Fraser Island

It’s only taken me 23 years to realise that not everything can be captured with a video or a photograph. Sometimes experiences can’t even be put into words, I can try my hardest to set the scene or describe what I see but it will never be as good as the real thing. My posts are here to inspire people to travel or at least give good recommendations for people whom are.

The night before the tour I had the ‘meeting’ this was a bit of a squeaky bum moment because you’re getting put into your groups for the next few days, You have to spend a lot of time with these people and if they’re shit then quite frankly your trip will be shit too. Thankfully mine were not. I was grouped with 6 other people; Rob, Izzy and Meg (whom I met the night before the trip so luckily we requested to be together; that now was probably the best decision made, my actual angels) & then there was the lovely Clem, Cihara and Heidi…in all fairness everyone on the tour was pretty bloody decent, I met some special people.

Day 1 Thursday 3rd May
6.30AM wake up call

I’ve always been an overpacker it’s just in my female nature to do so, my dad often calls me a camel or buckaroo for always having huge bags of belongings no matter where I go,  I’m not even sure what’s in them myself I don’t have a great deal of things that I need/use in my day-to-day life but I just seem to always have baggage, I think it’s a comfort thing.
3 days & 2 nights away I had to fit everything I needed in a handbag eeeeek surprisingly I did well, I packed light and all the standard necessities, 3 days on an island what more could you possibly need other than a couple of bikinis?

Are you ready? Here goes.

8am we met our tour guide Mick, whom by the way was the most funniest sarcastic possibly best person we could’ve had, he made the time away extra enjoyable…we had another breifing collected everything we needed together and locked away our belonings

We started by packing up the cars, soon after we were ready to hit the road, Megan took one for the team and volunteered to drive first. Straight to the ferry port and over to Fraser Island.

(If you’re wondering what and where Fraser Island is, It is the worlds largest sand island which is just off the East coast of Australia, Queensland. Let me tell you about it)

Let’s set the scene…Have you ever imagined road tripping with your friends?
Driving a 4×4 with the windows down, the sun shining and ahead of you is just 72 miles of sand… to the left there’s land and off-road tracks leading you around an entire island made up of incredible beauty and natural formations and then to the right you have the ocean, regardless of it being deadly and extremely angry with enormous waves it was just tranquil, almost peaceful. To top it off you have music, we all know music makes every moment special you’ll always allocate a song to memory especially one like this. In front there was the lead car and behind were the other tag along cars… it was just a wonderful moment to take in. It was like some kind of movie.




When we got to the island we had a short lunch break, it was in the smallest little town with just 2/3 shops and a picnic area. We had our first lunch here and the last chance to buy anything we wanted ie. food and drink and go for a little toilet break and that was it.

First stop – Lake Mckenzie
Before even going to Australia I see Lake Mceknzie on a list of things to do in Australia, it was exactly what I expected if not a little better. It was surrounded by the most beautiful white sand that merged with clearest bluest water. This was our only proper stop for the day so we chilled here for a while, took loads of beautiful photos and swam.

The weather was HOT but unfortunately a little overcast but it only lasted for a few hours, every time the sun peeped through the clouds you see the stunning blue tones all the way across the lake.

IMG_3329 2.jpg



The Camp – Night 1

We arrived back at camp around 5pm just before It started to get dark, the drive here was very long but luckily the camp site was all ready for our arrival so there’s no instructions or dismantled packages waiting for us to pitch up. The camp site in general was fantastic. It had huts with kitchens and communal areas and little washing up stations next to them. There were cubicle bathrooms for both guys and girls which was a relief as I was nervous about getting my bum bitten whilst I was squatting up a tree, last but not least for only 2$ every 5 minutes you could have a shower but without judging it felt pointless even washing (you’ll see why soon)
Everything was well maintained and tidy. There were plenty of table benches for everyone to eat and drink around in their groups. I felt a bit spoilt really for my first camping trip it was better than some of the hostels I’ve come across!

 I felt safe, the camp was a protected area so no animals could get in (other than the uncontrollable loud birds, spiders and snakes and other little venomous things but no biggie ay..)


The organisation of the tour worked really well, each group (car) got eski’s with all meals inside for each day so we were to stay in our groups whilst cooking/prepping each meal. Our first nights dinner was chicken stir-fry.. We had soooo much food it was a shame having to throw away half of it after but it was impossible to go through the mass between us all.


It was only right we would celebrate our first day and night of the tour by drinking loads of goon. Now for anyone reading this anywhere else in the world this is basically a BAG of 4L wine, cheap wine that gets you very drunk (I’m budgeting you see) not so delicious and not so nutritious.

Day 2 Friday 4th May

 Second Stop – Eli Creek


 Bright and early andddd probably a little hungover… we made our way to Eli Creek for a refreshing start. We spent a good portion of the morning here and I’m so glad because it was beautiful. The creek’s water is so pure and fresh that it’s actually drinkable. According to ‘Visit Fraser Coast’ the creek pours up to four million liters of water into the ocean every hour. You could follow the path and then float all the way back through the enchanting surroundings on a little rubber ring.


Whilst we were taking in the surroundings, 2 dingo’s sniffed their way around the cars and in between us all looking to see what they could pinch, little did we know they would end up pinching the beach ball! I mean they’re so cute but I wouldn’t want to get close enough to one. This was a great way to see them as it felt as though they did it on purpose with a little cheeky attitude, after this we got to see them all day as we drove up the island.

They are scavengers so I don’t expect them to be like cuddly dogs but you do get given a false assumption about them, you basically get told they’ll rip your head off if they see you and take you for all you’ve got but you soon realise that they are just looking for food, they aren’t there to bother you or to be bothered so as long as you let them do what they’ve got to do then everything will be fine!


