Otto’s Brunch Review – Sevenoaks

But First, Brunch!

Is it even the weekend if you don’t have a brunch? Ehhh No it isn’t.
I spend a significant amount of time thinking about food, looking at pictures of food and of course eating food so it’s only right I go eat good food in different places and share it with you.


On Saturday 10th February Otto’s was the chosen spot.
Situated on a corner of a little town in Sevenoaks Kent was this old-time minimised house.

As I walked in there was an instant coffee shop feel, it was cosy and the mood seemed right for the winter downfall outside. With the sight of fresh cakes, the smell of warm drinks brewing and instant hello’s from the staff. A great first impression.

You could sit along a breakfast bar facing the windows where you would watch the locals pass by or head up to the second or third floor where there was additional seating, this had more of a dining kind of feel, Far from modern (which I prefer) there were wooden bench seats and tables pretty standard but very well suited.
The low ceilings had wooden beams and the walls had different pieces of art available to purchase.

I just knew it was going to be a brunch experience worth blogging when I had the comforting feel of the atmosphere we were surrounded with, there were older and younger couples, a group of friends and a family enjoying what we were about to enjoy.



The first priority was to order in the caramel lattes, they were served warm for more flavour. When checking the menu I instantly opted for the vegetarian breakfast and a side of toast because I knew it would be something a little different, My Brunching partner then went for the Otto’s house breakfast.

I had no idea the food was going to be presented the way it was… I simply ‘Wowed’ when it was placed.


This was the house breakfast, for £11.50 you got a perfectly cooked breakfast with locally sourced produce –  crispy smoked bacon, sausage, house beans, black pudding, roasted flat mushroom, poached egg, cherry tomatoes and pan-fried rainbow chard.


Who said vegetarians have boring meals? because they’re so wrong. After taking pictures and admiring the presentation I mixed it all up and spread it on top of my side of sourdough toast.

This was a baked sweet potato rosti stacked with a sweet chilli black bean sales, chilli and lime smashed avo, poached egg and home-made garlic and basil pesto – £10

After reading a few reviews before hand I got the sense that the staff/chefs would do whatever they could to make sure your food and experience would be tailored to you. It was possibly the best find on the of chance and I am so happy to be able to share it with you, for any locals or any brunch/food lovers out there that don’t mind the travel from wherever you are I wouldn’t miss the chance.

When we went down to pay the bill I was literally like, ‘where’s the kitchen?’ because the place was just so narrow and tiny (it was in the basement) I wanted to actually thank the chef/chefs personally but didn’t want to intrude so if by chance they see this then this post is the compliment. I left with a loyalty card which to me is a subtle invitation back but one I will be willing to take…

(Otto’s Website)

I hope you all enjoyed my review, Please let me know if you go or if you’ve been, leave it in the comments… I am also open for recommendations for other places to go – like this…

Happy Sunday my loves – Please give me a follow and send me some love.

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Love Becky x

3 thoughts on “Otto’s Brunch Review – Sevenoaks

  1. This looks amazing, What a great review too; short sweet and straight to the point! I’ve just looked at their website and it goes look amazing! Love your posts x


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