February Reflection

And then all of a sudden it was March, February flashed by with a blink of an eye and I’m still writing January as today’s date on emails at work. It is the 9th and I’m aware that this should’ve been posted a week ago but this is a phenomenally big month for me (& so is that word) so please don’t give up on me, I am still here and determined as ever but working full time with a part time job on top and a month to go until I leave to go Australia, my organisation isn’t 100% and I am putting the more important things first.

Honestly, My February didn’t go accordingly to plan. I somewhat tried to do everything I wanted to do but didn’t seem to get too far with it, I certainly don’t feel like I achieved too much anyway *gut gripping feels*

I do however have a few favorites from the month so I will be sure to share those with you all, I will reflect on my achievements and what made me happy whilst i’ll then conclude the post with my goals for March.

February Faves


This month really was quite special in regards to being with close friends, I kind of got hit with reality when I realised that me and my friends aren’t teenagers anymore, we’re actually adults doing adult things…

I got to celebrate the soon arrival of my friends Millie and Farley’s baby girl, she had a lovely baby shower at Las Iguanas there was a lot of love and energy amo all of her guests, friends and family. It was just beautiful. I can’t explain the feeling of having a close friend creating a life in side of her, from the second I found out I was so so proud and super emotional (I’ve cried actual tears) I can’t wait to meet her espcially before I leave to go Australia. Hurry little one!


Secondly my longest going best friend Shannon is getting married next summer, can I believe it? Well yeah…I got to go see her chosen venue and look at all of the things she’s chosen to have at her big day. This also makes me really emotional, I won’t actually be seeing her until the big day, I am specifically flying home for her big day. I wouldn’t miss it for the world


On the left, I had a clear out ready to get rid of everything I don’t need but keeping a hold of, I found my parents wedding photos, although they’re not together I love the pictures so so much.

Top right was my favourite purchase of the month, A blind date with a book. I literally fell in love with the packaging and instantly knew I had to buy a book. You select the genre that takes your interest and simply put it in your basket. It is a secret and you don’t know what you’ve got until you’ve literally got it. I LOVE surprises so this was a little geeky moment for me. I promised myself to read more in 2018 so this was a great find.

Bottom left was my lunch time valentines date to Wagamamas – One of my favourite go to restaurants…if i’m honest I wasn’t expecting anything at all on valentines day so it was super special and certainly made it to my favorites. I even got a single rose!


A postcard from Leon Restaurants, Including a free meal, side and drink. It’s the little things that mean the most, I did make a complaint and this is what they sent to apologize, fantastic customer service. They know a way to a girls heart, half naked men and food!

It was the little things throughout Feb that really put a smile on my face, I was quite literally violently sick for a little while with a horrible winter bug so that did make me reflect on the positives as I had no motive to do anything else.

Goals Complete

To put it shortly, throughout February I just found a bit more security in myself. I got extended at my current job AGAIN right up until I leave to go away which was fantastic news, I was really anxious that I would’ve been out of work for March and that would’ve put a lot of pressure on myself.

I grew my network on all platforms; I increased my statistics, I got more comments on my blog posts (which I was dying for) – I reached my next milestone on WordPress and I connected with loads more wonderful bloggers on insta.

Goals for March

This is a big month for me so I feel like I have a lot to achieve and the most to do…

Spend time with family and closest friends as much as possible… it’s the last month to do so.

Keep pushing my social media and blog – Increase engagement, statistics and following I want to read 4500 on Instagram – 4000 on Twitter – more importantly gain an extra 100 followers on my blog (preferably more than) but that’s the aim.

Post 2 x blog posts a week still – Even with an overly busy schedule, as long as they’re good quality BUT try not to get down when I don’t post on the scheduled dates

Be completely organised and prepared before the beginning of April – buy/book everything I need for my travels (so much to do still oops)

Save £1500

Get the confidence to do my first vlog and do it – Preparing to travel & my leaving celebrations.

Finish my current book and start the next one… I am a slow reader, I find it quite hard so this is a big goal for me!

Walk everyday and do a little work out even if it’s for 15 minutes, I am so far from having a beach body it’s quite scary. I am also to maintain a healthy diet


The Fun Things I’m doing in March 

London Day with Papa Carver for his Birthday
Sketch Brunch with Mum
Work Leaving Drinks @ Salsa Bar
Friends Leaving meal and drinks
Family Leaving meal and drinks
Bestfriend Brunch & Shopping trip

Twitter : @beckyrosecarver
Lifestyle Instagram – @beckyrosecarver 
Event Instagram – @eyefuleventsx


5 thoughts on “February Reflection

  1. You’re naturally so gorgeous! This was such a fun read. I love Wagamamas, I went with my best friend a couple months ago. It’s delicious. I look forward to seeing your first vlog in the future and wishing you all the best with everything! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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