Why Does Mindfulness Matter?

I write these posts for my very own personal growth and to share everything I learn along the way to potentially guide and inspire others too (meaning you) I like to keep the posts as informative and interesting as possible so I don’t lose you half way though, if there’s anything you can contribute please leave a comment and share what you know, as we all know – ‘knowledge is power’.
I have added in relevant links for you to dig deeper into certain areas, please feel free to check them out.

Now for the good stuff…

Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment

Being mindful is easily done but very easily forgotten about too. I consider myself to be more mindful now than ever before but I’m not completely there just yet. I’m conscious of it all but I leave it floating in the back of my mind and I get this reminder that I need to be mindful & I must practice it enough so it comes easily into existence.

I haven’t quite mastered the non judgmental side of being mindful either, I’m my biggest critic and as soon as I feel a little low I think my life’s over, I feel like a failure, I feel ugly, I feel useless and whatever else might come across my mind… this is bizarre on my behalf & anyone else that can relate. STOP judging you and start loving and embracing you. 

I genuinely believe that you get them really down days on purpose, it’s the universal way of reminding you that you can check in with yourself, this is why it’s important to make mindfulness a daily habit so you don’t lose yourself to sadness. Your thoughts matter and so do the words you say.

‘I’m a failure’ – ‘I’m learning’
‘Why do I feel like this?’ – ‘I’m just human ‘
‘Nothing is going right’ – ‘Be patient and consistent, the right things will work’

Train yourself to think differently (more positively)
Create a personal mantra and repeat it to yourself every time you realise you’re stepping outside of the mindful mindset.

Why does mindfulness matter? Because our physical and mental health does. This is the the start of creating a healtier balanced lifestyle. 

Preparing your.png

Being Mindful Means?

You’re aware of the present moment – this doesn’t necessarily mean this specific second, it just means your current situation and life as you know it. Focus on the now & drawing your attention back to whatever it is when you need to focus.

Being mindful also means being conscious and aware of yourself and the things you do throughout the day – mindful considerations; what you’re eating, how often? The reasons you’re picking up the phone, why are you procrastinating? Are you paying attention to your commute in the mornings (Surroundings)? Do you find yourself looking at the ground more than looking up? Are you taking on too much at once.. the list is endless but you get the idea right?

Being mindful is also about being calm even in difficult situations, being grounded and thinking of solutions rather than problems (Not throwing instant hissy fits and thinking of the worst case scenario)

How To Be Mindful?

Meditate everyday – it doesn’t matter when or where, just take 5-10 minutes to check in with yourself. Take time to breathe.

Allow your mind to wander, especially if you’re taking some downtime – practice controlling your thoughts.

Always remember to show gratitude, write it down or say it out loud… it doesn’t matter how big or small – everything matters.

Reflect on your day, take a mental/physical note of the things that made you feel good and also the things that didn’t make you feel so good.

Take walks often. I love taking strolls (forest bathing is a thing)

Visualise daily, write your biggest goal for the day and all the little ones to go with it.

What are the benefits?

Emotional Intelligence
Decreased Stress and Anxiety
Illuminates distraction and focus
Relationship Satisfaction 

I could list 100 more but I’ve given you an insight as to why mindfulness matters, it’s great for our health both physically and mentally, it provides us with tonnes of benefits, and it allows us to think differently and more positively.

I’ve started working out more often and I use that time in the gym to adjust my thought process. I’m currently looking into starting yoga as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but been too afraid. I want to learn ways of being more mindful and I want to inspire others to do the same so they can experience the incredible benefits.

As I previously mentioned everything you know and are willing to share is extremely valued so please feel free to communicate.
How are you more mindful on a day-to-day? Whats your mindful mantra? How do you create a mindful work/living space? When was the last time you checked in with yourself?

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3 thoughts on “Why Does Mindfulness Matter?

  1. loved reading this darling,
    Keep them coming and now I’m going for a nice bath and putting my music on.


  2. This is a really lovely post – Being mindful is incredibly underrated and I don’t think many people get the concept of it but everything we do needs to be done mindfully.
    I love your posts and positive energy, keep it up and you’ll change the world one day x x x

    Liked by 1 person

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