1 Year Travel Q&A

I often get questions about travelling and living in Sydney from London and most of the time I find myself answering the same kind of things, as I’ve reached my 1st year travel anniversary I thought i’d turn to you and ask if you had any questions or curiosities that I could answer here to have it all in one place.

I’ve tried to put everything in categories to make it a little simpler… these are all questions I’ve been asked overtime and via social media so if there’s anything else you feel needs a little bit of clarity please comment and I will get back to you.

1 year away.png

Financial Qs

Is it expensive to move away ?
I find these really hard to answer because it depends what you’re comparing it to. Sydney’s work/lifestyle balance is spot on, cost of living over income for me is great but I do have a well paid job but I live a little more luxurious, it is what you make it… I used to struggle with money A LOT at home and was always skint… here i’m living 10 x better and still have money to save.

How much did you save before you went?
 I saved around £6/7000 but this included flights, visa, clothing etc… I ended up going with £4500 which covered me for 3 months and then I started my regional work anyway so was getting an income. All travel destinations will vary… I knew I was going to be working so didn’t save too much.

3 months in Aus will cost a lot more than 3 months in Asia.

Did you budget, If so what are your favorite budget tips?
I love this because I love to budget – I could do a separate post on this actually going into detail but my fave budget tip is to always make a plan, what are your out goings and estimate any other spends you might have and just work with it. Always round up as well (over estimate)

I didn’t really budget in some areas but others I did, I knew I was going to work so I just booked nicer places to stay and ate what I wanted etc (I did absolutely everything I could)


Relationship Qs

Have you met a lot of people?
Yes, If I sit and think about it I’ve met a lot of people… some god awful ones but some amazingly lovely ones too. I’ve got a great team (family) around me now in Sydney and I love them so much.

Have you struggled to keep in contact with friends and family back home?
Nope. I speak with my family everyday via text and I facetime them at least once a week even if it’s a quick 10 mins. My bestest friends are the same, I text them every week.

I’ve realised that a lot of people I thought were friends were just acquaintances , some people I thought I was super close with have made 0 efforts – I tried for a while but have fully given up now. It’s okay to outgrow people & I ‘ve learnt that this year.

How have your friends from home been since you went away?
My closest have been great – nothing will ever change that BUT like I said above, people I thought I was close to have made no effort whatsoever, I was devastated at first but now I really couldn’t care less.


Personal Qs

Lowest point of the year?
I would say over Christmas, I had really bad anxiety and I felt extremely down. I was worried about finding work in Sydney and we were staying at a friends looking for an apartment and loads of other little things just made it really difficult but I come out 10x better.

Doing my regional work to get my second year visa also was a bit of a low point for me but I learnt so much and I am now so thankful for the experience.

Highest point of the year?
VERY hard to answer. I’m not sure where to even start. The whole year has been very special in every possible way but I would say my dad coming to Sydney from home and getting to see how I’m living and where i’m living was very exciting for me. He was SO proud and loved it here and I felt fortunate enough to be able to treat him.

Did/do you ever feel alone?
YES. I still can (even when I’ve got a lovely boyfriend and a lot of friends and supportive family) It’s perfectly normal to feel lonely sometimes, I like being alone.


Before Travelling Qs

What do you need to consider when going way?
For me it wasn’t really difficult to decide, I had nothing to consider. I have a supportive family so what else could possibly hold me back? I will always choose life experiences over anything, you can never get time back.

What made you want to move away in the first place?
Nothing made me, I just want to live a life filled with excitement, travel and joy.


General Qs

Do you have any regrets?
Never ever, Everything has worked out perfectly and i’ve gained more than I could’ve ever imagined.

How hard was it finding work?
I actually come to Sydney at a difficult time, It was Christmas and it was summer so work was limited as it was all the holidays etc, I had the odd job with agencies which got me by thankfully but I didn’t actually start full-time work until February.

I have also been very specific with what I want to do with work, I want to make sure it’s all relevant to my career so that limited my options, if you’re open to whatever than i’m sure it will be much easier!

How did you apply for your regional work (what was the process)?
One of my bestfriends worked for the farm the year before and just passed on the information, I’m not really helpful with this because I got it easy but there’s so many Facebook pages you can join, word of mouth & a lot of research and calling direct!

Will you move to Australia permanently?
If you asked me this time last year I would’ve been like YES but now I have a clear vision of what I want from life and it’s not here in Aus (Eventhough I love it so so much) My career & business plans are at home in London. I will continue to travel and experience everything the world has to offer.

I’ll never say never though, If the right opportunity was to arise and I could successfully pursue my dreams then why not…

What are your plans?
What don’t I have planned would be better, I have so many things I want to do right now my heads about to explode buttt for now i’m just enjoying life and living in the present moment.

I have a few holidays planned this year, one of those being back home to London. I have some major fitness goals for this year and I will start getting a business plan together ready for 2020. I’m more determined than ever to start getting my career on the go.

I have so many places I want to visit whilst i’m in Australia as well because they will be well out of reach when I go back to London so I need to start booking!!!


What’s been the top 3 places you’ve been to over the last year?
Bali has my heart but within Australia Sydney is home and it amazes me everyday, Whitsundays/Hamilton Island is gorgeous and Fraser Island was an incredible experience.

What would be your top piece of advice be?
Don’t plan too much just go with it all, you’ll meet people along the way and you’ll also change your mind about places when you’re there.. don’t restrict yourself by making solid plans.
–  Save as much money as possible so you can enjoy everything you want to do
-Be open to trying new things even if it’s way out of your comfort zone

I couldn’t recommend travelling/moving away enough. You’ll learn so much, meet so many new weird and wonderful people, you’ll hit all the highs and the lowest lows. You’ll  become so much more grown up in many ways – being independent is a key factor but you’ll also have to overcome hurdles and learn to handle situations effectively.

Every sunset and sunrise, ocean, sand between your toes, beautiful views, the travel, people, food, places, experiences and everything in between will stay with you forever. Lifes is too short to miss this out, make a change and take the biggest step towards the most amazing journey. It’s not at all hard and it’s not complicated, you’ve just got to do it and take advantage of everything that comes along with.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it got me thinking about the last year and I’m truely thankful and feeling blessed… I also now have the travel bug & want to get my backpack ready to go again!

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Photo Credit

(Plane) – Photo by Sheila from Pexels

(Map) – Photo by Catarina Sousa from Pexels

(Savings) – Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels


3 thoughts on “1 Year Travel Q&A

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying your long-term traventure out in Aus Becky. Aus (and NZ) just seems like one of the best countries to live abroad if you’re from the UK. It seems quite whacky and quirky too imo. A few questiona by the way: Have any of your family made plans to come and see or have done so before? Do you feel more like Aussie or British? Appreciate you sharing, a really personal post too!

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello John,

      It really has perfected the work/life balance over here. Everything just feels better & there’s a lot of opportunity for growth and happiness 🙂

      My dad come to see me in March he was here for 2 weeks… No one else has made plans to come from my family, I don’t think they will – which is fine, it’s expensive and too far for some people to travel… My partner has 2 of his sisters out this upcoming weekend so that’s exciting.

      Secondly, British 100% – i’m around 85% of people from the UK most of the time, there’s a lot of Brits here and we’ve just happend to all get together as friends.. like attracts like I suppose. I work with Australians and I have picked up some of their lingo but not anything else 🙂

      Thank youu so much for your comment, it’s appreciated – I hope you have a great week x x


  2. I have heard from everyone that you get more for your money out in Australia in comparison to England so I’m excited to go and find this out for myself!


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