May Reflection

And now apparently we are half way through the year. I’m sorry but please can we just slow it down a little? I am not in any rush through this lifetime of mine & I think it’s unfair that I don’t have any control over how quick the time goes but whatever anyway, so far it’s been nice to look back at my monthly reflection post, we often take our small steps for granted & don’t realise how far you come in shorter time frames. This has certainly been a great motivational technique for me.

Now lets reflect back on the month of May.

May Reflection / Motivation

At the very end of May I officially started my regional work in Australia, this was one of my main goals as I wanted to get the ball rolling in regards to securing my second year visa. I cant wait to share this experience with you on a monthly basis so keep your eyes peeled! I have created a twitter thread that I update as much as possible so defo check that out too.


I got back my blogging mojo and my stats have improved! (Yay) Not that numbers matter but they matter to me, I like to know my followers and readers are there and I like to know whats of interest to them. I am excited about my fresh approach and I cant wait to share it all with you.

I wanted to refresh my memory whilst taking a ‘break’ before I get into my dream career, I want to keep everything I learnt fresh and all my creative ideas at a high so I started to listen to event management podcasts and I am loving it. I’ve now found loads of useful sites including blogs that will keep me well-informed.

May Highlights & The Things I Loved

Feeling like a responsible grown up by getting sketcher trainers for my own comfort benefit. This is probably the most random of them all… my mum swears by the comfort of these shoes and I used to refuse to even go in the store with her but well well wel… I actually went and got myself a pair for my regional work and they are delightful. Money well spent.

Booking a skydive & it being cancelled. I know it sounds a little weird but believe me I’m glad it did. I traveled all the way from Cairns BACK to Airlie Beach for the second time whilst travelling back down the East Coast. I insisted I go do a Sky-Dive there as the place is just beautiful…It was all planned; booked and paid for, I woke up early in the morning to go for it and it gets cancelled 10 mins before. Blessing in disguise maybe? it lead me onto a much different experience and one I am thankful for.

I ticked MORE of my bucket list…I don’t want to say too much but I am and will be posting about May’s travel experience in the next few days (after this post) I visited Whitsunday Island & Hamilton island in Airlie Beach…following this experience I went to Cairns & hired a car to do an all day drive around all different waterfalls, I got to see where Peter Andre filmed the one and only mysterious girl & where Herbal Essences filmed their famous hair flick advert.


If you read my April reflection post you’d of seen that I had a tea leaf reading, As a little update nothing new has seemed to make sense with what she said she could see in my leaves. There are a handful of things that I’ve been super curious about but so far nada… I still however want to go for a full on reading. Whats your thoughts on readings?

Goals for June

I want to make sure I start saving from my earnings, 500$ a week minimum. I desperately want to meet my 10,000$ target by September

I know this is always on my reflection posts but I want to make sure I set myself the goal to post a blog once a week at least. Just as a reminder to myself that it needs to be done.

Over the next few weeks I want to create a media kit and I want to secure myself a few collaborations. I never go out of my way to contact anyone as I don’t feel confident enough but if you don’t ask you don’t get right?

I MUST start reading. I am useless at this and I never keep to my promises. I find it so hard to read a book and actually stick with it. If anyone has any good book suggestions then please comment them below.

FYI – I have been put on the ‘Top 10 Travel’ website for my travel blogs I am SOOOOOO thankful for this it’s made everything just feel worth it. If you could take a second to like/vote and possibly even share I would be forever happy and appreciative. The higher the ranks the better the exposure and opportunities. This is all a dream for me so thank you…

Thank you all for joining me on my monthly reflection update, What are your goals for the month? Have you achieved anything you’ve wanted to so far?
Please do leave a comment below… I look forward to chatting with you

All my love, B x

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Lifestyle Instagram – @beckyrosecarver 
Event Instagram – @eyefuleventsx






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