Only Boring People Get Bored

You need to ask yourself if you’re actually bored or if you’re fed up of doing nothing but the same thing day in and out, scrolling through social media dreaming of what could be – comparing and watching other peoples lives go by rather than actually doing those things for yourself?

We’ve all seen the quote ‘only boring people get bored’ at some point in our life because well…it’s true. I am sometimes boring myself and I’m happy to admit that because it doesn’t actually mean I’m personally bored. There are times I want be horizontal for the day wrapped up in my duvet, snacking and watching films and consuming most of my time chatting to my friends on the phone, trust me I’m far from bored in this moment I embrace it all. I can honestly say I just don’t get bored, I always have something to occupy my time so here are some of my top tips to supress that ‘blerrgh I’m bored’ feels.

Make Plans / Set Goals

 This will always be on my list of recommendations for everything. It is SO important to do this so you’ve got something to work toward. You must have life plans especially when you start adulting. Once plans are made and goals have been set you’re able to do things everyday (or when you can) to make them happen. I have a detailed 5 year plan that I go by and I make short term plans, weekly/monthly/yearly.

My long term plans are around my dream business, travels and first home project. Short term plans are usually to do with getting blog posts out on time and building my network/social profiles. I do a lot of reading and research in my spare time that contributes towards all of my bigger plans.

Catch up with your to do list

 We all have a to do list of some sort that needs doing, so just do it. re-write everything on one page (or a white board if you have one), do the quickest and easiest things first and then let the rest follow. Make sure you highlight and tick off everything as you go along.

 Arrange a date with a friend/family member

Everyone has a busy schedule as you get older so it’s understandably difficult to catch up with friends and even family. Make plans to meet up with them, even if it’s visiting them in the comfort of their home or popping out for drink or a little bit of lunch.


 Take yourself for a coffee/dinner

There’s nothing I personally love more than a little bit of alone time, I love to take myself out on a little date, I often take my Macbook with me to do some reading/blogging (not a necessity of course) just take a seat by the window and watch the world go by. This goes well with a recent post of mine, ‘act like an extrovert, think like an introvert’ alone time is very much needed, however you decide to spend that time is completely up to you…does anyone else take themselves on a date?!

Go explore

Whilst being away I’ve realised how important it is to just get up and go do something. I’ve never really explored whilst being at home unless it’s around London, I know it like the back of my hand.

Pin point a new spot on a map and Jump on a train to the destination, get in your car (have a road trip with people), do whatever out of your home town. I have massively taken my spare time for granted back at home and never explored what’s around me. The weekends/days off I’ve had are never really spent doing anything different. I strongly advice you do this!

Get up early, make a picnic and get moving.


Find a hobby & work on your hobby

 We’re all extremely different and have our very own interests so I can’t really suggest any specifc hobbys for YOU, you’ll have to discover them for yourself. Finding something you’re good at and investing your extra time into it is possibly the best thing for you to prevent boredom. The second you stop loving what you do then it’s not worth doing anymore so make sure it’s something exciting and fulfilling for you.

There’s a hobby for anyone, whether it’s writing, taking photos, being a critic, painting, decorating, sports or playing an instrument.

Just relax and time time out for yourself – Come Away from Social Media

Finding yourself on social media can be extremely boring, You will sit and look at the same thing day in and out and it takes up a large part of your day so let me tell you now, you’re not bored you’re just not using your time wisely. Stop. Get away from the gram, tweets and snapchats. You gain much more time when you put down the phone and you don’t find yourself trapped in the social anxiety limbo, has anyone ever achieved something by doing this. Have a pamper night with yourself or with others, indulge yourself in some of your beauty products from The Body Shop (This goes out to guys and girls) do some reading, put on a film, put a little effort into that hobby ^

 Have a clear out

Don’t wait for that spring clean. Have a de-clutter and clear out your life. You’ll be surprised with how much rubbish/unneeded things you accumulate over a short period of time so do it every 2-3 months. Top to bottom, draw to door.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my top recommendations to banish the boredom, please feel free to comment your thoughts and suggestions so others can read those too!

Love B x

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