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Welcome Back to #welcomewellness2019 ‘ If you’re new to me and my little corner of the Internet then you’ll currently find I’m in the midst of my new venture, I’m promoting as much physical and mental health and wellness as possible to inspire you all in the best possible way. If you’re coming back again then thank you for the love and support.

I want to keep this one as short and sweet as possible and list 10 things you can do everyday for ‘Everyday Wellness’ you can start implementing these to your everyday life right now wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Walk Walk & Walk some more…

Get off the train a few stops earlier
Take the stairs instead of escalators
Go for a stroll after you eat (especially after those late carby meals)
Find some greenery & breathe in the fresh air


Something that inspires you/motivates you – A topic of interest

Read Books/magazines/blogs etc
Watch something on the Internet (Youtube)
Listen to Podcasts

Drink Water & Green Tea

Drink as much water as you can throughout the day and start/end the day with a green tea…

Wake Up Half Hour Earlier / Get Into bed by 10pm

(On a school night)
Meditate (Give Gratitude)
Have breakfast
Write your to do list
Catch up on whatever you need to catch up with

Put Down the Phone/Technology at Least 1 Hour Before Bedtime

& Don’t flick through first thing in the morning!

Try and get your 7-8 + hours of sleep every night. I used to thing the benefits of sleep were just to prevent tiredness but my goodness I was wrong.
Preparing your-5.png

Organise Yourself In The Evening For The Next Morning

Prepare your Lunch
Put together your gym bag
Get together your work bag
Lay out your outfit / Make up bag / Products etc
It’s the little things that save time that will allow you to feel more prepared everyday and NOT rushed.

Do Something You Enjoy

Make time for your Hobby – I love to blog/read/research and make plans
Watching a film and get cosy
We all have certain things we love to do, allocate part of your day to do something you enjoy doing. This is good for your mind body & soul.

Stay on top of the cleaning

Anyone else find it therapeutic? Coming home to a messy home and an untidy bedroom can be really stressful, keep on top and just do 15 mins catching up here and there daily.

Take out the bins
Clean and tidy the kitchen/surfaces
Fluff up the pillows on the sofa
Make the bed
Hoover/sweep and mop

Set Your Mood, Whatever Mood at Whatever Time

Candles in the evening when I go to relax is a must…
Fave Music playlist in the morning on the way to work/going out
Make time to speak with family/friends
Go to the gym

Eat The Right Food

We all know what’s right and often wrong, We can all slip up and eat ourselves into oblivion but having a healthy balanced diet is incredibly good for your mental and physical health. It’s important you get the right sources of each food to allow more of a productive mindset and less sluggish feel day in and out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the 10 tips for Everyday Wellness – They’re just small simple steps that will allow you to have a mindful, productive & energetic day.

What’s your everyday wellness routine? 

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I hope you have a wonderful week ahead – Love B x

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7 thoughts on “Everyday Wellness

  1. Becks another great blog, I do believe you eat but you have to exercise, I walk to work and walk around the classroom, go out lunchtime powerwalking, walk the perimeter of the playground 9 times and it’s 10,000 steps a day and feel great.. love you keep writing these great blogs as do inspiring 😬😬😬


  2. Love this! Great tips. I’ve also written some mantras for when I’m feeling not so great. I have a personal one, a business one and a spiritual one. Because I’ve written them when I was in a positive state and they were my own thoughts, I find they snap me right back to a more positive way of thinking. Hope that helps someone ☺️ Have a lovely day!


    1. Hello Erin,

      Ahhhh amazing, having mantras is a fantastic idea, I never actually thought of that, I might have to write some today to start the week ahead with… it’s good you have one for different parts of your life because they’ll all mean different things.

      I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, thank you for your comment x x x x

      Liked by 1 person

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