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The 9th April 2018 has been and gone and I’ve officially started my travels after what seems forever since the beginning of my countdown. From London Heathrow to Singapore (for a 6 hour layover) then straight to the Gold Coast I made it and I’m already reflecting back on my time in the Gold Coast.


Gold Coast – Robina

Everything I wanted to do in the Gold Coast was within a reasonable distance from where I chose to stay. Due to the Commonwealth games being hosted over this period the prices and options for accommodation were really high and tight but I managed to secure an air b&b in this area for a very reasonable price.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 21.44.49.png

First Home – Air B&B

I stayed in my first ever Air B&B for the duration of the time I was in the Gold Coast.

Upon arrival early AM of 11th April I was greeted by the most fluffiest happiest dog called Leon. He was the house pet that made my long flight so much better. I had my own room with a private bathroom which was very convenient and spacious. Laura and Matt were very helpful and genuinely lovely, they paid attention to detail and provided us with full use of the kitchen and set us up with a breakfast tray and even provided us with bathroom essentials.I was extremely happy to have been accommodated by them in their beautiful home.

As I recently mentioned the home quite was literally in a perfect location, the first day consisted of walking around locally to figure out where the bus stations and what not were.

The Robina Mall was about a 15/20 minute walk and it had everything you possibly needed there as well as the main bus station and a train station a stones throw away. After I got my bearings I could catch a bus from the end of the road I just wanted to be sure that the stops I needed were going the right way!



Translink is your ‘go to’ online, you can check all of your journeys on here and it tells you everything you need to know. I would 100% advise getting a ‘Go Card’ whilst in the Gold Coast (you can use it in other locations too) its London’s equivalent to an Oyster card.

The buses run very often and what seems to be everywhere (everywhere I wanted to go anyway) You can always jump on and ask the driver to tell you when’s best to get off, they’re very helpful. After a day you get to grips with it all anyway, it’s pretty sign posted and most of the time obvious where you are and where you’re going.

Trams from Broadbeach – This was like the central place to go where all buses and public transport terminated or started in all kinds of directions, again very easy to use.

The Gold Coast Diary

11th April
 I arrived in the GC this day so it just consisted of walking around locally and getting a feel for the surroundings… I was very impressed from the beginning, it literally struck me with how beautiful the area was, I knew I would get attached to it after a few days of being there. Grabbed a Nando’s and some food shopping and that was all we could manage for this day. (OH btw, I registered for my bank card prior to coming out here with Commonwealth Bank and I picked it up as soon as I got here which was amazing as it’s one thing ticked of my list, no hassles)


12th April
Early morning rise and shine, Jet lagged? Yes. Did I sleep? No. The show must go on. Today’s agenda was Burleigh Heads. I went to the beach for a stroll which connected onto Burleigh Heads national park and it was absolutely stunning. There are lunch spots around but you can’t get any better than having your own packed picnic which is what I opted for and I have no regrets, especially whilst perched on a bench to watch the surfers hit the waves and and see the world go by.




After lunch I took to the ‘rainforest trail’ of the national park and continued to follow the signs to Tallebudgera Creek. I seriously cannot believe how wonderful this day had turned out, no matter where you walked there was just something good to look at. It was nice to be able to take in the freshest air and admire the sunshine and clear blue waters. It just felt so surreal after months of googling what to do on the internet everything looked better in person.


13th April
It’s my birthday!! My first ever one away from home and all my friends and family. I had my moments throughout the day where I felt a little sad but I couldn’t fault the way I spent it at all. I woke up to balloons and cards from home that I took with me and then had a wonderful surprise from Laura Matt and Leon when I opened the bedroom door, MORE balloons and a lovely little card. I had a home cooked breakfast from the one and only RJ and then went to Surfers paradise beach and walked around and then just relaxed in the sun… I think it was a shock to the body as I was a little burnt around the edges…

After all of that I went home to get ready to then head back into Surfers Paradise where I then celebrated my birthday in the Sky Point observation deck for dinner drinks and views. It is an experience I’ll never forget. I am SO thankful,

For food we ordered pork belly, squid, wedges, duck rolls and meatballs and a couple of cocktails…this place is a must and something I would highly recommended for anyone, you can just pay to go up and not eat, although the food was fantastic and the view was beyond perfect, you seriously cannot fault it. Do it for the experience.




14th April
This day was one of those days where you walked and walked and walked some more just to see where the wind takes you, the highlight of the day was Miami Marketta, this was a ‘must do’ recommendation so I couldn’t give it a miss.

This is my ideal kind of afternoon, Good street food, beer and a few G&T’s, Live music and an all round relaxing atmosphere with instagramable walls and toilets…yep I love it.


All day I was desperate to have some falafel and when I got here this was the first thing I see so I just had to go get it. I met Jade who runs both food stalls ‘The Green Rocket’ & ‘The Hungry Belly’ which were next to one another. She was very welcoming friendly and took pride in her food especially the presentation, My desire for falafel that day lead me to this moment and it was really bloody worth it!

Seeing as it was my birthday the previous day I also had to buy a birthday cake, I was really indecisive so had to go for a selection of three different things…as you can see they looked really good and they tasted even better.




We were advised to go to ”the best coffee place in the GC” so we did…however when we got there it was closed, you’ll find the van is a 15 minute walking distance from Surfers paradise beach. You can also get the tram (next stop from SP) it was called ‘Rise Rastaa’
If you’re heading there then I would suggest going to try it out, he opens from 4am-2pm (this is why we missed it) I was so gutted but I have saved it for another time when passing through the Gold Coast – this will be a must!


15th April
The day we moved on from Robina, Gold Coast to Brisbane (Southbank) Personally would’ve stayed for a few more days as I was completely in love with the area but I accepted that I’ll fall in love with many other places so I need to move on eventually and experience everything in the moment.

Gold Coast Conclusion

Is it too early to say I could settle down here and marry an Aussie and have Aussie babies? Maybe… BUT it’s on my short list for sure. It was a wonderful experience and I’m completely in awe of the Gold Coast. I must add that everyone is exceptionally friendly, You could stand looking a little confused and someone just pops up out of no where pointing you in the right direction or at least offering you some advice. Everywhere is clean and very well-kept. I didn’t see any scary creepy crawlies which was a bonus nor did I ever feel unsafe. Last but not least I must say it isnt that expensive? I guess i’m used to paying London prices but everything seems to be reasonably fair and within moderation here. No complaints at all. It’s all about shopping around and planning ahead.

Don’t forget to follow my journey, I will be posting as much as possible from now on. There’s so much to say I have to let it all out somewhere…I hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far. IF you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will do my best to assist!

all my love,
Becky x

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(Next Post – The Chemistry of Coffee) & Brisbane

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    1. Hello Melanie,

      Thank you for the comment – I am so sorry for the late reply I’m literally going back over everything and commenting on those I’ve missed

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, it was an amazing place, I cant wait to go back and visit – thank you!

      Becky x x


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