Urban Veda Product Review

Why not start the week with a product/brand review? You’re in for a treat considering this is the first post out of three this week! Yes, 3… I’m feeling brave aren’t I?

Early Feb I decided to go minimal on make-up, if you know me I don’t really wear that much anyway but I just wanted to stop for a while to help rejuvenate my skin from this horrid winter weather, it was dry and patchy and simply unhealthy. This has been the best thing for me at the moment and I’m so glad I made the decision as I was quite nervous…however to do the ‘minimal makeup’ thing I had to be sure my skin care regime was up to scratch.

I recently met with Johanna from the Urban Veda team at a bloggers event at the start of the year. I literally fell in love with their products from eye appealing packaging and the different ranges of products they provide for different skin types. In order for you to choose the ‘dosha type’ that is right for you, you’re advised to complete a short survey which that will allow you to discover your skin type and most suitable product based on the individuals lifestyle.

I was lucky enough and really thankful to have received the ‘Radiance and Replenishing Night cream’ from the Urban Veda team (perfect timing) to review, I have been trialing the product for a couple of weeks and I feel I’m now able to give an honest review.

I love it. Number 1 spot for my Feb Faves.


About the product 

First of all The Radiance and Replenishing Night Cream is vegan friendly, which I absolutely love to see when it comes to using beauty products.

In a 50ml pot there’s a combination of ingredients have been fused together to create a fresh smelling soothing cream that feels good from the instance you apply it onto your face and neck. Please click here to see the ingredients.

It’s described purpose is to ‘Revitalise dull and lack-lustre complexions’ by using ‘Ayurvedic-inspired infusion of antioxidant-rich botanics and omega-rich bio oils’

As advised I have been applying the cream with the tips of my fingers in a circular motion allowing my skin to absorb the product and benefit from the desired effects.

I found that the product really has replenished my skin and kept it hydrated throughout the night, when I get up in the mornings I notice a massive difference from the rough dry skin i’ve had lately and I’m looking forward to continue using the cream in my night time beauty regime.

I am confident and comfortable enough to wear no face make up throughout the day. What I love about this and the other samples I’ve tried is that you don’t need to use a lot for coverage, it spreads so well and as we all know it’s far better to apply little than a lot!



Urban Veda are now officially stocking this cream and other products of theirs in Boots which I am so happy about.
I love to build up my advantage points and having products and brands I like in these stores allows me to gain more than just the purchase, I can collect money points for my future buys.


I also received loads of mini samples of different dosha’s and product types from Urban Veda and I can’t say there’s not been one I haven’t enjoyed. They all smell and feel great and of course have their own individual purposes, I keep the day cream in my bag and use it if I feel my skin needs a little freshen up.

This is a post completely out of my own will, I always write about the things I like and the things that are perfect for me and my lifestyle and blog,

I would 100% recommend looking into Urban Veda as a brand and checking out the different products they sell, I feel the price range is perfect for good skin care

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