My Christmas, This Christmas


One minute I’m forcing the Christmas spirit but the next I’ve forgotten that it’s even round the corner. It’s officially December and for me it’s just not like any other I’ve experienced before. If you’ve been following me before you’ll know that I’ve been travelling for the last 9 months and I’ve finally planted my roots in Sydney, Australia.

I am NOT going home for Christmas and I’m just not quite sure what to think of this right now. This generally is the best time of year for me, I love everything from the winter wardrobe, cosy nights in, winter wonderland and all the little festivities that come with the Christmas season. Most of all I love the food, god I really love the food.

I’ve been in-between ideas for my Christmas post this year as it’s not the usual traditional winter one I’d have back in London so thought I would give you a little pick’n’mix post. I’ll be giving you an insight to how my first Christmas away from home will be spent, What I love about this season and my ‘current favourites’ for stocking filler/gift ideas with only a few weeks to go…If you’re anything like me and leave things to the very last-minute then I hope this might help,


First Christmas Away from home

What are my plans?

I think there will be a heavy consumption of alcohol over the next few weeks lets put it that way, I’m very lucky to be the other side of the world with my partner but also have a lot of friends here too which obviously calls for a massive celebration.

It’s not about gifts for me, I don’t care about the material things at the best of times let alone Christmas. Seeing as we haven’t started working yet we decided to do ‘Stocking fillers’ for each other with a $100 budget. (Rj if you’re reading this I would like a book/perfume/diary – one page per day kind of one & notepad, oh maybe some bits from Lush & The Body Shop)

I’ll be loading up on the Christmas Movies, preferably 1 a day leading up to the big day itself. I want to watch all of the classics starting with Miracle on 34th Street, Elf & The Santa Clause.

I want us to do a lot of baking & decorating – how bloody adorable am I? My partner and I in the kitchen decorating a ginger bread house with jingle bells in the background (Living) – I love to bake and never rarely do it so I would like to use some of this time to get creative in the kitchen… My friends are in for a treat.

I will most defo be getting together with friends on Christmas Day, we’re planning to head down to the beach (I can’t even imagine what this is going to be like) but then I believe we will be having a party which is just an excuse for the alcohol as always.

The big finale, the most important part – the best dinner of the year. Where’s the old girl when you need her? Mumm!

I’m thinking a Christmas platter, there’s no way on earth I’ll be slaving over a roast dinner when its 40 degrees outside. I want it to consist of various cheeses, crackers & different pickles, Pate & chutney, Sausage meat stuffing balls (classic & ultimate fave) pigs in blankets, Olives, Home made sausage rolls, Cold meats & maybe do some roast potatoes because I’m pretty good at them…

To me this is the perfect Christmas with the surroundings and resources I have. I can’t wait to actually bring you all along with me on my little experience – You’ll be sure to see it all through my Instagram stories. I can’t help but have FOMO about what’s happening at home though.

Christmas in the UK – What I Love


I just love being in London and oddly enough really appreciate the cold winter weather, I love a winter wardrobe and all the cosy scarves hats and gloves.
For as long as I can remember I’ve gone Winter Wonderland every Christmas – at least 2x in the same month. I love the Christmas lights and decorations along Oxford St, Regent St & even Carnaby St. I love sipping on either baileys hot chocolate and mulled wine, getting lost in-between the Christmas trees at Broadgate Circle winter forest. The endless date nights with friends and family eating everything in sight but most of all I love being around the people I love enjoying that incredible buzz around the festive season.

I cannot wait to have my own home and host Christmas day at mine, I’ll be extra as f with the decor & table settings. I just want everyone to be together and not in different places. I’d probably have the whole team contribute towards to final meal as the thought of cooking for more than 3 people sends my anxiety through the roof. You know what I mean?



My Advice at Christmas…


Don’t stress it. Christmas isn’t about breaking the bank nor is it having to make sure you provide something for every family member & friend in your group chat. Unfortunately I love to give during this season but it’s impossible for me to actually buy for everyone and get it sent back to the UK, I’m not working so I’m living on a very strict budget.

Handmade/personalised gifts mean the most to me and probably do to all of you too. Remember this. Hampers are the perfect ‘last min’ gifts, you can have whatever budget that suits you and work around that. You know the person you’re buying for more than anyone, think about all of their interests and hobbies and put together a few things that they’ll use and really appreciate and there you have it, a perfect present.


Don’t burn yourself out, whether it’s from working overtime this season or going out & drinking too much. Give yourself down time and a whole lot of pampering and tlc. I always seem to get unwell in December but it’s probably because I work harder, drink harder and stress harder. You don’t need to try and do everything.

Hangover tips

Take some paracetamol before bed
Drink a pint of water (try drink a glass of water after every drink too)
Eat before you go out and try eat out too
When you initially wake up with a cracking head, get up right away; shower & go for a brisk walk.


I don’t mean to sound like an old woman but don’t spend every penny over December…Set some money aside for the New Year as we all know that next pay-day comes around soooo slowly. I’ve made that mistake many of times and I know plenty of us do, don’t struggle just save a little extra to get you through the festive blues.

Declutter NOW

Have a clear out of all of your belongings, get rid of all the things you do not want or no longer need. If they’re in good condition take them to your local charity/homes. There’s plenty of people who would appreciate this so make sure you do it!

What do you love about Christmas? Have you spent any away from home – if so what did you do? 

I would love for you to comment below.
Thank you for reading…

All my Love, Becky x

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