our habits are affecting us as they eventually catch up with us as we get older, to prevent this from happening and not being able to reverse bad habits we must start now.

Tips to Improve Physical Wellness:

Implement some kind of fitness everyday, whatever works for you…If you like going to the gym then great but taking walks are fine too!

Make sure you get enough sleep & you take time out to relax – Don’t over do it

Have a well balanced nutritious diet, read up about it & know what works for your body

Analyse your own body so you’re aware of any changes (Check for lumps, marks/moles etc)


Emotional Wellness 

Is the state of a persons mind and their mental strength. Being aware of your emotions and having full understanding and control over them isn’t at all easy, I honestly don’t think there’s many people that have perfected this, I’m not even half way there! It’s vital we are knowledgeable about our minds and how they work and it’s also important we find what works for us.

Tips to Improve Emotional Wellness:

Find your calm, What relaxes you and what balances you?

Make a stress management plan (Keep a mood diary so you’re aware of what triggers you) When you discover the triggers find techniques to control them (Work load, time management, finances etc)

Get a personal coach/Seek counselling – If this isn’t possible then be sure to know who you can go to around you (Work place/friends & family)

Practice self-love and appreciation (This takes us a long way)


Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is what makes up your morals, beliefs and physical spirit. Don’t confuse this with being spiritual in a ‘magical’ way, it’s not about that. We all have auras and we all give off energy, it’s how you choose to connect with life and how you see the world. It’s about being thankful, giving gratitude & seeing your purpose and meaning.. this will change your life and I am extremely passionate about this.. I cannot stress it enough!

Tips to Improve Spiritual Wellness: 

Spend time alone so you have time to connect with yourself and your own energy (Often we consume energies around us so we need alone time)

Be mindful with everything you do (especially how you respond to situations) Be present all of the time. Look up and around you, don’t use your phone when with friends/family etc

Practice gratitude/manifestation and of course read up about it too… understand it from the core!

Explore, whether it’s in your home town, closest city or the other side of the world. Find beauty


Intellectual Wellness 

Is how we ‘arouse’ our brains with creativity and knowledge. This wellness is to primarily focus on what inspires us and to keeps us learning in order to learn new skills. I believe this is extremely important but may be undervalued and pushed aside a lot. I love blogging because i’m forever learning new things which I like to share with you all but there’s other ways in which you can improve your intellectual wellness.

Tips to Improve Intellectual Wellness: 

Read read & read… If you’re anything like me and struggle to read books consistently then break it up and read blogs, case studies etc. There’s so much online! You can also listen to audio books and podcasts… YouTube is also a savior.

Join a workshop/group – Meet up is a great platform to find out what’s going on near you

Learn something new (Get a hobby)

Play games or do a daily puzzle (Word search, sudoku etc) there’s many of these online, in papers & on phone apps!


Social Wellness

We build relationships from an extremely young age but learn to develop them throughout different stages in our life. Whilst this comes naturally to some people,others need to work on it a lot. Social wellness focuses on the relationships we build with others,these aren’t just relationships with family members but it’s how we communicate with friends/colleagues and even strangers.

It’s important we learn to communicate effectively and get the right skills to form healthy, intimate and meaningful relationships. It’s all about nurturing the relationships you have and creating genuine connections with those around you.

Tips to Improve Your Social Wellness: 

Communication is key, be open about your thoughts and feelings.

Work on your current relationships, be thankful for them, write what you love about each of them and also figure out what needs to be worked on. No relationship is perfect so it’s important to recognise the flaws.

Keep in touch and make a conscious effort to speak with your most supportive and loving friends. Don’t think if they don’t make an effort you shouldn’t.

Volunteer/join social groups. We need to develop social skills and the best way to do this is by being social. Get yourself out there, meet new people and enjoy new experiences. There are so many opportunities to do this.


Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness is literally all about having the ability to form an ideal balance between your personal lifestyle and work. It’s very meaningful when you are able to use your talents, hobbies and interests in your personal life to maximise your own satisfaction and happiness.

The second part of occupational wellness is being mindful about the attitude you have towards your job and making most of your knowledge and skills to excel at your career.

Tips to Improve Your Occupational Wellness:

Create a vision board of how you’d like your future to look, with this write your goals (short term and long term)

Follow your dreams, if there’s a career path you desire the most then go get it. Do what you have to do to get there, you never have to work a day in your life if you’re doing what you love.

Don’t settle for average and easy, always work towards the things you want in and outside of work

Think of the positives (Benefits) and negatives (disadvantages) of your life/work, there’s always room for improvement


Environmental Wellness

Last but not least, this ones all about being mindful of your daily habits and how they contribute towards our environment. It’s absolutely necessary that we maintain a level of admiration for our surroundings. Little baby steps per person make a huge overall impact.

Tips to Improve Your Environmental Wellness:

Recycle at home. Imagine how much every household throws away a every single week… it takes seconds to organise your rubbish; cardboard, plastics, glass, foot etc…

Read up on the environment and what’s going on in todays world. There’s so much to learn & if we’re able to correctly inform others on the unstable state of our earth then more will get done (hopefully)

Spend time outside, learn to love and appreciate our environment, there’s nothing better and nothing more  I love doing.

Bring the outside indoors. Start a real life plant collection – there’s so many reasons to do this, the benefits are proven!


I hope you’ve managed to take something away from this post, if not a little more than just something. These 7 dimensions of wellness literally cover every influential factor in all of our lives and when you really think about all of them and their benefits you cant help but think how amazing life would be if we educated ourselves and others on each area and enforced the simplest ways to improve each one.

I absolutely love learning and sharing with you all so if there’s anything you’d like to know in depth in regards to wellness then feel free to ask… I’m here to create an informative positive platform to help myself and you wherever you need it… please don’t forget to go and check out #welcomewellness2019 on socials and use the # yourself to contribute to the page… if you want to work with me on this then drop me a message…

All my love, B x

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Photo Credit

Sleeping Dog – Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels

Stressed – Photo by energepic.com from Pexels

Meditation – Photo by Min An from Pexels 

Environment – Photo by Singkham from Pexels

Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels


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  1. Lovely sweetie ! A damn good plan , well thought through , I’d also add to get a dog! People can learn a lot about life from a dog 😃xxx


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