January Reflection – Part of My 5 year Plan

Hello My Lovely Lot…

This was meant to be posted last night (Monday 5th) but the post disappeared so I’ve had to start it all over again today. Annoying right? With that being said I’m able to have a little moan about Tuesday, who else thinks it’s the worst day of the week? I do.

Let’s get started…

Over the last month I was so in the moment and embracing everything that was coming with it that I didn’t notice how much of a drag January supposedly was, maybe it was just me but was it really that bad?

As 2018 is the year I started my 5 year plan I’ve made myself yearly, monthly and of course short-term weekly goals. I’m pleased to say I started to get the ball rolling pretty swiftly and I’m over the moon with results so far. My first post of this year was on ‘How to stay motivated and positive throughout 2018’   the first point I made was to keep a journal, be organised and make goals, So I am making it my ‘thing’ to reflect back on each month and see what progress I’ve made, what lessons I’ve learnt and what I’ve got to love…


I grew my social media & blog followers as planned, I’ve made this as a priority goal for my social media platforms and blog each month for obvious reasons (If you’re here to support the growth then here are my accounts – Twitter : @beckyrosecarver
Lifestyle Instagram – @beckyrosecarver even though they fluctuate like mad due to those users that follow and unfollow everyone..grrr!

I went my first bloggers event of the year and networked with other bloggers ( I aim to do this a lot throughout this year and in the future) it is so empowering meeting people with the same passion and ambitions as you with no intention of competing.

Got to collaborate with a couple of brands to feature in my blog

Extended my contract with a job

Booked my flight to Australia & 5 days accommodation for my arrival & got my backpack (Thank you Dad)

This is something I have done for a long time but I’ve made it my biggest goal to stick to for 2018, I set myself long-term and short-term goals every year,  month and week… Even if they’re the smallest of things they can make the biggest differences and have significant impact on the larger things… If you don’t already do it you should start.

I believe it is important to put out your goals to the universe, You attract more of what you want when you’re able to reflect on the things you’re thankful for, You are also more determined to work for things when you’ve put it out there for everyone to see (you don’t have to tell everyone every single thing, it is okay and sometimes important to keep certain things to yourself and not over the internet.


I thought I would also include some of my favourite things I come across in January – this is a complete and utter miss match post but I have so many little thing’s I’ve loved throughout the month and know they would be of interest to you all if you’re seeking some inspo!

Netflix Marathons


The Sinner – Wow, let’s just start with saying that Me and my dad binge watched this in an entire day, I went to Instagram and asked for people’s views before hand and I was soon swamped with 100’s of messages saying how brilliant it was. The first 10 minutes had me hooked, I gasped and then that’s when my dad was like ‘What you watching’ I started it from the beginning and that was it… 10pm came around and we had both finished it! It was quite literally the most intense series i’ve ever seen, full of different emotions and plot twists, I rank The Sinner up there with my top 5 episodes.

Black Mirror – I got myself round to watching the new episodes of Black Mirror season 4, as usual they were insanely weird but I enjoyed them! My order of preference would be 1, Black museum, 2, Hang the DJ 3, Arkangel 4, Crocodile & 5, Metal Head

The Punisher – this is also ranked up there with my top 5 favourite episodes, 2 in one month.. has to be. I’ve never been into Marvel but this was fantastic! I also received loads of messages regarding The Punisher and I’ve got a lot of people into it as well after waffling about it on my Instagram stories. Full of action; deaths, blood, guts, weapons and whatever else so it’s not for the faint hearted – underlined with a heart-gripping story line, I fell in love with Frank (The main man) so in love.



My dad wrote a porno – a friend of mine recommended this to everyone on his Facebook and in the same day I see 2 other people talk about it on twitter so I felt as though I just had to start listening. This has me smiling from ear to ear on my way to and from work (on the train) do people think I’m insane? Probably yes BUT it is so so worth it!

Quality Time 

(Hey Dad)

I am seriously overwhelmed with the amazing people I have around me, Knowing that I’m soon of to Australia everyone has come together to make my last few months amazing, I have been spending quality time with both my parents and my amazing friends – they’ve all been putting tonnes of effort into doing and planning different things to experience  with me before I head off.

The hardest thing ever is not being able to split yourself into 100 pieces so everyone can spend equally the amount of time but it’s impossible so I’m literally filling up my diary with tonnes of plans week in and week out. Moments like these you really learn who’s there and you really learn how to love with a whole heart and appreciate what you’ve got.. This has been a massive lesson and a great one at that for the start of 2018.

Girly Bits

This is so random but worth touching upon..For the first time in so many years of having my nails done I scrapped the acrylics and went for gel polish on my own nails and I genuinely think I will stick to this forever in the rest of my future. I certainly feels and looks more fresh, classy and a little more clean!


Girls That Grow 

Now this has come at the right time, A beautiful friend of mine has grown a wonderful platform for female empowerment, her mission is to inspire, teach, listen and most of all bring together us females (Sorry guys)

This is incredibly moving and I am so proud of her and the journey she has taken over the last few years to make this happen. Gratitude is good and she deserves all of the wonderful things that will come her way from being an inspiration to all women.

If you could check out her site to find out a little more and see the beautiful work she’s putting into this movement,

 x x

I hope you’ve enjoyed my January 2018 post and got a little inspiration from it, Whether it’s cuddling up on the sofa binge watching Netflix via my suggestions, making a diary and setting yourself goals and sticking to them or plan to spend more quality time with loved ones.

The pleasure is mine as always, I would like to end this on a massive thank you to everyone that follows me and my blog and thank you for the ongoing support… Hello to all the new people and hello to my ordinary

Please leave a comment, Start a chat, say hello! What are your goals for Feb? What have you got coming up? Please comment below

Much Love; Becky x

4 thoughts on “January Reflection – Part of My 5 year Plan

  1. Hello Beautiful, Another amazing post ! I love how genuine you are and how you keep everything real all of the time. I need to make short term goals weekly and monthly so I feel like I’m actually being productive

    Could you do a Q&A post or something kind of similar like a personal TAG post, Would love to know a bit more about you, I am intrigued to know more about you in the least weirdest way possible!



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