Eating & Drinking – Best of Bali Part #2

Is it really a holiday if your most memorable moments aren’t around the f word? Yep you guessed it, Food! Well of course not, if you’re not on the same page as me then you probably need to close the tab on this one because it’s a heavy dose of grub.

If you haven’t already checked out my last post ‘Where to stay – Best of Bali Part #1’ then go do so right now. I wanted to follow up the accommodation post with my favourite food stops as my trip was heavily focused on the consumption of food and alcohol, so in order to complete the ‘What to do/see’ post which will be next, this needed to be done first. I will only talk about my top spots in each place as it will get over the bloody top so please do feel free to contact me for more recommendations if need be.

Key Word : Warung ‘ Is a type of small family business in Indonesian terms (Cafe/restaurant)

Fact : If ‘Bali Belly’ wants you, it will have you. I was incredibly cautious and I still managed to get extremely poorly.  I wasn’t well for 3/4 days so it may have been poisoning – AVOID water washed foods like salads, be sensible when choosing between meat/fish dishes   (I ate a lot more fish and vegetarian foods)

The following is in order of my particular trip, I will clarify where I loved the most in terms of eating and drinking when concluding the post, you’ll probably be able to tell where I preferred anyhow…



Ithaka Warung

This was the first place I ate in Bali and it certainly set the bar high in terms of quality and quantity standard. I really enjoyed the food here – it was a very intimate Warung but I believe it has very recently moved to a bigger spot nearby. Ideal for dinner and I think many people would agree, I’d suggest booking ahead!


Crate Cafe

Probably the MOST talked about brunch spot in Canggu. I was unfortunately very unwell when I ate here so I didn’t go for anything spectacular 😦 Crate cafe is one of those ‘creative insta places’ there’s a fantastic menu to choose from with funny names and well decorated dishes. I think there will be something for everyone here.


In The Raw

Everything here is vegan/vegetarian friendly, it’s delightfully healthy and real good food for the soul. I really enjoyed our choice of food but surprisingly so did my partner. There’s plenty to choose from in terms of food and drink, The juices are delicious and nutritious.




Finns Beach Club


The Lawn
Echo Beach
Old Mans
Pretty Poison

There are more places to eat/drink in Canggu than you could probably imagine, it would be impossible to get through them all especially if you’re on holiday but I would recommend trying your hardest to do so. There were a few other spots that did fantastic traditional asian food but silly me didn’t take note – don’t be afraid of going to the ‘less popular’ places because sometimes they’re actually the best.



This was an accidental spot as we just passed by, the restaurant was SO busy so we dived right in. They had a great variety on the menu so you’ll defo find something you like, I later discovered this to be a ‘go to’ spot in Ubud – I would say it’s perfect for lunch or dinner.

When I was in Ubud I was still really unwell so I actually ate in my hotel 75% of the time, don’t get me wrong the food and settings at The Alena Resort is to die for so I don’t feel as though I missed out… there are many places to choose from in Ubud but unfortunately I’m not able to assist much on this one!



Gili T

Casa Vintage – Beach

Not to be missed. This was the furthest part of the island I reached on Gili T and am I glad? Yes. It really is a wonderful gem to relax/drink and most importantly eat. I arrived here just after sunset and it was just beautiful, the detailed decor and an amazing bonfire to complement the dining experience on the beach. The food is Jamaican inspired and is absolutely delicious, it has to be one of my favourite meals of the whole trip (fab atmosphere)





Peal Of Trawangan

Best day drinking and Sun bathing spot, best lunch & another delicious dinner. I spent a lot of time here as I chilled on their beach beds throughout the day. It’s hard to miss the luxury looking bamboo space so you’ll be sure to spot it when passing by. The cocktails were my favourite. It’s not the cheapest spot but it’s really not expensive either. It really is a treat and the staff make it that little more inviting.





My favourite place to lunch and have a few cocktails. I didn’t come here in the evenings but it was always really busy so be sure to come here at some point during your trip – The best strawberry daiquiri & they do happy hours.


I have to admit that reflecting on my time in Bali, Gili T was probably the number 1 spot for the food and drink. I enjoyed EVERYTHING about every meal I had here and everywhere we sat to drink was just really wonderful. This is a great place to catch incredible sunsets so make sure you go to the beach bars – Malibu Beach bar was lovely but you also had tonnes of other places where there were sea swings and beautifully lit lanterns and music to create a romantic environment.


