Farewell Fun

 I’ve landed in the Gold Coast – completed the journey currently writing this on jet lag mode, even though it’s an emotional subject I wanted to reflect on my leaving celebrations with my friends and family, this is the important part of the ‘travel blog’ process.

But Hello all. Happy to have you here as always, in fact whether you are a new viewer or an older dedicated one then I hope you enjoy this post it is one of many during this lifestyle change so I look forward to taking you on my journey. It is personal but that’s the purpose of a lifestyle section on a blog right?


Work Leaving Drinks

I had the pleasure of joining a company at the beginning of this year on a temporary basis little did I know my 2 week contract would be extended up until the 4th April. I feel very lucky to have been placed here by the amazing temp team at Office Angels – Holborn (FYI If anyone is ever struggling to look for work in London then this is your go to place) I also feel extremely blessed to have worked with a really lovely team of people, they welcomed me with opened arms and made me feel very welcome from the second I started until the moment I left. ANYWAY, They Kindly organised me drinks at ‘Bar Salsa’ in Temple on the 29th March, I had so much fun and soooo many cocktails I am not even sure how I made it home to be honest! This was the first night celebrations of the bank holiday weekend.

Farewell Fun with My Loves

To start the second part of the celebrations I treated myself to an overnight stay at one of my favourite hotels, Moxy Stratford for the convenience of going out in London I never wanted to rush away so this was a must.


As you can see from the photos they kindly arranged an incredible set up in the room for an early birthday and leaving celebration surprise which was completely unexpected , it put the cherry on top of the cake way before any of the layers were made.

I chose to eat at Las Iguanas with a big group of people because there’s so much to choose from and wanted everyone to be able to afford whatever they chose, the food is great quality and the price is reasonable too, best not to forget the 2-4-1 juicy cocktails they have on offer.





I had the most mixed group of people out for dinner, understandably everyone was working or had other commitments and of course that was fine, I love brining together the people I love the most from different places anyway.

We continued the night onto Nights Tale in Hackney where I met up with more friends. Again I wanted to go somewhere open to everyone with good music and a place to socialise. I am so so appreciative of the amazing effort everyone put in to come and see me off for the final time, I am overwhelmed with it all still, even writing this…

We went from party to after party, I expected nothing less from my farewell with friends

Bon Voyage With the Family

Last but not least and if I’m honest the best of the farewell celebrations, my family leaving party. I had the best night ever and I am so so thankful that I’m blessed with such supportive people in my life. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I couldn’t have wanted anything more. To top it off I got to celebrate at one of my favourite venues, The Old Rectory (Highly recommended for weddings and special events)

I know that everyone that was involved in making this a night to remember will read this I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart I couldn’t love you anymore than I do for being so bloody good to me all the time. The buffet, company, love, gifts laughs and everything in-between.

Seeing as it’s this kind of post, I’ll let the photo’s do the talking












Current Thoughts & Feelings

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t emotional, in fact I’m more emotional than I thought I would be, It’s not because I’m sad it’s just because it’s a difficult situation, I wish I could bring all my close friends and families on this journey. I cried mid-flight and I cried in Nando’s (in the GC whilst I was having lunch) it’s funny thinking about it but if you consider this you MUST be as prepared as you can possibly be.

I am NOT anxious for the first time ever. weird, right? Maybe it hasn’t hit me and I’m in holiday mode or something but for the last few days I have been so relaxed I’m freaking myself out, I usually got anxiety getting a train to work but it just feels different.

Excited, yes – Motivated, More so! There’s so much I want to achieve whilst I’m out here and I won’t stop until it happens, I just want my parents to be so proud that’s all.

I wanted to keep the texting short and sweet for this one, I hope you enjoyed the read… if you have any questions please feel free to ask me. Comment or private message me on my social media platforms I am more than happy to be honest and open and advise you the best I can. If you want to see regular updates then absolutely follow me below, always happy to connect with you so just give me a shout.

Have you ever traveled or moved away and had to say goodbye? What was your hardest moment and how did you deal with it?

Happy Hump day all – Much love, Becky

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