Twenty Three – Feeling Free

As another birthday has been and gone I thought it would be best to reflect on what I’ve learnt so far as I’m heading into the depths of adulthood. I was inspired to do this post because of the lovely Bethsandland. As soon as she posted her personal post on her 22nd birthday I drafted the concept asap because I loved the idea. If by all means I can pass on my wisdom whether it’s light-hearted facts, informative or even relatable to you then I should hope you enjoy it.

23 Things I’ve Learnt in 23 Years!

Things Don’t Always Go My Way
I always thought things went my way but as I got older I figured that these things got bigger and I couldn’t pull the same strings that would get me everything I wanted.

You Have to do What Makes You Happy – Be Selfish
Don’t worry about anyone else and what they want from you make sure you do the things that are right for you, You have to be selfish sometimes and that’s ok. Believe me! (Check out my recent post on my conscious decision to remain single)

You Realise Who’s Real in The Hardest of Circumstances
There are times when the universe throws in the occasional obstacle in your life or you experience something challenging, these are the times you realise who’s really there for you. It’s unfortunate but it’s a blessing in disguise.

Family are Everything
I always think about the time’s I would moan because I had to spend time with family or I’d sit in my room on my own etc but now I realised I wouldn’t like to spend my time any other way with anyone else. They’re the most precious humans no matter how annoying they are sometimes.

Food is Everything Too
I’ve found comfort in food, Happy? Lets eat… Sad? Comfort eat, Something to celebrate? Let’s go eat? It is the most fulfilling thing EVER. It brings people together and it brings you a lot of happiness..(obviously in moderation)

Things are Better Done When Done Spontaneously
Some of my best memories are from spontaneous moments, I never regret a last min decision. If something feels right or you get a little adrenalin from it then go do it.

Follow Your Dreams and Do What You Most Desire
Everyone has ‘their calling’ if you love doing something and you have a passion for it then pursue it. Life is too short to not take the chance to do something you’re good at, You never know where it could take you.

Being Healthy and Active Makes Everything Better
No explanation needed, it just does.

Giving Gratitude for What You Have and What You Want Really Works
Believe in the law of attraction, read ‘The Magic’ which follows from ‘The Secret’ and follow all of the steps and rules, it is important you appreciate everything you have and be thankful for the things you want even if it seems weird, just do it and mean it.

You Can’t Please Everyone and You Don’t Have to Either
Nope. No you do not. Like I recently said you’ve got to do what makes you happy, I used to want to please everyone to keep them happy but that never worked out for me so it stopped.

Life is What You Make it, If You Make Excuses Realise It’s Only an Excuse NOT a law.
I used to forever make excuses and nothing seemed to get done but once I stopped getting in my own way good things started to happen.

I Am Very Fortunate 
We should all know this but we should also remind ourselves daily. We are very lucky for many reasons. Many people out there are far worse off than we can/will ever be and it’s heartbreaking that we take things for granted.

Laughter is the Best Medicine – Spread the Happiness and Smile at Everyone
Being happy and laughing has a knock on effect, it really is infectious. I love being happy and I LOVE making others happy too.

You Can Have 100 Friends but Still Feel Lonely
Yep.. You really can. If you have the wrong people around you it can be more damaging than anything else in the world. You have to pick out the weeds (the people that bring nothing good to your life or friendship circle)

It’s Healthy to Have Alone Time
Maybe I like it far too much but you cannot beat alone time, it brings me peace and productivity.

Having Small Boobs is Okay, I figured I HATE bras anyway
Seriously, I used to hate having smaller boobs, I always wanted to have a boob job but I don’t really mind them at all.. I hate wearing a bra and I’m lucky I don’t really have to unless I need to.

You Have to Work Hard for What You Want, It Will Not Get Handed to You
No way will it, I mean some people do get lucky but usually hard work Is involved. You must keep going towards your goals and never give up

Being Confident in Your Own Body is Very Important – Embrace What You Have, If You’re Not Happy do Something About It
This is something I’ve struggled with a lot, I’m not 100% happy with the way I look and feel but I accept it and I love it. Even my flaws. You have to carry a certain confidence, not the cocky kind but the kind where you shine from within.

Take Photos of Everything, Memories are priceless, Even though photos can’t capture an exact moment it’s a close reflection and a great memory. It Will Remind You of How You Felt at That Time
I love taking pictures of everything, I cant wait to show the younger generation in my family when they’re older and the generation after that.

Don’t think too much, Just go do it!
The more you think about doing something you’re more than likely not going t do it. Similar to doing everything spontaneously you just have to do it, whatever it is… Go travel the world, text the person you fancy, go email your dream company and tell them you want a job, Just do it

Relax. Take a Moment or even a few.

Honestly, I’ve learnt the hard way by burning myself from both ends, I don’t know when to stop and over work myself physically and mentally and it never works well for me, if you need to take time out then just do it. Self care first. Sometimes all you need is a good nights sleep.

Being yourself is the best thing for yourself
It’s important you don’t end up getting caught in the social media world that you end up just live everyone else or at least trying to be like everyone else.

Having material things is fine but experiences are worth much more, save money for bigger ‘things’ but make sure you treat yourself in between… Don’t be so hard on yourself


Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 21.55.05.png

That is all from me and my journey so far… can anyone else relate? What’s your fave life lesson so far?

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All my love B x

6 thoughts on “Twenty Three – Feeling Free

  1. I love this and I totally agree with so many of these. I’m totally with you on taking photos of everything – so many say that I should live in the moment and not think about taking a picture but it takes seconds and then the memory is there!
    Ahh 23 was a great age!


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Jenna,

      Thank you so much, (Sorry for the late comment I’ve massively misplaced all of them and not returned the comments)

      I’m glad you loved my post, I love the photos too no matter what and where it has to be done



    1. Reflection is everything – Thank you for the comment (Sorry for the late comment I’ve massively misplaced all of them and not returned the comments)

      I’m glad you you liked the post x x x


    1. (Sorry for the late comment I’ve massively misplaced all of them and not returned the comments)

      Thank you SO much for this lovely comment, these are the reasons why I keep blogging to keep getting inspiration

      Many more years to come, cheers to that

      Becky x


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