Nusa Penida


The best spot for me on this beautiful island. The restaurant is extremely clean and well kept, The owners were Balinese & German (Sweet little family) & the staff were really lovely. All of the food is fresh and dependent on whats in season – The Tuna Steak & Pesto pasta was to die for.


Penida Colada

This was lovely for a lunch and cocktail whilst overlooking the beautiful sea. They also had great coffee. They also have bags available where you can go collect a bag of rubbish from the beach and get a free coffee, how amazing is that?



Penida Espresso

The best breakfast spot (banana pancakes) & a splendid list of hot/cold drinks. It was pretty busy every time we went so make sure you go grab a seat!

The hardest place to eat but we got there in the end. There’s nowhere near as many places to eat/drink as it’s very up and coming, the locals even said how much has changed on the island and how many more tourists have started to visit over the last year alone so don’t expect to have loads of options… There are plenty of Warungs on Nusa Pendia but its completely up to you what you’d rather go for.



Rolling Fork

Wow. Dinner of dreams. We really loved it here and took advantage of the happy hour cocktails. The Rolling Fork is a beautiful setting in a quiet spot. You’d be a fool to miss this one. It’s of course an Italian restaurant because of the fantastic name (couldn’t get enough of it) but I opted for the salmon because I was dying for it… very worthy.


Suka Espresso

Number 1 lunch stop. This was one of the best recommendations I had. When I arrived it was busy and it was every time we passed by in the morning/afternoon & evening. A fantastic selection of food and drinks – I recommend having the lamb wrap & one of  their fresh juices just like I did.


Single Finn

Sunset – Cocktails & Snacks. You need to get here at a decent time to get a ‘front row’ seat of the sunset but wherever you sit you can see it. The cocktails were delicious and we had to get a few bar snacks to go along with it. You really have to catch the view from here – If you’re like me and need music to go along with it then this is the one.


Another top spot for food and drink – Fantastic location for ‘Sundays Beach Club & Omni’ which are extremely popular to drink drink and drink. There’s not much more to do in Uluwatu so make sure it’s worth visiting by going to these places.



There’s a Moana in Canggu too & every time I went in it was fully booked but I managed to come here in Seminyak and it was worth the wait. It’s a beautiful fish restaurant with only wine on the drink list – the decor and every bit of detail is adorable and you really get a feel for Hawaii ‘Moana’





Bo & Bun

Literally next door to Moana, You’ll find a lovely relaxed setting for a wonderful asian dinner. I really enjoyed it here – plenty to choose from and the best mojitos. Another popular spot in Seminyak.

The Dusty Cafe

The trendiest cafe. The theme is rustic and chilled whilst It showcases exciting images of ‘Burning Man Festival’ I wish I discovered it a little sooner into my time in Seminyak as I would’ve come here more than once. Amazing Mocha to compliment the best brunch.



Coffee Cartel

The fun one. The most instagramable one too… Yes I had my name put onto a coffee because why the hell not? I had to and you’re crazy if you don’t. Top ratings for the food and fresh juices here.




Motel Mexicola

The most necessary dining/drinking experience in Seminyak. You’ll defo hear about it or read about it at some point. They promote a ‘shared’ meal kind of thing but I would recommend just getting your own meals as I don’t think it was worth the money and the dishes wouldn’t have been my first choice.
It’s pretty wild but so fun. The music is so loud & everyone is just having a great time – later in the evening they have a dj & dance floor but in-between meals the occasional sing-a-long or dance would happen. Good to start your night out.



Potato Head Beach Club

& I quote their tagline ‘A destination for Good Times’ – I completely agree with this one too. We had a fantastic day here. We got a day bed with a minimum spend and it was worth every penny.




Food is Mood

I’ve made it to the end. You might now think I’m the biggest pig on the planet after all of that but it’s all in moderation – All of the walking/swimming/dancing/cycling you do when you’re away it’s important to eat well (3 course meal and drinks type of well)

My top favourite places for food and drinks would be Seminyak/Uluwatu, Gili T & Canggu. They had an exceptional amount of spots for everyone to enjoy depending on your preferred ‘feels’ but nowhere was just for ‘certain’ person, it was for all and that’s what made each place so wonderful.

I hope you enjoyed my food adventure – If there’s anywhere in Bali you’ve been and loved then comment below! I would love to see you all in the comments anyhow, It’s time to catch up with my readers

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