#2 Brisbane – It’s a LDN thing!

2 weeks have gone and I’ve travelled throughout my 2nd location, Brisbane. I spent 8 nights here so I managed to explore every possible corner imaginable. I didn’t get the wow factor like I did in the Gold Coast but more of a ‘This is coooool, I feel like I’m in a sunnier London’ kind of feel but don’t get me wrong I was still impressed and I enjoyed my time here a lot.


I’ve no complaints with the location of where I stayed, in fact I wouldn’t have wanted to stay anywhere else. My hostel was situated along Main St Kangaroo point (see the map – I stayed within the red lines – Breeze Lodge. The map also shows all of the main areas I visited in Brisbane.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 23.02.21.png

Hostel – Breeze Lodge Review


This was my first ever hostel experience and I must say I felt pretty spoilt, I kind of wished it wasn’t SO good because now my standards are set high knowing I won’t have the same experience everywhere I go.

First of all the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. Everything we needed to know or do they were more than happy to assist and go beyond expectations.

You could tell the hostel was fairly new as it was incredibly clean and tidy.
There was a large shared kitchen with plenty of fridge space and cuboards if needed. Everything had to be bagged up and labelled, Nothing of mine was ever used/touched it all felt safe and trustworthy so the system worked well.


On each floor there were communal areas with big plasma TVs (with Netflix) plenty of seating and many things to read if that’s what you fancied. There was a little kitchen area with essentials incuding a microwave and free tea and coffee. There was an outdoor area on every floor which was great to chill and hang your laundry, with that being said each floor also had big industural washing machines and dryers 4$ each time.

There was a really cool roof top space with deck chairs, tables and other chilled seating – I used this on the first day and completely forgot about it after that, in all fairness I had a busy week else where and just used the hostel in the evening to have some down time and to obviously sleep.


The most important part but kind of not that important…I opted for a 2 bunkbed room (so sleeps 4) because I presumed its better than sharing with 12 others right? Again spoilt, much better than I expected. There were lockers provided to keep all your valuable belongings. Plenty of space in the rooms & very comfortable bed with our very own en suite! It was all modern so it looked more like a hotel rather than a hostel.

If I could rate it out of 10 it would exceed it to be honest. 10/10 from me.


Must Know Info

In Brisbane there is a FREE river boat service called the City Hopper, it was a life changer as I spent next to nothing on travel whilst in Brisbane apart from the lazy days where I couldn’t walk any more!

The ‘Go Card’ translink service can be used here on all of the other public transport

Backpacker Stuff

Whilst in Brisbane I sorted my TFN (Tax file number) this was done online within 20 minutes, I kindly asked the hostel if I could use their postal address for this to be sent to as I haven’t got a fixed abode.

If you’re on a budget this is a great life hack, shopping in supermarkets like Woolworths is great on a budget you have a lot of options BUT when you get a receipt from your shop there are vouchers at the back, a few times I got ‘free ice cream’ and a 2$ Mcdonalds meal!


South Bank

This was the first place on the agenda and probably one of the best, like I said it wasn’t anything amazing but it just had its own good feel about it. I actually came to South Bank a few times throughout my time in Brisbane just because there was more to do and see and a great place to relax.


Here is where you’ll find the big Brisbane sign that you’d have probably seen everyone stand beside.

You’ll find the man-made beach which is really weird and wonderful, I came here in the school holidays so there were kids everywhere and then again on a Saturday so there were kids everywhere again (certainly something to experience, a beach overlooking a city)  pretty much connecting to the beach there’s ‘rainforest’ area that fits in nice it’s just a short trail where you’re surrounded by lovely trees, little waterfall’s and rivers.

It’s hard not to miss but from pretty much anywhere you’ll see the Brisbane wheel which really reminded me of the London Eye just a miniature model.



There was an epicurious area with picnic tables and bbq’s, this was really sweet as it was like a massive garden, it even had loads of home grown fruit and vegetables planted around all tabled with facts.

On the second visit to South Bank I basically did everything above PLUS the art gallery which is literally a 5 minute walk from the Brisbane sign. It was possibly one of my favourite galleries I’ve ever visited. This image shouted at me from across the room, it was about ‘freeing the mind’ and right now it seems very relevant to me and my life so no wonder I liked it so much. I didn’t take a photo of the description so I didn’t capture the artists name.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 20.18.56.png

On Saturday South Bank has a beautiful market with lovely stalls, I literally fell in love with the crystal stands and some of the unique clothes that were on offer. It was a great ‘to do filler’ for the day as the weather wasn’t that great.

