I Got My Mojo Back

I lost it completely and I’m not sure I’ve fully got it back but over the last week or so it seems as though a lot of people I follow have too!

Hello Again!

I don’t know what it is but I just felt like social media and my blog was this massive burden on me, a heavy weight tugging at my shoulders, it was running me down and stressing me out. I was torn between feeling like I have to post things on time every time and then just wanting to take in my experience travelling (being in the moment) I’m having the time of my life so finding the motivation to do this whilst there are tonnes of other things I could be doing is near enough impossible… I removed myself from the constant battle with my online relationship gathered my thoughts and feelings and decided what I want. I ALMOST gave up but I’m not going to. I LOVE having my little space on the internet and I would certainly regret removing it.

‘Don’t give up. Just give yourself time’ My current mantra.


My main focus on my blog was to talk about everything lifestyle, event inspiration and areas influencing motivation… I have implemented travel to it and admittedly I didn’t break it up & I’ve just focused on the travel stuff the last few months so completely fu*ked up my flow. I think I now know that this was where it went wrong, Travel posts are very niche whilst travelling different parts of the same country and not going on single trips to different places…whilst I receive lovely comments on them they aren’t for everyone and now I know that.

I will continue to write about my travel experiences but I’m going to stick to what I know, what I’m good at and what I love most, I will make sure I schedule my posts fairly and write about all topics and not just focus on the one.

No matter how motivated you are as a person you can’t always maintain focus on the things you love doing, life gets busy and things get in the way but that’s just a universal message telling you to take time out.  I figured whilst I was on the subject I wanted to share with you some of the best things to do to get your mojo back.

First of all, take time out and do what you’ve got to do, don’t worry about pleasing anyone and don’t be so bloody hard on yourself. Earlier on in the year I wrote a post on staying positive and motivated in 2018 and all of the points are still very valid and easily adaptable at any stage of the year when you’re feeling high and low. Here’s a little more to it…

What I would do and what you would do…here’s a few

Start practising yoga & meditate (this is on my to do list)

Be patient, trust the process and play to your own time line and expectations, not everyone else’s – Harry L

Keeping active and maintain a well-balanced diet (trust me it helps clear your mind)

Think about your future self 6 months from whatever point you need and think about what you’d think then – Anna D

Show regular appreciation to the things you are thankful for (and people)

Read and listen more.. If you’re bored of books and watching shit on the tv then explore other sources like articles, blogs and podcasts & youtube channels..

Be inspired by other people’s success (another post I published earlier on in the year was to be your own inspiration) don’t be demotivated by others success let them push you to yours

Know and accept that things wont always go how you want them to go

Treat yourself, never deprive yourself of something if you can have it then there’s no other reason not to.

Go for long walks

Make notes about everything you think about

Make goals and stick to them (my five year plan)

Make playlists for every mood you can think of

Talk to people and ask questions

Think forward about what your progress would look like if you did do the work and what it would look like if you didn’t, ‘is what you’re doing today getting you closer to your goal/dream’ – Sophie

I hope you’ve enjoyed this one, it feels good to be back even if it is half heartedly… I received so many amazing messages when I was sharing my struggles on social media, more so when my family and close friends said they’d be disappointed with me if I gave it all up. I got myself organised again and basically go my mojo back…in all fairness I have settled down somewhere now in Australia for a few months whilst I work towards my second year visa so having more time helps but what helped me the most was having the time off and away without making myself feel bad about it.

What would you do to get your mojo back? Have you currently been stuck in a rut with everything?

Comment below with your very own advice for myself and others and lets have a chat
I hope everyone has a great weekend/week ahead and I look forward to hearing from you soon

Don’t forget, if you really aren’t happy about something and you really don’t want to continue even after trying to get your mojo back then don’t…everything falls into place, what will be will be.

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