 Third Stop – SS Maheno Shipwreck

This one was just a quicky, we got out the cars and had a moment to take pictures of the wreckage and learnt a little history behind it and why it was there. There was so much detail that was still noticeable on the boat even though half of it was missing and absorbed by the sand it was still amazing to see.



Fourth Stop – Indian Heads

 A hefty climb up some steep rocks, I almost lost my thongs on the way (flip-flops cheeky!) this was an incredible view but at a very historic part of the island, the story behind the rocks is quite intense and very overwhelming I couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable there all the way up. If you want to learn a little more then defo go look It up.



 Fifth Stop – Champagne pools

Last but not least for the second day we went for afternoon chills at the champagne pools… basically this is just a little rock pool made from the ocean, as the waves crash from the other side of the rocks a stream of to bubbly water runs into the pool (quite cute really) which gives you the illusion of a jacquizzi…if you look into the centre of the photo you’ll see what I mean by the bubbles coming over the rocks. there were little fishes and other funky fish in here it was really relaxing.

This was my time to drive the 4×4 back to the camp, I was literally crapping it… i’ve had my licence for 5 years but not actually ever driven apart from the odd occasion back home…I got everyone back safe and sound with no accidents in the process, not so bad eh? I felt like quoting Mr Chow ‘But did you die though?’

The Camp – Night 2

 Second night back at the camp, sounding and feeling like I’m in I’m a celebrity right? We all got together to cook another amazing meal; steak potato salad and side salad, OH MY GOD. Hun’real

Anyway this did us all a treat, we soon got the drinks out during the meal and quite quickly after things got very exciting.

Loads of people from the camp started making their way to the beach so of course we had to follow, we soon realised we were there to watch the moon rise (this was of course later in the evening) and not something I’ve heard of or experienced before.

Imagine standing in the middle of a snow globe, that’s exactly how I felt but surrounded by stars. Not long after we actually see the moon rise from the horizon of the ocean, need I say more but that it was one of those moments that couldn’t get caught on camera. It looked so close and it was bright red, not like i’ve ever seen it. There were loads of people so the atmosphere and excitment was crazy, none of us could see eachother because it was so dark but it was a great expeirence.

Because it was the last night on camp eveyrone got out of hand, it was possibly the funniest night of my life. Again drunk on goon after playing loads of drinking games with people from all over the world it was just one big camp party, literally on tables and all sorts. You know them drunk nights out where you end up buying loads of food, kebab or Mcdonalds? Well it was one of them but all we had was lettuce and hummous, crisps and   breakfast bars! What a sight.

31895331_1498659106927891_5750333976615059456_n 2.jpg


Day 3 – Saturday 5th

This morning was an extremely hungover one, we had to make most of our last night on the camp but luckily our wonderful guide Nick knew the deal and made our day a relaxing one. He took us to Lake Boomanjin. This is where tea tree leaves drop and stain the water that flows from the creeks into the lake. The colours that reflect from this are incredible, its like a rainbow of oranges and reds, easily complimented by the white sand. You could walk further out and still be within a shallow range. I had to dunk myself in completely as my hair and skin could do with the natural Tea Tree oils into my hair and body, it was so clean and refreshing.

We had our last lunch here too… same as the other days we all had wraps with different types of meats and salad, including tonnes of fruit and snacks that were provided in our big lunch boxes.

The drive back to the ferry was a rough one, the tide was high so we had to consistently avoid the waves as they covered the sand, a few hours later we made it back to the original destination before the island and that was home to Dingos..

Fraser island was literally one of the best experiences of my life, from the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, laughing with wonderful people, driving on the sand and off-road in a 4×4, swimming in incredible lakes and floating down creeks in rubber rings… seeing wild animals, learning about the Australian history, laughing some more… being surrounded by stars, drinking and eating beautiful food, camping in a tent and taking myself out my comfort zone all the way to the moments I felt in awe of everything I was seeing, better yet all done without wifi and no communication to the outside world.

If anyone is travelling then this is certainly on my top 10 and will always secure a place even though I have a whole world to see yet. It made me sooooo happy and even to this day a few weeks later I just cant help but cherish the experience like it was yesterday. I’m so grateful to have met the people I met and so glad I went ahead and did this.

The tour was worth every penny. For 4 nights stay at the Dingo’s backpacker hostel and the 2 night and 3 day tour it come to a total of 519$ that’s around £280 back home. I did 3 nights stay at the hostel before the trip and a nights stay after the trip.

IMG_2831 2.jpg

Dingo’s Back Packer Hostel Overview

The hostel itself was okay, the rooms were average as were the bathrooms, perfect for a Fraser stop over. The staff here (apart from the ones at the bar) were quite rude and everyone I had spoken to touched upon this well but they are seasonal staff so they do come and go so I guess everyone elses experience wouldn’t be the same.

The wifi here is diabolical, I work from my laptop and sometimes just want to grab wifi for an hour or so to catch up with friends and family but here, no chance. You could only access it by the bar or in the communal area but this was closed at 9oclock on the dot. WOAAAH okay then, I forgot I was 12 again.

There was nothing really special about the hostel, the pancakes in the morning were good and the 7$ dinners they offer are great if you’re on a budget but there was a local cafe called ‘Cafe Jilarty’ which was amazing for breakfast lunch and dinner (they also offer backpacker deals) like I said it’s great for a stop over, I did stay there a couple of days too long but the entire Fraser Island trip and the people I met made up for it.

If you have any quesitons about this then please do contact me.

Thank you for reading if you’ve managed to stay the whole way through, Even if you flicked through to check out the photos. Please feel free to pass this onto anyone you know travelling or anyone you know that has the desire to travel.

What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken? It can be within your own home town or in another place, leave your comments below and help influence others!

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