What to Do/See – Best of Bali #3

Welcome back to my ‘Best of Bali’ thread. This is part three so you can view part 1 & 2 ‘Where to stay #1’ & ‘Eating & Drinking #2’ in my previous posts (or see attached)
If you’re here out of curiosity then that’s fine, read ahead… If you are planning on visiting Bali then I would recommend reading all of the posts to get a better understanding of where you’d like to stay and what you’d like to do. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit a lot of Bali and cover everything I had on my bucket list.

As I’ve mentioned on all of the posts everything I talk about is down to my own experience and personal preference, Unless stated. I am more than open to have a chat with anyone directly so just hop into my dm’s if need be. As always i’m as open and honest about the things I did but it’s completely up to you if you’d like to do it yourself (everyone experiences things differently, never forget that!)


Let’s Start The Adventure 


Finns Beach club is a must. I arrived late to the party around 4pm and instantly wished i’d of paid for a day bed. The setting were beautiful (great sunset spot) & the atmosphere was spot on. I met with a couple of friends from home and we took advantage of the happy hour on a Friday.


You must hire a moped. Just because you have more freedom getting around and getting from A-B in Canggu, everything is relevantly close but trust me it’s just that much better.

Eat and drink wherever you can, Canggu has some fantastic spots 

Echo beach is just a bang average beach, don’t expect to see nice white sand and blue water… surfers paradise here so keep that in mind. You do need to go and check out the little restaurants down the front and have a Bintang for sunset.


Love Anchor Market is a small market that’s on everyday inc weekends… the weekend market expands and you’ll find more stools here to buy some bits (I got a few bags and a sarongs here)

Hire a driver for the day 


I had a driver called Sentena (I have his number for anyone wanting to go Bali, I highly recommend having him) We used Sentena throughout our entire trip, getting from one location to another, airport runs and for days out.

From Canggu we went on a day tour to the following locations – You can tell the driver where you want to go and what you want to see and he arranges the day for you.

Bali Swing – This was OK. If you have the time or want the famous Instagram picture then go but if you’re not that bothered then don’t go out of your way. You have a couple of pushes on various swings and that it is. Everyone is just trying to get that money shot pic and it’s quite of an eye roll. You get ‘lunch’ included in the price but it’s not great, I didn’t get food poisoning butttttt i’d rather of not had it.



Taman Ayun Temple – I mean, it’s nice but it just wasn’t a highlight for me. Again, I wouldn’t go out of my way for this one. All temples look the same to be honest and you will see a fair few around Bali.


Besugul Lake Beratan – This is worth visiting. A lovely water temple with beautiful tranquil settings. It gets busy but you just have to be patient.



Rice Terrace – Jatiluwih – I would probably say all of the terraces I’ve researched this had to be the best and it was incredible,. You can spend a good hour or so here walking around exploring, it’s pretty significant for a rice terrace.




Monkey Forest is a must. The monkeys are there by choice and have the freedom to go absolutely anywhere in Ubud but they all congregate in this area, they built the forest around the monkeys. I was scared to be honest so couldn’t wait to get out of it but it was an amazing experience (don’t swing your water bottle about – put all of your belongings in a bag and keep it close)



Ubud Market was basically a day out for me. I got SOOOO many things and still wish I got more at the end of it. You can’t not go it’s so big and so wonderful. Make sure you haggle because the Balinese take the p*ss with prices… trust me it’s daunting but when they’re trying to sell you a dress for £40 you simply have to say no. Hustle!

Sunrise Trek – Mt Batur (Volcano) This was intense… by all means it was more than worth it but it isn’t for the faint hearted. I don’t care what you read anywhere else this is hard and not a stroll in the park. I consider myself pretty fit as i’m very active but this was on another level. Climbing 1,717 m up at 4am still dark is a struggle, it’s like a never ending path of steep rubble. The view from the top is exceptional and probably one of the best spots you’ll find for a sunrise. Getting down was 10x worse and much more scarier. I couldn’t stand for longer than 0.5 seconds without tumbling down on my backside (I really hurt myself to be honest)
No photos or videos would ever do this experience justice, it really is a bucket list moment and I am really glad I pushed myself through the entire thing.





Ubud is the go to place for spas and relaxation there’s plenty of options so you literally need to take your pick and enjoy the experience wherever you go. I would highly recommend going for an entire afternoon and do the whole ‘flower bath, body scrub & massage’ kind of thing.

Gili T

Matching bicycles with baskets are absolutely fabulous. You have to hire a bike here as there’s no other transport (apart from horse and carriage but let’s all pretend this isn’t an option) It’s so much fun going around the island and much more convenient than being on foot all of the time.




