Managing Your Time

What is the secret to managing time effectively?
We can have all the time in the world and still waste it away doing either nothing or nothing what we’re supposed to be doing. I’m beyond guilty when it comes to being the biggest time, time waster… I get so wound up thinking about how much I procrastinate or lounge around doing sweet F* all… I could watch the world go by day in and out and not realise what I was actually doing… it’s so chaotic but relaxing at the same time it’s hard not to become caught up in it all.

Managing your time is extremely important for our overall wellness, I believe it’s essential to create a time management plan to create a more positive lifestyle.

Average Day 

Supposedly we’re meant to spend 8 hours sleeping & then we have a ‘typical’ working day that’s around 8 hours too… instantly thats 16 hours out of the day gone. Then we at least need 2 hours to cook/eat breakfast/lunch and dinner. All of the other little factors that add up like commuting to work, getting ready/showering and clearing up etc, this gives us 3-4 hours free a day.

We’re all completely different and we all value our time differently, I understand this ‘typical’ estimation isn’t for everyone but it is on average so for now we will just go with it and use it as a generic perspective.

The Benefits of Managing Your Time – Why is it Important?

It’s easy peasy really, Managing your time will allow you to spend your time effectively doing what you want to do when you want to do it. You’ll be able to achieve more in your everyday life or even overall throughout the weeks/months to come, there’s nothing more rewarding or satisfying when you get everything and then some done and still have time for all of your favourite things.

Opportunity to learn more

There’s so many things we all want to do but are so used to saying ‘I haven’t got enough time for it’ well, now’s the time. Learn a new language, start baking, take a course online or go to an evening class – the options are endless, there’s always something on your mind wishing you could do so go make it happen.

You’ll become more focused and determined to achieve your goals

When you see the outcome of saving time it will give you more drive and determination to actually keep at it. Staying focused and prioritising what’s important will lift any negative thoughts you have when trying to get your ‘to do list’ done – do one thing at a time.

Decreases Stress/Anxiety

I’m not saying you’re all like me but I get overwhelmed and extremely anxious when it comes to the end of the day/week/month and I feel like I’ve not achieved much.
As I mentioned earlier I’m a fool for procrastination, I am the queen of it (as I’m writing this I’m also talking to my flatmates about getting a pet donkey)
When I organise myself and allocate my time to the important things and the things I want it instantly makes me feel better…you know it will with you too.

You’ll be more successful –
Work harder towards the things you really want (Dedication) 

We spend a lot of time working for someone else and rarely anytime on our own personal dreams/hobbies/passions – It’s vital we use our free time to make this happen, I’ve become much better with this and my life wouldn’t feel right if I wasn’t doing a little more everyday of what I most desire. As the saying goes, ‘do something today your future self would be thankful for’

Less rework/Less Effort

Not having ‘the plan’ or an actual focus can make you go back & forth in-between tasks and priorities – this is the biggest time waste E V E R.
Organise, take note & set reminders. Put your everything into everything not half heartedly

More Opportunities – More life – More everything

Granted, time management is a very appealing skill to carry with you especially in a work place, it’s the best part of being organised. You’ll have more of an exciting lifestyle if you make way for adventures and you’ll have more of a reason to do more!

You won’t have to turn down plans or feel guilty about going out, you will be able to maximise your work ethic and be open to do more possibilities.

You’ll become self disciplined

A vital life skill (I need this when dieting) but in all seriousness I cant stress it enough, with plenty of practice you’ll get there and the you’ll reap the benefits.

Preparing your-5 copy.png

How to Manage Your Time

Learn to say no to the irrelevant things – we’re all old and wise enough now to know what adds value to your life and what doesn’t… I’m not saying stop going out but I’m saying stop saying yes to plans/people/things that bring 0 to the table. Trust me it works a lot. (Self discipline)

Keep a diary – Notebook & a Calendar this will allow you to write your to-do lists, prioritise your time everyday day by day and set yourself reminders and goals (get alerts set up too on your devices) Include the things you want to do as well, don’t just do your everyday tasks – allocate your FREE time. Don’t leave ‘4 hours free’ what do you want to do with it?

Plan Ahead & I mean as far ahead as possible… You can always change things but when you can visualise how your month is looking and set yourself goals for that month to complete you’ll make sure it happens – Setting yourself deadlines also makes things much more realistic, I always work well under pressure so do what you can.

Prioritise. Your. Time.
Do the most important things first no matter how big or small, if something can wait then let it wait. Having those big burdens on your shoulders can be really stressful and this can prevent you actually procrastinating more often.

Put down the phone & any other distractions – I don’t need to say anything else but this ‘ Do you really need to scroll through social media 100 times a day? probably not…

Make a to-do list the night before so it’s ready for the next day
Let this become a habit

How Do You Manage Your Time?

All of this might seem a little straight forward and not really beneficial for your physical/mental wellbeing but being organised and making time for yourself and the things you love is probably one of the best things you can do.

We’ve all seen the quote ‘ don’t be busy, be productive’ and I honestly live by it. I can get worked up and stressed over my to-do list, I go back and forth in between tasks and get distracted and waste time but really if I get it all together and make time to be productive think of all the benefits.

Start right now, make a to do list for now for everything you want and have to do this month, set up your reminders on your phone/calendars or diary

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3 thoughts on “Managing Your Time

  1. I really like this article. I have a hard time managing my time because I am homeschooled. So I am always procrastinating to get my work done. I like the part in your blog where you say make a diary or a calendar. I have found this very practical. One passage the I read and found helpful said: The plan of the diligent surely leads to success. (Proverbs 21:5) Do you think this information is practical?


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