Minimising Screen Time

Screen time is pretty much unavoidable these days, everything we do basically involves looking at a screen of some sort. Time’s have certainly changed and every year it becomes more and more heavily consumed in one way or another. No matter what anyone says I really don’t think we could live without it, is it possible? I wouldn’t know any I wouldn’t like to experiment either.

Understandably due to the nature of most jobs and lifestyles we use technology to work, communicate, access information, read, teach/learn and everything else after and between al of that. Technology has significantly sped up our way of living but it’s certainly slowed down productivity levels and attention spans.

As part of my #welcomewellness2019 project/venture I want to highlight this as a significant contributor to our mental and physical health and advise on how to minimise screen time and the benefits of doing so.

The Stats

I asked a group of people to send me a screenshot of their weekly screen time from their android/iPhone and the results are pretty shocking, if you don’t have this tool activated I suggest you switch it on right now just so you’re more aware of how much time you’re spending on certain platforms. By all means do what you want, it’s your life but like I said I’m focusing on how to improve your wellbeing by making little life changes.

The screenshots I’ve collected are 50% male and 50% female, they all work in various working environments from Office PA/Carpenter/recruitment/beauticians & Retail.


The results show that at least 36 hours a week have been used on social media, that’s a minimum of an entire day & MORE.
Imagine everything you could be doing with that time, imagine if you focused even half of that time into something productive/creative or towards your future





Forgetting the fact a majority of people work from computers/phones everyday, it’s more of the ‘down time/additional’ time in our day that we need to focus on. Circumstances are much different from one person to another but in reality when we can see where a lot of our time is spent then it certainly puts things into perspective and get your brain wandering and thinking about more of what can be done.

Social media platforms like Instagram & Twitter are used out of boredom and for our entertainment but it should really be done in moderation, I believe there’s actually an obsession with picking up your phone and scrolling through aimlessly and it needs to stop before every generation below ours gets worse and worse.





When To Avoid Screen Time

Whilst Eating
I do this all the time and I’ve only recently caught myself doing it so I’m desperately trying to snap out of it.

Being with Friends/Family
Don’t be so frickinnnnn rude! (Again guilty) we all are, even parents will sit on their phones these days but how nice would it be to snap out the habit of this… be present and hold a conversation, don’t always distract meaningful time with pointless interaction.

When You’re Bored
Find a hobby or start working towards some of those big life goals. Don’t waste time

Commuting To/From Work
Get a book and read, update your diary, Write a gratitude list do whatever else you can instead of sitting on the phone or watching a movie. I know train commutes can be extremely tedious but use that time to be productive. I hate being on a train and seeing everyone’s head in their phones it is truly soul-destroying… maybe start a conversation with someone next to you.


Less Is More – Benefits of Minimising Screen Time

Be more mindful about how you spend your evenings especially before bed, scrap phone time and unwind without any technology glaring in your face. Give your mind and eyes a break and relax for a much longer well needed sleep.

We all turn to our phones when we feel a little bored but that will never result to a positive mindful frame of mind, minimising screen time at all costs will cause less stress and anxiety because we’re distracting ourselves from real life meaningful moments, setting ourselves back a notch and becoming quite lazy in a sense we will just pick up our phones for a little entertainment.

Having an outstanding presence is priceless, imagine being with your friends/family members and not having any phones in the equation. Having someones full attention is pretty important and kinda rare these days. Never take it for granted when you’re with the people you care about, put down the phone and appreciate your current situation.

Based on the previous comment, presence and charisma are key factors in any relationship whether it’s with your mum, colleague, best-friends, partner or even a stranger. Building relationships isn’t easily done, being there in the moment is extremely attractive in partners (or potential partners) it’s also very meaningful to families and friends and respected in a work place.

Diverting your attention away from screen time will allow you to be more focused on the important things in your lifes. Your work ethic will increase, your passions will blossom and your inspiration will be found in more creative and interesting ways. Don’t lose touch of the things that matter in your life… Results wont be obvious over night and neither will they show in a week either but they will prove to have a massive impact overall over time, think of all the amazing things you’ll achieve if you just minimised screen time.

Preparing your-5 copy 2.png

If you have any advice on how to minimise screen time, when to do it & what to alternate it with then drop a comment below and share.
Let’s all be more mindful, well rested, more present, more focused. All of these benefits are important when it comes to having a positive mindset which leads to good physical and mental health.

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4 thoughts on “Minimising Screen Time

  1. Remember, how insane would it be to open your front door every 10 mins to see if anyone was there ! It’s no different checking your phone every 10 mins to see if someone is on it 😃 nice post x

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    1. Hello Rachel,

      I hope you had a lovely weekend – I love that, I completely agree with this one, great way to think about it… I’ve found myself picking up my phone and then thinking ‘no put it down’ haha

      Thank you for your comment lovely – i’ll check out the blog x x

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