Father & Daughters Day Out

Behind every great daughter (yep that’s me) is a truly amazing dad.

10th March my fave man’s day of birth, Papa Carver Aka Forest (To be explained later). As I’m due to go away soon I wanted to do something a little more valuable than buying him something materialistic. We both love London so I thought it would be best to plan a day out, do something different and just get out and about and make some more memories to cherish.

Birthday Cake


This was the emergency ’10 Min’ cheesecake I put together as a ‘Birthday Cake’ dad’s fave.
I literally must’ve paid £7 for everything all together, The cheesecake was pre made (I cheated and got it from the shop) All I did was melt dairy milk chocolate and smothered it on top followed by all of the little chocolate treats.

Our Day Out

We started out at around lunch time to head to the first place on the list and that was the Barbican Centre to see the conservatory, I was really excited as it was a last-minute recommendation and I’d have never known about it before.
Fail. When we got there we found out it was only open on selected days. How annoying. We went outside and checked out the surroundings and just chilled for a little while.
It’s a really old place, I felt like I was in a scene of this is England. There’s always something going on in the Barbican so it’s worth keeping an eye out to see if anything appeals to you.


Natural History Museum

My dad mentioned to me recently that he had never been to the Natural History Museum and I was very surprised. My dad is the most educated person I know, he just know’s everything and it amazes me. I still opted to take him just for the experience, if I had any questions I knew he would be able to answer them.

The third photo below sums up Papa C very well…100% accuracy, I tried to get some candid photo’s of him all day and this was the outcome or some droopy face. I had ago at him a few times like a mum trying to get her child to stand still for their start of school photo.



 He is SO annoying but I wouldn’t have him any other way, I probably annoy the fuck out of him in many other ways so…… as you are dad!


Tourists via Foot

This is one of my fave things to do whilst in London, walking around here there and everywhere taking in everything our city has to offer, which is a lot on every corner and every road…
We walked around Piccadilly Circus, sat by THE fountain and checked out the big screens, watched the buskers and the street entertainment whilst we passed and connected with China Town. This place is just special, not just because of the Chinese but because of hustle and bustle of the space, you just don’t feel as though you’re in the middle of London.


If you remember at the beginning of the post I mentioned I called my dad ‘Forest’. You may have already guessed it but it’s based on the one and only movie, Forest Gump.
Basically it’s our film, One I love to watch with him ever since I was a little child. Now thinking of it my dad actually had a metal leg support after one of his leg operations so now this is even more relevant. Anyway, If you haven’t already heard then there’s a Bubba Gump restaurant now in London. I went to one of the restaurants in Mexico and it was I N S A N E.
Seeing as I was on a little bit of a budget I wanted to be careful with my choice of restaurant, I checked the reviews and the just weren’t great.. I was a little disappointed after the amazing experience I previously had so I wanted to be sure I would pick somewhere that I know would be worth the money.

Anyway, the bottom right picture (Above) I just had to capture it – My own forest wearing a Bubba Gump hat.



I’ve been here a few times so thought it would be good to stick with what you know
Angus Steakhouse
We sat outside wrapped in cosy blankets under a heater, we had the best view of the square and got to people watch. I loved this.
My dad opted for the original Fish & Chips whilst I went for the Chicken Carolina

We sat and spoke for ages, I love listening to my dad’s stories, especially when from when he was at school and when he was younger.


To finish the night before we headed back home, just a couple of yards away from where we ate there was a group of people chanting and dancing the ‘ Hare Krishner’ I will let you do the research for yourself if you’re interested but this is an extremely uplifting, motivating and inspiring Hindu religious organisation.

It is the only religion/belief that I agree with and believe in, it has some serious energy and it was absolutely fantastic to end the night experiencing this. I guarantee everyone that watched or walked by had a smile for ear to ear. It literally touches my heart.

The Hare Krishna chant ‘briefly’ is a spiritual connection, the mantra is used as a positive meditation for its believers. They really are the kindest souls.

