Baby Steps : Becoming More Eco-Friendly

I’d be lying if I said I was 100% eco-friendly so there’s part of me that feels as though I shouldn’t be preaching this but at the same time the points I’ll be listing are the things I either do or the things I’m gradually starting to implement into my day-to-day life. I can admit that I’ll never probably do enough as there’s just some things that are out of my control bu that’s just the way it is, I can’t help but have to use public transport and a car to get to and from places, I cant help that the food I eat or the products I use have certain ingredients that aren’t great BUT I will vouch to be more careful with what I buy and always get a better alternative if I can.

As I get older I feel more in touch with the world, more than ever. I appreciate my surroundings, my health, other people, the environment, the ocean, the streets, local businesses you name it, I’m here for it. Since I’ve been travelling I’ve fallen in love with the world and I feel so lucky to be on this adventure, I’ve learnt so much and picked up many little life hacks along the way that are not only eco-friendly but actually good for your health and quite frankly expenditure. This is all part of growing up as the 12-year-old me wouldn’t have cared if the plastic rubbish went in the food bin or if I left half of my food on the dinner plate and certainly wouldn’t have paid attention to what was in the beauty products I purchased.

Becoming More Eco-Friendly

Bars of Soap > Bottled Shower Gel

First on the list has to be the most relevant to me right now. When I started travelling I thought of a much better alternative to carrying around bottles of shower gel and re-buying a new one every couple of weeks…
What would be the cheapest but best option for me when it comes to shower time?

I purchased 5 bars of soap for a cheaper price than buying any bottle of shower gel and got a reusable container to put in the currently used bar. It depends how eco-friendly you want to go and what your budget is when buying the soaps because you can get really advanced natural ingredients or just your standard high street store purchases.

– This saves you from regularly re-buying plastic bottles
– Saves money – you get more for your washes over a longer period of time
– Depending how cautious you are with the ingredients, you’ll find others that are much nicer for your skin (less chemicals etc.)
– Saves space in your backpack (or suitcase)

Planning Meals

Planning meals and learning to cook with left overs. This is a big one for me as I believe this is something that needs to be discussed more often and taught much more whether its online or wherever. There’s a lot of negative attitude towards ‘healthy food costing a lot more money’which I don’t think is at all true. There are plenty of food markets in local areas and cheaper supermarkets to shop in and buy good healthy nutritious foods. I can assure you good healthy food is MUCH more beneficial for you than the one-off golden dinner meals that you’ll be happy to stick in your oven. It’s all about education and experimentation.

Good food that can be purchased in bulk can be cooked off and used in tonnes of different ways.
It is important to always plan your meals in advanced so you don’t over spend and over buy.
Depending on the dinners you make it is always good to store the left overs in containers to have for lunch the next day or for another dinner.
Make most of the refrigerator and freezer, Most foods can be kept for a lengthy amount of time once been cooked and froze whereas food stored in the fridge will last for a few days.
Be mindful when buying fruit and veg, if you can go to your local markets I would recommend doing so, it is MUCH cheaper than in the stores.

-You save money
-You save time
-You eat well..
-You wont have food waste.. especially meat and fish.
Ways of Eating Environmentally Friendly & Why

I did a little online snoop and found this helpful website called ‘Ivaluefood’ it gives you 10 creative ways to use left overs, straight to the point and very easy to do.

Stop Using Tampons (Ladies of course)

This is one of the things I need to start implementing into my life. Scrapping tampons and using the alternative menstrual cups.  I’ve heard good reviews from ladies that have done the switch and I’ve had a lot of women message me telling me they’d like to use it and asked if I could update them as of when I do finally make that change.

Tampons and other sanitary items are not disposable so of course are bad for the environment. Not only are they bad for the environment they are bad for you and your health, it doesn’t need to be proven that these little bits of material aren’t doing you any good but if you do want to research it then head to google, According to an article in the The Guardian companies are not obliged to include the ingredients they use in their sanitry products, Campaign for safe cosmetics also state that tampons have potential exposure to bleach, chemical fragrances and pesticides and many more harmful chemicals (can you believe we put this inside of us)

I am currently on the hunt for a recommended menstrual cup but in the mean time my relationship with tampons are on the rocks and pretty much over.

-You will save money
-Alternatives like a cup are much more hygienic
– Packaging and material to make tampons will be decline the more everyone changes over

-Better for the Environment

Reducing Plastic Purchases

Reducing plastic purchases is THE most common… think before you buy and take note of the packaging, I often find things like peppers wrapped in plastic, why? Just buy them loose. Whilst some places are doing the most to reduce packaging it’s in our duty to stop buying it too, try remember to take your plastic bags shopping. If you can choose an alternative without paying for the plastic then just get that instead.

