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As a lifestyle blogger I’m here to give you all the little things I love in my life. The things that make my life a little better, the things that please me, educate me, relax me, make me feel good… you name it. I don’t often make these kind of posts and now I’m questioning myself as to why? I’m going to make it my mission here right now to experiment with lifestyle newness every month so I can report back to you right here.

Of course there’s so much to love that hasn’t got a price tag on it, it’s not all about material things for me, it’s what will benefit me in some kind of way.  I appreciate the smallest things in my life so I don’t need to wait to buy a new item of clothing or bit of make-up to share these kind of posts with you (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just don’t do it much)

I’ve set out this post to keep it short informative and sweet.

I’m going to start with my current lifestyle routine; I love to wake up early in the morning, go for a jog (mostly a power walk) for half an hour then come back to my farm house and enjoy breakfast on the porch. I don’t know what it is but it just starts the day right. Clearing my mind in the fresh air.


 I’ve used Moonpig for years now but since being away from home it’s been so so nice and refreshing to be able to still have my personalised touch when sending my family and friends cards and gifts from the other side of the world straight to their doorstep. I like to plaster my face over a birthday card just so they don’t forget me, do you see what I mean? I love that I can get a fast reliable service when it comes down to the special little touches that I cant make whilst I’m not there.



Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 19.37.36.png

I have always loved Lush Cosmetics ever since I was introduced to the place, of course it started with the bath bombs but I’ve got a lot of love for their skin care products now, I’m completely obsessed with everything and would love nothing more than to have it all… I was on the hunt for a nice mask that I could use once a week to illuminate and wake up my tired skin, I am currently loving and using ‘Cup O’ Coffee’  & everyday (AM & PM) I use ‘Breath of Fresh Air – Toner Spray’ I live for it!!

Girl Boss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

I was on the hunt for a really good postcast when I come across Girl Boss Radio – I’m in the midst of working towards my second year visa in Australia working on a farm, in a packing shed…(I’ll save this for another post) but anyway I have a lot of spare time that I want to speed up.
Girl Boss radio is everything I was looking for and more, I’m literally not wanting to finish it but cant stop listening… every show has a female ‘girl boss’ they talk about everything from motivation, starting out, their career and everything in-between and of course their ‘Girl Boss’ moment of the week.
The women featured are extremely successful in their own way, extremely inspiring and uplifting – most of all motivating.
Every episode makes me think about my own goals and how I’m going to get their with the amazing advice and tips I hear from listing to these amazing women. I highly recommend you go check it out! (Download for free on iTunes)


(One of the most amazing people I’ve met through blogging, she’s so amazing at what she does and she is always willing to help and support me and others)
(I come across Sophie’s blog recently and just loved her blog, it’s like a breath of fresh air)
(This is a friend of mines blog, she runs ‘Girls That Grow’ which is a female empowerment group, everything about it is just incredible and I’m so proud of her for creating something so amazing, I cannot wait for future collaborations)
(Since travelling I’ve just warmed to travel bloggers, I get so inspired and excited when I see others write about their journeys and Abbie has a wonderful travel and lifestyle blog)


You Me Her


First They Killed My Father

The Family

The Boss

I watch something different on Netflix every night but these are my most recent watches that I actually LOVED. If anyone has any recommendations please leave a comment below

Instagram Accounts I LOVE

Zoe has the most beautiful insta feed. It’s just such a bright happy place made up of her wonderful family

MY babe. Her photos are always gorgeous, her stories are always hilarious and she’s just a down right great human

Maria is SO talented and creative, I enjoy seeing her photos on my feed and seeing what she creates. She’s also a 2018 blogosphere beauty finalist yay proud.

She’s just hot. I love seeing her on my feed because she’s so positive and lovable, she adores her partner and now they’ve got a baby on the way, can I be excited for them? eek

I love Samantha’s feed, she’s such an inspiration to us ALL



I hate to admit that I was never a fan of Drake when I was about 15 and now I would like to make a public apology for that, Drake if you read this.. I love you and I am sorry.
He just get’s it, get’s us all and speaks whatever we are thinking, I have listened to his album – Scorpion start to finish on loop the last few days and I will continue to do so as it’s just a masterpiece and a summary of how we’re all living in 2018.

Last but not least, I am currently loving that I got put on the ‘Best Travel Blogs 2018’ so I would be forever thankful if you could help a dream and vote for me, all you have to do is click the link and the + button once you’re in. You can find all of my recent travel posts here.

That’s me officially done with my ‘currently loving’ post, Thank you for reading, hopefully you’ve taken something from it either for yourself or someone you know.
I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend and set yourself up for a great week ahead.
Please do COMMENT below, start a chat or give me a low down of your current faves

Love B x

Twitter : @beckyrosecarver
Lifestyle Instagram – @beckyrosecarver 
Event Instagram – @eyefuleventsx




4 thoughts on “Currently Loving

    1. Hello Lovely!

      Thank you this is too sweet 🙂

      Yessss I know, I love Moonpig cards too they’re so lovely and more so lately ( I think they upgraded ) but they have beautiful cards!!

      x x x x


    1. Hello lovely!

      Thank you so much for the comment, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it..

      It’s great once you’re into it – it helps you out so much it’s a great thing to include in the routine

      I’ll go check your blog now !

      Becky x


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