Noosa – Sunshine Coast

There was something about Noosa that made me feel at ease (not that I feel anything but that atm) relaxation and tranquillity levels were a solid 10. I spent a week here but originally only booked 5 days (the benefits of travelling on your own time you can come and go as you please)
No doubt I had to pass through Sunshine Coast whilst I was travelling up the east coast of Australia but I wasn’t sure where until I met a few people in Brisbane and they advised me to go Noosa and to stay in ‘Flashpackers’ hostel. So after a quick bit of research and a great deal through and greyhound I booked up right away.


Noosa, Sunshine Coast – Much more quieter than the cities I’m used to but much more relaxing and incredibly beautiful. There were things to do but it was sooooo relaxing that I took every day as it come.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 15.56.49.png

Hostel – Flashpackers

Probably one of the more expensive hostels I’ve stayed in during the last month or so but I was told it would be one of the better places to go to whilst stopping in Noosa. I couldn’t find any faults (not that I was looking for any) but for the value of money I was actually happy.

It was standard but with all you need facilities, the kitchen was spacious with all cooking equipment and a great communal area/eating area where everyone actually socialised.
The highlight for me was the themed nights (I Love this idea, I think most places should do it) They had an all you can eat pizza night for 10$, cinema night, Wine and Cheese night, Free BBQ Sausages and a trip to Eumundi market using their booked transport.

Flashpackers provided a shuttle bus service to all the main areas which was a bonus and very much appreciated after a long day!

I opted for a 4 bed room and it was an OK size, it was a little tight at times as we were all literally sharing the only floor space with our luggage so practically climbed over one another but it is what it is. There are lockers in the room (thankful for these as I hate leaving my belongings otherwise) and the room had an en-suite bathroom which was BIG. When travelling all you want is bloody nice wash and here they had a powerful walk in shower with the big heads that come from the ceilings (you know them ones) Everyone I spoke to liked their room too so that is a big tick for this hostel.

There’s a pool and lounge area outside which seems nice enough but I never actually used it myself but it’s always nice to have if you want a down day in the hostel.






The Coastal walk, Noosa national park. This was up there with one of the best things I’ve done in Australia so far. It took me about 5 hours to walk the entire thing but I stopped off at every point. I also made it to the secret beach which was a little more challenging to get to and a little scary in regards to not knowing what kind of snake or spider was lerking in between the extremely elevated hill to get to and from the ‘secret’ place.

Through all of the look out points, trails and beaches you overlooked some of the most incredible sights





The second highlight for me here was the Eumundi markets, these run on a Wednesday and a Saturday, seeing as I was able to extend my stay I took the opportunity to go to the market on the Saturday morning. It is made up of other 600 stalls, when I say it was huge it was massive. It had a great atmosphere full of locals selling loads of things from food/drink, clothes, homeware products, gifts and much more. It was really exciting and traditional.

I picked up a few little goodies whilst I was here but the most exciting thing was paying 8$ for a tea leaf reading. This was possibly one of the weirdest experiences I’ve had as I was really nervous to hear what she would say, some people chose not to believe this kind of thing but when you’ve never met someone before and you just walk in without an appointment it is kind of weird when they say things that will relate to you. I have kept a list of all the things she see in my reading but because I am so curious about some of the things she said they’re certainly being kept on the down low for a while.



Noosa beaches were also really lovely here, Noosa main beach and sunshine beach were my go to spots. Sunshine beach I would recommend if you want a little more privacy as it was extremely quiet with not much around but Noosa main beach I would recommend if you wanted to have a break in-between sunbathing, there are plenty of little boutiques, shops and bars and restaurants here to enjoy (also one of the most delicious ice cream places)

Black pepper café down by Noosa junction was the spot for breakfast, I opted for a ‘healthy brunch’ and it was a dream, I also thoroughly enjoyed an iced mocha here which kind of cancelled out the fact I attempted to be healthy in the first place. The service as everywhere else in Australia was great and the food was SO delicious. There’s no questioning the value of money when you have quality service and food to go by, I know I wouldn’t get this back home in London.


Last but not least I managed to see my first sunset in Australia, believe me I attempted many times but it just wasn’t meant to be as I either missed it or it was cloudy but the first one was worth it… so this highlight for me has to be the Sunset at the Laguna look out, this was UNREAL. It’s hard to capture some moments on the camera but I gave it my best go. No matter where in the world I don’t think I could ever get bored of sunrises or sunsets..

That’s me done on Noosa, it’s certainly somewhere I would like to go back to especially if I want a relaxing get away (in the future) if you’re travelling the East Coast then I would absolutely recommend stopping off in Noosa and doing all of the above. It was great coming from big cities and busy populated places straight into a quiet town with a completely different feel to it.

How is everyone’s May going so far? What have you been up too? Someone tell me something good…
Leave me a comment telling me what’s made you happy this month so far or something that you’re looking forward to!

My next post is on Fraser Island, No words can ever describe the experience I had here but I will give it my best go… See you all soon

Love B x

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