Shampoo Bars & Other Naturally Made Beauty Products

This isn’t an ad it’s just something I live by and as a prime example of what I’m about to talk about. Lush Cosmetics.

Over a quarter of their products are ‘naked’products with no packaging what so ever. The packaging is recyclable & You can return your pots in store (5 clean empty pots) and get a free face mask in return – if that’s not a great incentive I don’t know what is , all of the pots are basically remade into new pots, check it out for yourself here, I’m not lying!


All of their cosmetics are animal cruelty free (hugs to them) not only is this great for us we just know the ingredients are good for us too. I am yet to give more a try but I’ve heard nothing but great things when it comes to their shampoo bars

-Cruelty free
-Little or no packaging
-Ethical buying for their ingredients
-Recyclable plastics
-Good for you products
-There’s something for everyone

Palm Oil Products

I was a little naive to this one until I come across an article online. I’ve done a little research and it seems that there’s Palm Oil in a lot of our day-to-day foods/products than we probably know or even realise.
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have outlined the impacts that are caused due to the high demand of Palm Oil and in 3 they cause Habitat Loss, Air Soil and Water pollution and Global warming. Isn’t it crazy how something seems so little but actually is quite significant. I think the only thing we can do in regards to this is be a little more cautious with what we buy and understand the ingredients we are consuming.

Recycle as much as possible

Last but certainly not least, Recycling as much as possible. We all know how to recycle and we all know what can/cannot be. I know back home in England we’re given a lot of support with recycling…we’re given different bins for food, cardboard/plastic and general waste. There are a lot of stations around areas that you can go to drop off unwanted clothes/furniture/glass you name it, there’s a place for it so again it makes recycling so much easier. However in Australia there doesn’t seem to be a recycling system like home and it is very annoying but keep it up and do your bit.

Check out more ways of becoming environmentally friendly

It doesn’t matter if you can only do a little it’s enough, one person at a time, one step at a time. It’s much more better to create a better environment for us all together for us now and future generations. You’d want to be part of that right?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, it’s not something I’d usually write about but it’s lifestyle and it’s for us all.

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What are your tips on becoming more eco-friendly? What do you do or what are you wanting to start doing? Comment below and start a chat, let everyone else know what can be done

Love B x

There are of course hundreds of things we can be doing to be more eco-friendly, as stated these are just baby steps. I don’t want to put anything onto people that they aren’t comfortable with. I am aware of the many things that cause a lot of issues and in fact I do  do more for myself but as a recommendation I will include extra links for more information about these issues for you to do your own research, I appreciate ALL feedback – there’s no harm for me to go and add to the post so please leave your suggestions below.

Factory Farming
I personally have a stronger voice in regards to this as it was/has been a massive lifestyle change for me, I drastically cut meat from my diet a little under a year ago and it’s done me more good than bad but I don’t feel I should influence what others should or should not eat. Like I said earlier in the post be cautious of what you buy and what you waste.

10 thoughts on “Baby Steps : Becoming More Eco-Friendly

  1. Love it,this is what we teach children in school, well majority of it, it makes you feel like like your doibg something for the environment xxxx


  2. I have a massive issue with any eco posts that don’t address factory farming, especially cows. It’s the leading cause of global warming and pollution and stopping or even cutting back meat consumption will make a massive difference. Consider it. x

    Rachel ||


    1. Hey! These are just baby steps into becoming more eco-friendly, I for one don’t really eat red meat I’m aware of the issues and causes but didn’t want to include anything to do with what food people should and shouldn’t eat as there’s always backlash from it… I think everyone’s at a point in their life where they should know where their food comes from now and if they don’t then it’s a shame, I’m happy to include it but I don’t want anyone feeling like they have another person telling them what to eat, on the other hand I completely agree with you there’s many things I do that are more eco-friendly it’s just a post for people that don’t do much at all that can start getting their foot in the door ✨🌍 thank you for the comment all feed back is very much appreciated.. I will certainly add some more bullet notes to the post where people can access more information to things like factory farming if they want to

      x x x x


  3. Love! Totally feel strongly about all of the above too.. I have been wanting to write something on a similar topic so this has totally just given me a bit more inspiration for it. Hope you’re enjoying the farm life – I feel like the agricultural work is a massive push in the right direction for becoming environmentally conscious! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you angel! Yay I cant wait to read, it’s important we do what we can (being away has made me very environmentally conscious) I feel like an adult!
      I’m enjoying the farm work, I have my off days but I really cannot complain

      I’ll message you soon for a catch up

      B x


  4. This is one of the most amazing posts I have read in a while, taking time to be holistic and looking at bigger picture is a big sign of great thinking. This is great , inspirational and worthy of reading


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