Be Your Own Inspiration

How many times can I say Inspiration in one post?

Note to self and all/others : Don’t envy someone’s progress, take inspiration from it. It’s hard to not get caught up in other people’s lives as we see it everywhere all day, become your own inspiration and inspire others. Seeing other people doing your dream job or living your dream life is is just living proof that it isn’t impossible – Keep pushing, strive for that success & visualize yourself in their shoes but only 10 x Better

I’ve had crazy brain the last 2 weeks, I haven’t been organised, my mind set isn’t 100% positive, I’ve been anxious and a little stressed and unlike me I’ve been extremely demotivated. I just feel as though I’ve been pulled back and left in the middle of waste land that I have had to dig myself out of. I don’t like posting content when i’m not 100% keen on it. I would rather give myself some time out and start fresh… like this post, I’ve written it 1000000 times over.

I originally planned to write a post about all the people that inspire me but instead I thought I would motivate you to inspire yourself first. Empowerment and motivation is given of differently throughout different areas in our lives so this is an overall generic inspirational post, take what you want from it, all or nothing (I wont be offended)

Be Your Own Inspiration


Yes I attempted to be cute and get one of those candid photos that every blogger/online influencer manages to ace at the cinema but this was the best I got out of 100…I guess that’s probably a record. I look at these types of pictures and still feel like everyone else is goals, Why don’t I look like that? It’s the outfit, 100% it’s a cheap number from Zara and I just don’t look great, Maybe it’s the popcorn (I just don’t know)

I thought changing the purpose of this post would be more beneficial and relatable to you all as it’s something I feel is very important. Just like we should learn to love ourselves before anyone else does, we should learn to inspire ourselves and learn to inspire others around us before actually comparing ourselves to others.

It’s only when life has it’s low points is when I get caught up in the prime pivot of social media, the part that makes me feel sad and alone, ‘ugly’ and unsuccessful.
80% of the time I shrug it of and I feel extremely proud of others for what they’ve achieved or what they’re achieving but there’s still that 20% of me that gets discouraged by others and I cant help but feel a little envious that they’ve got what I want and what feels like i’m working extra extraordinarily hard for.


This is the one that almost didn’t make the cut but I thought wait… this is the reality, me getting popcorn thrown in my face mid photoshoot at the back of a cinema screening, trying to be like the others… but instead of acing it I got this and this is what inspires me to keep doing me because I know not everything has to be perfect, not every photo has to be prim and proper it just has to be real.

I receive messages everyday asking how i’m so positive and motivated and all I can suggest is happiness and a positive mindset. People tell me I inspire them, no matter how little the reason that means so much to me and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Who Inspires me?

For a while now I’ve followed this blogger, I was instantly drawn to her via Instagram when I caught onto one of her stories where she was being really open about how she felt in regards to the trolling/negativity towards her and her platforms. I sat and stalked, way back down her blog and her social media feeds and just grew this instant obsession, not a weird one, just a genuine heart felt one.

This person is Lydia Elise Millen – I really lost my motive and got myself down about my blog and about life in general, who then writes an inspirational post? My inspiration! Coincidentally she posted ‘How to get your mojo back’ when I really needed it, its like she knew.

Lydia has this exceptional presence that ouzos through my screen, It’s like my future self can relate to her and that’s what makes her my inspiration. Like I said earlier in the post, don’t be envious of those that have the things you want, it’s living proof that it isn’t impossible.

I’ve enjoyed watching her vlogs, reading her posts and just seeing stages in her life that are quite simply just wonderful. Her wedding day for instance was just phenomenal and extremely pleasing for the event enthusiast in me and seeing her happiness after moving into her new DREAM home with her husband Ali Gordon.

I admire her because she works hard and she has everything to show for it, her journey has been incredible and I just love her determination, passion and energy. She is constantly promoting positivity and spreading happiness.


I am inspired by different people everyday, friends family colleagues and all the lovely people I follow and that follow me, it could range from style to success, motivation, money, love and everything else in between.

My Top Tips To Become Your Own Inspo


Plan plan & Plan… This is all I ever do… referring back to my previous posts you’ll see how persistent I am with planning, Keeping it all in a nice diary or somewhere I can quickly refer to is my favourite thing to do as there’s no better inspiration than following your own goals and looking back on the ‘plans’ and seeing how far you’ve come with them.

Be Positive

Earlier on in the year I posted  ‘How to stay positive & motivated in 2018’  these are my top tips to stay positive, I am a very happy and an extremely (most of the time) positive person. I see the good in everything or at least I try to, this guides me through the ‘crazy minded’ times where I think everything is quite frankly shit. I suggest reading or watching The Secret.

Keep Pushing

The first thing that springs to mind is that Mean Girls scene ‘I’m a pusher, I push people’  Push yourself, you know your limits so only you can do it. Don’t give up on anything, just keep going because you never really know how close you are to getting what you want. When you overcome hurdles and other obstacles you will be so so  proud of yourself and the outcome and you’ll become and inspiration to yourself and others.

 ‘When the going gets tough the tough get’s going’

Make Yourself Feel Good

Dress up, take pictures, go out and turn heads, post that perfect picture that you love but cant stop over analyzing. It never matters what people say at the end of the day, if you feel good embrace it.

I’ve recently gone ‘minimal’ on make up, I never really wear much anyway but I’ve scrapped foundation and I’ve also stopped wearing mascara, I honestly felt nervous about doing it but I’ve never felt more fresher and free.

Look Around

You’ll often see on my Instagram that I do the most random things, I recently posted a photo of the incredible buildings I am surrounded by at work. I took it upon myself to do a little history lesson on ‘Fleet Street’ where I work and was just amazed with what I picked up in 20 minutes.

The point is put down your phones and look around you, embrace your surroundings…THIS is sooooo inspiring, learn something new instead of looking at peoples outfits or dinner choices online, live in the moment.

It’s important to reflect on yourself and see if you’re able to value yourself as inspiration to others, everyone needs someone to look up to and learn from so it’s best to highlight an area you’re good at and focus on it. Change someones perception on things and make them feel good, In a world of envy and self pitty be an inspiration and take inspiration from others.

I hope you’ve loved this post and actually taken something from it, never worry about anyone else, put yourself first. Be appreciative for every little thing and every human existence you encounter. Talk to people, even strangers.. elevate and empower.

Comment your thoughts…
Let me know who inspires you and why?
How would you want to inspire others?

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11 thoughts on “Be Your Own Inspiration

  1. Hello Becky

    This is a wonderful post, you are certainly an inspiration and I would love my nieces or future daughters to look up to someone like you. You are beautiful and extremely genuine, never change that even when you become a famous influencer

    Great post x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Totally in love with this. Very good idea to shift the focus on yourself instead to give us reasons why we can be our own inspirations. Might I add the first paragraph of this post touched my soul! ❤️ I’m all for it. Just the genuiness alone has inspired me!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes!! That’s what I’ve been focusing on and my blog is all about that beauty lies in being yourself. My goal in life is to aspire to inspire. I’m my own competition and I always encourage women out there to embrace their flaws and inspire others by focusing on yourself & strengths.


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