The food spot I would recommend along South Bank would be an Italian place called ‘Mister Paganini’ I really enjoyed their perfectly cooked pizza and Antipasti sharing board alongside brilliant service, well worth visiting!

Roma St Parkland

I loved this part of Brisbane, I enjoyed this walk but it can be done in less than 2 hours with a food/drink break. I wouldn’t dedicate an entire day for it though. There was a beautiful walk with different directions to go by so either way you were surrounded by beautiful trees, plants and wildlife.


Brisbane City

The main spot and a convenient one, the city would be a great location for food and drinks if you’re not on a budget, let’s say it’s a bit like Canary Wharf on a summers day. Situated this side of the river you have the Botantic Gardens which is beaaaaautiful. Another great nature walk with stunning surroundings, there’s a ring of palm trees that you can picnic in between… as you can see.


Coming into the city you have a shopping centre/mall that has every shop you’d possibly need, clothing to restaurants, post office to banks.

I also popped into the city hall as that’s where Brisbane Museum was, this was also very informative educational and a fun to do as a you also get a little break away from the sunshine.

Fortitude Valley

So I walked here from my hostel on a really hot day and let’s just say it wasn’t worth it, as soon as I walked into the town I pretty much walked back out again after, it was a dive. It was dirty and extremely different to any part I’ve been to so far in Australia it was not ok. With that being said the night life here is supposed to be great so I decided to go back one evening for a few drinks and decided to go Holy Moly, a mini golf and bar spot, THIS was nice and really fun, probably one of the most creative crazy golf places I’ve ever seen. In the evening the streets are monitored by security and police so I felt a lot safer than I did in the day time. I mean if you want to try it then go ahead but I personal wouldn’t even waste your time.

Bulimba and Hawthorn

I visited here on a rainy day so there was no other option than to eat and drink. I started out at the ‘Chemistry of coffee’ and literally tested loads of different coffees. I felt so sick after but it was worth the trial. I went for a rack of various drinks as well as a caramel latte in a cone… My friend went for a ‘deconstructed ice coffee which was like a build your own coffee kind of thing.


I just walked to the river and jumped on a city cat to the next location quite literally over the other side.

Newstead and Teneriffe

On the same day as Bulimba, the same stormy weather, we walked to find a Betty’s Burger had some amazing lunch and then went to the recommended brewhouse in Newstead for a beer, obviously everything was made and served all under one roof. This was a long day on foot, we literally walked everywhere possible.



This was a lovely area but for some unknown reason I was under some illusion (by recommendations) that this was going to be a worthy day out, I was told to visit ‘Trammies Corner’ as a historic part of Brisbane, the concept was great but there really wasn’t anything to look at. I read that there was a ‘must see area of mosaic’ and I almost missed it it was that tiny… sooooo if anyone considers this I also wouldn’t waste your time! it was a lovely quiet town.

Towards the end of my 8 days here it felt like I was forcing myself to find things to do. I personally wouldn’t stay here any longer if I was to do it again I would just do it for a few days, however if I wanted to relax and have some down time then staying here for a similar length of time would be perfect for you.

I loved South Bank as there was much more to do and many more options to eat and drink. The City was also my second fave place for convenience reasons.
The view from Kangaroo point overlooking the river and the city was always pretty beautiful too. I love a viewing point so will certainly recommend going there to check it out, even to have a bbq during the sunset, beautiful experience.

I hope you enjoyed this post and took away some useful information (if you’re of course travelling or planning on doing so) otherwise I hope I inspired you. Stay tuned..

Next stop, Sunshine Coast, Noosa!

P.S What’s your favourite place you’ve visited so far? Where’s on your bucket list?

I’ve never felt more happier, relaxed and more alive. I’ve got so many posts in the pipe line for all areas of my blog so please be sure to check it all out. Is there anything you would like to know or read from me? I’m happy to take suggestions whether it’s lifestyle or travel. Feel free to share too!

See you soon, BC x

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8 thoughts on “#2 Brisbane – It’s a LDN thing!

  1. Looks like you’re having an amazing time! Loving seeing your pics and reading about your trip. Although it’s giving me serious holiday envy!


    1. Hello!

      Thank you for the comment (SO sorry for the late reply I didn’t even see all of these comments!)

      I love Brisbane it really feels like home, it’s a shame you don’t get to go back too often x x


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