Gili T was in my top 3 destinations to eat, every meal we had was spot on. You’ll see in my previous post where I ate just so you can add it to your ‘go-to’ list or on your own recommendations.

Snorkeling in turtle bay is just so therapeutic. I’m actually scared of the sea but I didn’t want to leave once I got into the swing of things. You can also go on snorkel tours and go to different locations between the Gili Islands. Don’t miss this

Relax at Peal of Trawangan as well as dining in the evening this is a great spot for day time chills and drinks.


Sunsets here are special.. take your pick of where you’d like to go. When you get to the sunset point of the island you have plenty of beach bars to situate yourself. I think we tried everyone but they are all just gorgeous. You’ll find decorative swings, lanterns, bean bags, tables and whatever else you’d need for the ultimate sunset picture.


Nusa Penida

Explore the islands but please be safe – Choose the tours for days out. You can hire a ped and use it to get from A-B in the day time but you have to be SOOOO careful. After dark I wouldn’t even bother.
I wasn’t aware of how dangerous it actually was here, as a developing island they’ve not got any safety precautions at all. The roads are just rubble & you have some significant sheer drops off cliffs at 80% of the journey. I hate to be negative but just google ‘Nusa Penida accidents’

We attempted to go Kelingking beach on our peds (it was like a 90 min trip) we got 20 minutes in and turned back, it was not enjoyable and nowhere near safe at all. We went back to our guesthouse and booked a driving tour for the following morning.  I think we just used ‘Pendia Tours’ and our driver was fantastic. You will pay a set price and will only have your travel party in that one vehicle

You can do different tours but we chose the West tour and it was just breathtaking…




Clean up the beach 

You can and should defo do this too… we did it in our own time just picking up rubbish along the front and it was very satisfying. After all we’ve all got to make this movement together. Penida Colada restaurant actually offers bags for you to collect rubbish and with every full bag you get a free coffee.

Afternoons down at Crystal Bay – this was a highlight for me here, it’s Sunset/Palm tree dream down here and absolutely gorgeous. Pick up a drink on the beach, sit back and wait for the sun to go down.

(I am being very honest when I say Nusa Penida wasn’t the best, it has some wow moments and probably fine to go to if you’re a backpacker travelling but whilst it’s a developing island I would probably give it a miss)


There’s not much to do in Uluwatu other than pig out. At this point we were over sight seeing and temples so we just chilled the F out & enjoyed it just like that.


We hired a moped here again as it was the best way to get about, we beach hopped one day and finished up at the ‘Single Fin’ sunset bar to have a cocktail and enjoy the incredible views.


You MUST Stay at ‘Gravity Hotel’ – We actually spent a lot of our time here as it’s the perfect place to unwind, relax and take in all the surroundings. You can see in my ‘Where to stay’ post and read up about it there.


Potato Head Beach club was a great spot to snack and drink. They’ve got such a broad range of cocktails to choose from, just don’t expect Bali prices here but do expect Sydney/London kind of prices – You get what you pay for.

SO many food spots again, sorry I know it’s an overload but what else do you focus your holiday around because mines simply based on food itself. Seminyak was tasty!



Beach Day & Bintangs – Seminyak was again our place to just breathe – No plans were made we just wanted to take everything in our stride. A beach day on some bean bags, people watchings and clinging Bintang radlers.


Thank you for joining me on the final part of my ‘Best Of Bali’ posts. I’ve covered where to stay, where to eat and drink and what to see/do. I hope you could take something from it and enjoy your trip just as much I did.

Please do comment your own recommendations and experiences, I’d love to know more for next time (if possible)

Where’s on your travel list for 2019?

Thank you for keeping with me, I have some really exciting plans for 2019 in regards to Eyeful-Events blog; travel, lifestyle motivation & events. I can’t wait to give it my all and share every second with you.

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7 thoughts on “What to Do/See – Best of Bali #3

  1. Thanks for these amazing tips! I’ve heard that you should hire a driver – how do you get one? Does the hotel provide one for you? You said you had the number of one…. I was looking on the Hire Bali Drivers but they were mainly tours. I’m going there in June and would love to get one.

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    1. Hello 🙂 !!

      I’m glad you like the post… So I booked a driver to pick us up from the airport when we actually booked the flight & then when he got us we asked if he would drive us about for the trip and he did, we just had to give him notice where and when we wanted to go

      I would defo recommend going, i’m more than happy to give you his number (private message only, @beckyrosecarver insta or twitter) x x x

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