Travel Bucket List

I’ve certainly caught a serious case of the travel bug even still whilst I’m travelling, I often sit here and think of ways I can see, live and experience all these amazing places at least once a year without financially stumping myself.
There’s no harm in getting them all listed so I can consistently manifest these little dream  locations of mine by sitting on TripAdvisor researching all the hotels/restaurants and experiences for me to do. I love backpacking but I really want to do all of this with a little luxury; nice hotels, good food (not the things you usually get as a backpacker) The list I have created is my priority list, the places id like to visit the most within the next few years. This post will simply consist of the different places, some of the things I want to do there and why… with handpicked Pinterest photos, I hope you enjoy.


My Travel Bucket List

South East Asia
(Bali, Malaysia, Philippines,Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam)

Undoubtedly South East Asia is one of the most popular destinations in the world for people to go on holiday or consistently travel around with their backpack. Whilst I’m in Australia it would be so rude of me not to have little bursts of holidays to all of these destinations as they are so close.

I want to go for the amazing weather, culture, bucket list ticks, sun sets, views, shopping in the markets, colours and most certainly the spa’s… I’ve always imagined going to these places and really get involved with the locals. Learn to cook with them and have a feel for their lifestyle, even wear their clothes.


Holbox – Mexico

I’ve only ever met 1 person that know’s about Isla Holbox and that’s the person that introduced me to it and my goodness am I glad! It looks incredible. It’s famous for the flamingos, Colourful buildings, unique water, sandy streets, golf cart transportation and hammocks/swings in the ocean   and of course incredible hotels. Need I say anymore?

I would LOVE to stay in Punta Caliza Hotel, I mean if I’m going to do it I’ve got to do it properly.



My ULTIMATE dream is to hire a mustang convertible and drive around the USA to get the full American experience. There’s so many places I would like to go but here’s a few.

California, Arizona, NYC, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas and HAWAII!

I want to have the most Instagramable journey, eat the biggest burgers (Even though I’m trying to become a veggie, Stride over Hollywood walk of fame, brunch in Beverly Hills, go shopping in New York, Experience Havasu Falls and most certainly have my dream honeymoon in Hawaii and be greeted by people in hula skirts and Pina coladas)


Fiji Islands

Although there are hundreds of Fiji islands I just want to go and experience at least one.
I would go for the complete zen experience but of course I would love to go and get lost in the nature, chase waterfalls, go snorkelling, experience historic villages.



I haven’t done much of Europe at all, I’ve taken it for granted that’s for sure considering it’s so accessible to us back home in England. I would like to see more of Italy as Rome stole my heart, parts of Greece must be seen like Mykonos and Santorini, Monaco, Amsterdam, Czech Republic and of courseeeee Switzerland. With that being said, there’s a lot of places on our little island that I haven’t seen or experienced – I would LOVE to go Lake District.


Caribbean Islands

Okay, Get me to Cuba ASAP. That beautiful architecture and the old-fashioned whips are out of this world – I want to see it all in real. I’ve heard nothing but wonder things about the Caribbean so I’d be crazy to not want to go. Imagine I almost applied to work in the famous Sandal Resort for a placement year at university but I didn’t…anyway, I’d love to go Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad to experience the food, music, carnivals, people, luxurious resorts and the adventure.



Do I really have to justify this one? I don’t think so.
But I will… Pure relaxation, views, underwater life experience and to literally live like a princess.


South Africa – Safari

This isn’t even an option, it’s a outdoor wildlife adventure. A safari has always been a dream of mine and it’s something I know I’ll do at some point in the next few years. I adore these animals and I’d do anything to see them in their home. If anyone has done a safari before then please comment your experience!


South America

Part of me would like to backpack South America but part of me is a little scared to after hearing it’s not safe enough to do it alone (if anyone thinks otherwise then let me know!) I will see all I want to see in South America even if I end up doing 3 week holidays here and there… I could go on forever about the things I’d like to do here but it really speaks for itself. I’ve got an entire bucket list for this place in itself, I’m just completely fascinated – Lonely Planet highlights all of the things that have drawn me into it.


New Zealand

I’m not a fan of the cold weather but after seeing 2 girls I met travelling go to New Zealand in the winter has massively inspired me to go and do the same..they’ve told me it’s the best thing they’ve done. An insane experience to have under your wing that’s for sure, I’ve been looking to do the Kiwi Experience but I’m also happy winging it so I can go enjoy hot tubs overlooking views like this one.


I’ve overlooked this post loads now and it’s really making me excited for all of the experience I will be embarking on in my lifetime, some of these may be typical for a bucket list but how can you resist!

I want to know what’s on yours, Please comment with your dream destinations and a little reason as to why… I look forward to hearing from you – you may inspire more for me and other readers so share the love!

Thank you for reading – My love, B x

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17 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List

  1. I went Amsterdam last year ans loved it! The people there are really relaxed and are happy to live in the city and country in general. You definitely need to see the I Amsterdam sign and canals when you get there.

    You’ve got so much you want to explore it’s truly absurd. Hope you get to tick off everything.

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures


    1. Yesss everyone loves it! I had it booked up last year but never went – I ended up going Portugal instead for a festival.

      I don’t think absurd is the right word to use? it’s absolutely possible I’m only 23 and have a lifetime ahead of me to travel… considering I’m doing part south east Asia in a few months and Fiji and New Zealand next year alone just proves it’s not absurd… how can we not invest our money into these experiences

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  2. Norway- Christmas time they have fairs and markets. They also have a north pole where you can meet Father Christmas then go see the Northern lights. I would love to take Rylee there.


    1. Yayyyy, I hope you make it there soon… I’m going Bali in a few months I’m so bloody excited. I am incredibly jealous you’ve been to South Africa, thanks for commenting lovely x x x


    1. Hello lovely…
      I know right, I just want to see it all now!
      I LOVE that…I’d love to go LA so I’m super jealous. I’ve been to Paris and it is amazing, the food is GOOD and so it the shopping experience haha

      x x x x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. These are really some great places to go and visit! Several of them are for sure on my bucket list too although at the moment oversea travels seems like a pipe dream for various reasons haha


  4. This is such an amazing list of places Becky! It makes me wanna travel and see more of the world. I’d love to see more of SE Asia too, especially Bali! I went to Thailand a few years ago and absolutely loved it there. Yay for Greek islands too. I’m hoping to go to Mykonos sometime this year. Thank you for sharing, loved reading this post ❤ xx

    Bexa |


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