2018 Reflection – 2019 Plans

Too late to say Happy New Year right? Oh well… better late than never I say. I’ve been in a bit of a bubble the last couple of weeks and I’ve found it bloody hard to keep my feet on the ground and focus on anything – it’s finally all coming together . I’ll give you a little life update in the next week or so but right now I know what I need to do and that’s reflect on my personal growth and goals I had in 2018 and start manifesting those I have planned for 2019.

In December 2017 I wrote my ‘5 Year Plan’ – this was to simply outline how I wanted my next 5 years to look and manifest the things that I most desire. Yes, some of my plans have changed and I’ve got a lot more goals I want to achieve each year. I’m extremely pleased with what I actually did in 2018 as I’ve compared it to what I’ve planned, to say I’ve exceeded expectations is an understatement.

I felt every emotion (good and bad) I lived a life people could only dream of living, I experienced the most beautiful places, I met amazing people & shit ones too (but I learnt a lot from them) I travelled a lot, I fell back in love, I got home sick, I’ve missed people deeply, I changed for the better, I learnt to love myself, I took myself way out of my comfort zone and most importantly, became extremely focused and driven.

Preparing your-5.png

My Goals For 2018

Save £5000 ♥
Start travelling & Move to Australia ♥
Grow Eyeful Events ♥
Go on holiday – Bali ♥
Network – Grow (Make new friends online and socially) ♥
Self-Love ♥

I did it all & then some.

2018 Reflection

I managed to save more than £5000 prior to pay for my travels and everything I needed leading up to my trip, I saved quite a lot in a very short space of time so this was a massive achievement for me. Whilst I was in Australia I had to do my regional work to get my second year visa and I managed to save around $14,000 doing so (which is around £6/7k) this has allowed me to continue my travels and head to Sydney (Still living off the money as we speak)

Obviously I started travelling & I’ve officially settled in Sydney where my home will be for the foreseeable future. I also made it to one of my bucket list destinations BALI in October 18 for an entire month!!

I peaked with Eyeful-Events around April just before I left the UK which was amazing but admittedly it went down the pan as soon as I hit the 11 hour time difference and extremely hectic lifestyle on the go. I’ve still got the passion and drive for it to succeed so I’ve set bigger goals for it this year.

I’ve never felt more connected to people physically and virtually and 2018 was the year to make this happen, I’ve met so many wonderful people and I’ve had an overwhelming amount of love and support – this has given me the determination and inspiration to push more goals this year.

I’ve come a long way from how I felt about myself – my mindset has completely changed and I feel 100x better than ever before. THIS will be spoken about in depth in its very own post but personally for me this was something that needed the most growth


Goals for 2019

♥ Securing a job in Sydney – This is the most important one for me, not only because of the financial side of things but for the lifestyle balance that will come with it. I am SO ready to get back into work full-time and I cant wait to work extremely hard so I can get the ball rolling with other important plans for 2019.

♥ Become the fittest I’ve ever been – I haven’t started off well but that’s because I’ve not been settled, by the end of 2019 I want to have reached all of my fitness milestones and be the healthiest fittest version of me there ever has been (Mostly want slimmer toned legs at they’re my biggest insecurity)

♥ Business research and planning – I’ve had an amazing business idea for so long, it’s something I’m passionate about and LOVE doing so it’s only right I pursue it however I’ve also had my mind on other ideas as well, similarly it’s something I feel strongly about and with my experiences travelling and my desire to create something great I want to start getting things in action and research deeply into creating a brand (not saying what kind) but a product I love with a purpose.

♥ Blogging – Upgrade the blog and change the design (I’ve had a layout on my mind for about 8 months now and know it will be perfect) I really abandoned Eyeful-Events last year, it started out so well but life got the better of me. I will make a bigger and better come back and hopefully inspire/motivate 1000’s of people in many different ways. With this I want to exceed my following – I love growing mine organically but I want to see high statistics and figures all round.

♥ Go away 2-3 times this year – I’m back home to Essex at some point in the year and have thought about a European weekend away somewhere whilst I’m home. I’d also like to see other parts of Australia (Byron Bay & Western Aus) the Philippines is on top of my list and maybe even Fiji. We will see.

♥ Save $10,000 + NO less…Just more (for business plans and a deposit on a home)

♥ Start a YouTube channel OR a podcast. I want to dig deep and discover something that will reach out to men and women – I want it to be real, raw and really funny…(I hate to say it buttttt ‘watch this space’) This has been something I’ve planned for a while now and I get really excited when I think about it so it’s time to get it into action!

♥ Attend more events & workshops – I want to learn something new every month and I want to network more often. It’s time to get really creative and grow an incredible circle of inspiring people.

I want more happiness, more experience, more love, more self-love, more adventure, more lessons – more of everything great… I may not have it all but I have everything I’ve ever wanted and I feel lucky enough to have more of that every day. My yearly reflections improve every time and I notice much more about life than I ever knew before and for that I am so thankful. If you haven’t already, make your own 5 year plan. I promise you its a great way to focus and manifest the things you want in the next few years, you can always add to it or change things around.

What are your goals for 2019? What does your 5 year plan look like? 

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6 thoughts on “2018 Reflection – 2019 Plans

    1. Hello lovelies,

      Ahhh thank youuuu, I don’t feel like I have it together! haha I hope so too, this week feels really positive so I’m hoping for the best – I appreciate the love!

      I hope you have an amazing week

      Becky x x


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