Sketch Brunch Review – The Glade

On Sundays We Brunch 

This is me and Dorris, Aka Mum (Susan Carver) heading into London recently for a belated birthday treat from me to her. With a hectic schedule we had to postpone the celebrations until now. Better late than never right? Anyway, my mum had never been for brunch, WHAT! I know right… that had to change, she also has never been for an afternoon tea, can you believe it? I opted between the two, tea and cakes or proper food and if you know me you’ll know that I will always go for as much food as possible.
I also ain’t ashamed to admit that going for afternoon tea just wasn’t in my budget, I simply couldn’t afford it, have you seen how expensive it is to go for afternoon tea around London? *Palm to face moment* anyway.. How bloody beautiful is she?



I’ve wanted to come here for quite some time now as I often scrolled past incredible Instagram pictures of their famous egg like toilets and the very pink arty restaurant
‘The Gallery’

As a blogger you see places like this and just die of excitement, more so for the pictures you’ll get than the food and drinks you’ll try, some may think that’s silly but you’ll get it if you do… when I didn’t think it could get any better I noticed they had other dining spaces and not just the one…for me personally that’s when it got better…Now let me introduce this to you…


The creativity and immersive feel for Sketch is undoubtedly one of the best I’ve ever experienced,  the outside menu is of course had to be different from the standard box on the wall outside.

As I hopscotched my way through the doors it was pretty dark and very intriguing, we were promptly greeted by a kind gentleman who showed us down to the cloak room before we went to take our seat. Again to be greeted by the lovely lady taking our jackets.

As we went further into this mysterious space in front of us stood a self playing piano, this was just delightful. It played all kinds of songs throughout our entire time here and I must say it really added to the experience.

Whilst we waited for our table as we arrived a little early we took to the toilets located back up from where we originally came from above the cloakroom. Now if you want a wow factor, these toilets are the go-to place.
I have always had an obsession with bathrooms, even when I was little my dad would even say ‘No matter where we go you always just want to go in the toilet’ As I’ve got older I’ve realized that I was probably very curious about the design, that’s my excuse anyway I am sure I didn’t have any kind of bladder problems. Anyway, what a dream… I don’t have any pictures because I didn’t want to invade someones toilet time but lets just imagine being an almost pitch black space with super glitz and glam dotted about, I mean, The tissue was hung from the ceiling by crystals.




If you haven’t noticed already, the decor… then look again. I couldn’t quite believe it and neither could my mum, the colours the design the mood and the music was just us, what we loved and what we really admire, it suited both of our interests, to be honest you’d be crazy to think it wasn’t amazing.

The area was a lot smaller than I imagined from seeing pictures online, It was very intimate so I’m glad it wasn’t really busy. My mum and I sat opposite each other, I was on a chair and she was on a bench with her back to the wall… Now this isn’t any fault of Sketch but we sat next to a couple that we’re obviously still in their ‘honeymoon period’ as the girlfriend insisted on sitting next to him on the bench.. in between him and my mum… She was clearly meant to sit on the seat that was provided opposite like I was, considering the lack of personal space she provided for my mum which was very frustrating. I also had to sit and watch them cuddle up and be all lovey for half the time I was there which really wasn’t what you want for the duration of your brunch.

The Food 



The Service was exceptionally quick and the waiters and waitresses were just wonderfully nice. May I add their uniforms are really arty and suited to the theme of Sketch, this gave it more of an experience as that was something I easily noticed and it’s not often you recall what your waitress was wearing.

To start I had a Gin & Tonic because apparently 11.30 is the new 5pm -Mum had a latte. Mine was fine but Doris said after a sip it was gone and she didn’t want to get another one because of the price (bless her)

For mains I ordered the traditional risotto with Parmesan – £15 & a side of fries £5
First impressions, Rice pudding… I was literally looking at it and questioning my choice. I mean I know it’s traditional BUT I would’ve liked a little decorative herb on top or something! Most importanlty regardless of how it looked it was really bloody nice. It filled me up for the rest of the day along with some of the most tastiest fries I’ve ever tried (Mum agrees with that too).

Doris, (aka Mum) was drawn to the ‘Pierre’s Salad’ – £15 & side of fries £5
First impressions, much more creativity and a lot of lettuce. She loved it and said it tasted really good but she was expecting it to be very different from what the menu described it to be.

We were both pleasantly full but couldn’t resist trying out one of the the home made treats, As seen below we shared the Caramel Millefeuille – £6 (Caramalised puff pastry filled with caramel cream, caramelised hazelnuts and praline) Yes it tasted as good as it sounds and as good as it looks. Incredible.

Shortly after and to my surprise, our waitress arrived with an extra ‘Happy Birthday’ plate for my mum which literally was the cherry on top of the cake for myself and my mum, it was a really kind and thoughtful gesture and she was extremely thankful.



Oh So Beautiful…

 This is an ideal setting for pretty much anyone that has a love for all things creative. The woodland bar had so much detail that I didn’t know where to look,  I couldn’t stop looking infact!
I have a few of my favourite pictures below to give you an idea of the space.
The carpet represented grass and it was fabulous, I almost started stroking it just out of awe.
The velvet chairs were bright and beautiful, so soft to touch and extremely comfortable, even the backs had butterfly designs. There were flowers on the tables, lights on the walls to give you the sense of sun light coming through the woods and rotating mirrors so you were able to see different areas of the restaurant from where you was sitting. As I mentioned earlier the music was playing from the self-playing piano. It really was just so beautiful…





Our Bill was under £70 including the service charge and to me considering I’m on a minimal budget was fantastic, the experience, taste, service and the ambience were worth every single penny and I would happily do it all over again. It was what I expected and probably a little more.

I really loved it but most importantly my mum did too, she’d never done anything like that before so that made me really happy. I know we all say this about our parents but she really is one in a million and deserves the world, I couldn’t thank her enough for everything she does for me so a little treat like this is nothing in comparison, I could take her 10 x over and over. Thank you Mum x

I hope you enjoyed the post, I’m interested in knowing if you’ve been before, there’s so many things to try in one place, different menu options including afternoon tea which looks like an absolute dream… maybe that’s next for the blog…

What’s your favourite place to brunch? Where’s on your to-do list? leave your comments below and spread the love

All my love, Becky

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  1. Darling brilliant review, true to every word, it was so me and I loved it and once again thankyou for such a beautiful birthday present 😘😘😘😘😘

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