My dad even danced with one of the guys and I was SO surprised, I think he was certainly taken from his comfort zone (sorry dad) but I thought it was brilliant. Every time we go out in London we manage to connect with this religion, last time we went out as tourists they had a little celebration in Trafalgar Square and blessed us with flowers and peace.


I live for positivity, I believe it get’s us everything we want in life and everything we dream of  – Mind over matter – so receiving these three books from someone with so much passion and energy has really inspired me ( I have been reading every night since)


If you haven’t already guessed then you’ll know that me and my dad have a best friend kind of relationship. I am very lucky and fortunate to have a dad like mine because if I have anything to go by from his upbringing he could have been the worst parent ever but he hasn’t, he has been a true gentleman, mentor, friend, enemy, comedian and everything else in between. I am so so so blessed and appreciative because I think I would have had shoved my head in an oven a long time ago if it wasn’t for him (I have the best parents ever)

I am excited to make more memories like this in other cities across the world, they’re priceless.
My dad turning 47 this year means I’ve got 3 years to work on getting his gift for his big 50. If you read my 5 year plan you’ll see what that is…

When you’re a little younger in your teens you don’t appreciate your parents just because they aren’t your kind of cool but since becoming an official ‘adult’ there’s no better person to spend time with and do things with than your parents, who agrees? I for one know I’m going to miss them the most when I go away because they’re my best friends, my safety net, my go to people but I’m doing this for myself and most of all them because I want to fill their life with happiness and adventure. Soon come Dad.

Thank you for everything

Whoever reads this, I hope you’ve enjoyed the post – It is short and sweet but something I’ll forever cherish and of course I had to share that with you.

What’s your favourite memory with your parents or parent? What or where would you like to take them for the experience? Leave your comments below

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16 thoughts on “Father & Daughters Day Out

  1. You are and have always been my proudest achievement baby girl , being a good dad was made easier because of your beautiful spirit and your desire to be a good person to yourself and others , as I’ve said before i would have had ten kids if they were destined to turn out like you but I’m sure I struck lucky first time out !
    It was one of many lovely days we’ve had and have yet to have xxx
    Having said that , you still owe me £20 😂😇xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dad, You’re just amazing – this just made me tear up!
      i promise to keep you proud forever 🙂

      it was a lovely day yes and can’t wait for more – I will give you £20000000 for interest as well

      Love you x x x


  2. Oh Becky your relationship with your dad reminds me so much of mine & how I feel about my dad! Before I left for Australia we had numerous beautiful days out in London – its just our absolute favorite place to mooch, eat, sight-see & shop! Make the most of it – next stop Australia! I’m planning my 3 week family trip in Sydney atm, they arrive in 2 weeks. Excited is an understatement! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwwwh this makes me so happy! I love when people are close to their dad’s because it’s rare now… Defo trying to make the most of them – what a wonderful feeling that we are able to give them the opportunity to come to the other side of the world to experience

      I hope you have the most amazing time, it will be emotional seeing them ! x x x


  3. This is amazing, this story is what i one day wish to achieve with my children. This kind of love is what life is all about. One day i would like to take my mom to Scotland (we are in Canada) and i would love to do a north american Motorcycle trip with my Dad and Step Dad (yes they get along). Thank you for sharing.

    Your Father sounds like the kind of Dad i’m striving to be. (https://ddwdd.wordpress.com)


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello!

      This is one of the loveliest comments ever, thank you so much it has really touched me!

      That’s fantastic that your dad and step dad get along, what an amazing experience that would be, Scotland is incredibly beautiful btw – I hope you can do it all!

      You will certainly be a great dad especially if you set out to be!

      Have a great day – Becky x


      1. It’s wicked – a lot of people don’t seem so close with their families these days!

        PS. How do you manage all your social media accounts (twitter, insta, etc) without going crazy?! You’re a machine fam! x


  4. How lovely! My dad visited me in Brighton when I studied abroad and we had a lovely time in London, as well! I’m super close to my dad too and I can’t wait to see him again when he visits again in June.

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com


    1. Hello Rachel,

      Thank you for the comment – this is so cute and I love that you get to experience this too! How much more special does it feel when you’re older and able to appreciate things a lot more

      Have a great day x xx


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