Welcome Wellness 2019

I’ve currently got 101 tabs open in my mind uncertain of where I actually need to focus my attention. My life right now is a beautiful mess, I’m living my dream but I’m constantly waiting around for something to happen, I feel like I take 2 steps forward and 5 back when it comes to regaining my independence whilst settling in on the other side of the world.

My biggest struggle has been finding work, I’ve got a great opportunity starting in March but it’s the waiting period between now and then, I’ve had too much time to think by myself and let my mind run into overtime – I’m desperate to get into work and get a routine back in my life however It’s occurred to me that I’m in a very fortunate position and I’ve got time to do something extremely inspiring if I put my heart into it.

2019 for me is the year for health and wellbeing, I want to be the best version of me physically and mentally and I want to share my journey and create a space for everyone else to do the same… #welcomewellness2019 is just one of the ‘101 tabs’ I have open in my mind but one I mostly want to put forward for now. I have a series of topics to share on my blog with you all over the next few weeks from managing stress, creating a vision board, being mindful & evaluating screen time (and the rest).

Preparing your-5.png

Why Welcome Wellness…

The importance of being in good health physically and mentally is unquestionable, there’s not one human on this earth that this doesn’t apply to and that’s why we need to welcome wellness. We must do everything we can to maximise our full potential everyday to create a better life for ourselves and those around us.

The Benefits of Welcoming Wellness

Welcoming wellness will heighten every aspect of your life in so many ways, from personal relationships to health, confidence, employment, creativity and so forth. We live in such a hostile world with a whole bunch of craziness going on but I believe the most important thing we can do to change the world we live in, is change how we live in the world. Self-Care is a fundamental feature in all of this and I hope we can all make the small necessary changes to be the best version if us ever.

What Can You Do?

Every time you post something on Instagram/twitter that’s anything to do with wellbeing use #welcomewellness2019 – I want to create an easy access go to place where we can all find inspiration and motivation from other people. If you write a positive caption, have a healthy lunch, go on a beautiful walk or spend time with friends (the list is endless) just simply add in the hashtag, it’s as easy as that.

I will be update my Instagram/twitter everyday with as much inspiration as possible, if you have any suggestions or need guidance/advice on something then feel free to contact me on any of the platforms or comments below

I recently posted ‘Making a change in 2019’ and these reflect my personal goals for the year, they’re all major wellness factors so that can give you an insight to the kind of thing  you’ll find here in the upcoming weeks…I’m really excited about this and hope you are too – I look forward to you all joining me on this journey.

There are so many platforms you can go to for wellness guidance, Podcasts are my go-to when I need some motivation/inspiration – Don’t forget about YouTube ‘Ted Talks’ & Google search… allow them to become your best friends and learn from them too.

NEXT POST : Managing Your Time

All my love – B x

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