Making Change In 2019

Now i’m not into the typical ‘you must have a routine’ lifestyle and of course no-one wants to live the same day everyday but there does need to be a balance and we do have to give ourselves the best possible life for us to live. I have been desperate to get back into a rhythm but want it to have a purpose. Health & wellness is the primary focus so by creating this daily routine I’d hopefully utilise my time correctly, be positive and mindful, healthy/active and focused.

Understandably not everyone is able to wake up the same time every morning or is able to stick to the same routine because life just isn’t that simple, So instead of having a morning/night time routine I’m just using the ‘daily’ terminology so I don’t feel guilty or disheartened when I cant do something at a particular time (As long as it gets done at some point in the day that’s all that matters)

Making personal lifestyle changes in 2019 are incredibly important to me, this year more than ever. I’ve got this overwhelming desire to make a lot happen and to be able to do this I have to make these small changes, the littlest things go a long way and I hope to prove this to myself and others (YOU)

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Wake Up 15-30 Minutes Earlier Than Needed

Say no to snoozing alarms! Waking up earlier than needing too will benefit you in many ways. No rushing in the morning will illuminate any potential stress which means you’ll generally have a better day.

10-15 Minutes Of Meditation (Crystals)

I want to try and do this every morning, The Benefits of Meditating are incredible, if you can find yourself 15 minutes per day to ground yourself you’ll certainly feel better mentally.  I want to be able to teach my brain to focus for a lot longer than it can at the moment and I want to be aware of my body, feelings and emotions and be able to control them. This is a great way to enhance your quality of life and should always make time for it in your daily routine.


Whether it’s an hour in the gym, half hour at home or extra steps throughout the day,  I will maintain a healthy attempt at fitness (Weekly expected guidelines & then some) Ideally I would love to go to the gym most days so I will give that a go but sometimes that a little optimistic.

Stick To A Diet 

I don’t even mean a particular weight loss diet I just mean a general healthy one. I want to make sure I eat plenty of fruit and veg everyday and eat accordingly to what my body wants/needs. I have recently been introduced to ‘Dosha Diet’ and it’s SO clever, if you’re interested do a little research for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. I’m really excited to try this one.

Turn Off All Technology By 10pm & Don’t Look at My Phone First Thing in The AM

I am a poor sleeper, I don’t get to bed at a good time and I can never just switch off, so of course I waste time scrolling through social media burning a few brain cells every single night. I literally die inside thinking about how much time I waste on my poxy phone and it infuriates me when I realise what I could really be doing with that time. I’m trying my absolute hardest to reduce this time all day everyday but especially in the mornings and right before bed. MAKE IT STOP. I want to set aside a chunk of my day to catch up with posting/commenting/blogs etc so I can avoid using it at more important times.

Read Read Read

Swapping technology for books. On the train, chilling in the sun, before bed… the list goes on – I want to read as much as possible in 2019 and I literally mean a book at month at least. I do struggle with reading but I procrastinate so much and my mind wonders else where but it has to change. Reading is incredibly important and I feel disapointed in myself that I’m not really one to do it. I want to enhance my vocabulary when I write and I want to broaden my knowledge and gain more inspiration.

Write A To-Do List

Every night for the upcoming day. This is my complete obsession. I always want and have  to write every single little thing down other wise I get extreme anxiety. I want to make it a habit to write everything down that needs to be done (big or small) and tick it off throughout the day so when it comes back to the evening I can create a list for the following day. This is the best way to be productive – Top tip is to have a ‘Key Code’ for importance and organise what needs to be done first.

Daily Diary/Gratitude List

I want 5 minutes to reflect on my day and keep a short note of it in my diary. It’s important to recognise what made me happy during the day, write something positive but then also reflect on what might have pis*ed me off – Kind of like a mood tracker. Always think about positives to finish the day and give thanks for every little thing.


What lifestyle changes are you planning on making in 2019 and why?
I love to know what everyone has planned purely for the inspo and excitement – I am welcoming 2019 with open arms and cannot wait for what’s to come

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