Valentines – The Month of Love,Why I Love it !

*Insert Love Quote Here* 

Here it is, the month of love. I’m not going to pretend to be one of them singletons that hates love and hates guys because I don’t, I LOVE it all – (seriously sign me up).

Before I continue I don’t have time for the people that are against Valentines for whatever reason, those that will have their negative input by saying it’s a ‘money making’ scheme or ‘you should show you love your partner everyday not just the one day’ blahhh they’re boring, It’s an annual holiday just do as you please and celebrate your lovely other however the f*ck you like… It’s just like saying your day of birth is irrelevant too.

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I love valentines for many reasons I just dislike the proposals, I just think it’s just a lazy day (unless that’s when you met) so if my future man is reading this you know what not to do.


A, We all know everyone will be getting up to the goody goody at some point in that 24 hours, whoever we look at in work or on the train will be going home to have sex…

B, I love that people will up their a-game in the bedroom, if you haven’t considered it then make sure you do, watch a porno (make a porno) and get yourself feeling baaaaaad, get some tips do what you’ve got to do BUT remember not to set the standards too high because your significant other may want to repeat the scenes and we all know that if you’re not in the mood the next  day then you’re back to square one.

Ladies, get yo self a sexy outfit. Huns make yourself feel good and you will do good.


I love that you can be creative with gifts and date nights. It isn’t in everyones budget to go out for a swanky meal or go to a nice spa and a 5* hotel for the night, not. a. chance.

I asked my social media darlings what their favourite date night or ideal date night would be and these were the responses..

  • A night in with a home cooked meal, Our favourite film and snacks…No Phones (Unless it’s for recording…)
  • Breakfast in bed & little cute notes everywhere, My boyfriend does this all the time but I think valentines was the first time he did it a couple of years ago and it was just the cutest.
  • One of the best date nights I’ve ever had was making a duvet den, we binge watched films, ordered a take away and done a dessert tasting, we had a 2/3 bottles of wine too… it was fun
  • Both me and my girlfriend work in the City, we find things to do all year but every year we dedicate a day out together just as a mutual valentines present/date. We will go somewhere different every time to tick of our bucket list, we don’t ever get each other presents unless they’re silly ones.
  • A weekend away on a city break, They’re the best and a nice way to spend intimate time with your other half

”My very own favourite valentines was actually my kind of perfect, me and my partner at the time met after work and went to Oxford Street and tucked ourselves into a little Pizza Hut, before he arrived I put little hearts on the table and got a bottle of prosecco – he came with a single rose and it was just so bloody cute. We wanted to do what we done best and that was eat. Just a standard evening with no pressure it was lovely.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 21.43.42.png
My Favorite Gift Ideas

It all depends on you as an individual, no one should feel pressure when it comes to Valentines day, you don’t have to spend a penny so don’t feel obliged to…guys we all know we can be a little demanding but there’s no need so don’t stress it, However if you’ve got it, go for it!

Be fun with your gifts, make them yourself or make it really personal so it just means something to the both of you.

Flowers are still and will always be the simplest but nicest gesture.

Make a scrapbook of all your beautiful memories but give it space for the story to continue….

Surprise your other half,  guys decorate the room, use petals & candles.. send them a box of their favourite things to their work ( My fave option) …It really is just the simple things.

Breakfast in bed and then return the favor with a massage


I love that the single friends will get together for a meal or for some kind of girls/guys night, probably be heading straight to the movies to see the new 50 Shades of Grey because what else would a bunch of singletons do other than coo over a sexual fantasy?

Valentines isn’t always about showing love to your other half, My parents have always got me a card and my dad has occasionally got me flowers (probably because they feel sorry for me) BUT it is the cutest and I will always do the same back to them


Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 21.48.17.png


love the social media thirst that comes with valentines, we get that people have got to do what they’ve got to do but we all see the statuses in desperation for a date or the subtle hints of getting a pandora ring or a bunch of roses, it doesn’t don’t go unseen & I just love that shit!

Am I guilty? Maybe… I don’t require a date I just want a lunch sent to my office with a little ‘enjoy’ note.


You can be cheesy as fuck and it will be acceptable (24 hours only, don’t push it) be  soppy, wear your bright red jumper to work & have baby pink nails, be extra happy & just be way over the top, you can even maybe do some PDA and it will be acceptable…but again don’t push it because I know many people like me think it is gross.  Maybe even snog a stranger see how that goes… What I love most is those that take one for the team and tell someone how they feel, even if it is someone you obsess over via social media just bloody go for it darling!


So that’s me and my reasons to love Valentines. There’s no reason to not enjoy it single or not and there’s no reason to break the bank over it… It is all about quality time for sure, busy lifestyles and a comfortable relationship does sometime lack spark so why shouldn’t anyone go all out for it just to remind their partners that it’s there.

This year I am single again… and like the many years before last I will be working my 8.30-5pm job and then starting on my second job at 7pm – 1pm, The worst thing was that I wasn’t initially booked in but my mum’s friend has a date so i’m covering her!!
I must be really lacking something on the dating front.

I can’t wait to see what you all get up too, With that being said, what is your favourite thing to do on valentines? What has been your best one to date? & What kind of things have you given or received?

Share below & give us a comment!

All my love, Becky x

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6 thoughts on “Valentines – The Month of Love,Why I Love it !

  1. This has made me laugh, I love the first bit about the sex, so honest but so true! I wont look at anyone the same on Valentines ever again! Great read, I love you blog posts, I have been following for a while now and you can see the amount of passion and love that goes into it just from the progress that you’ve made… Cant wait to see your travels x Aimee

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  2. YES! I love this and totally agree. I love Valentine’s Day, it’s just nice! I knew someone who always said it was ‘commercial’ ‘just for Clintons to make money’ etc etc… til she got a boyfriend and then she lapped it up! People who say they don’t like it cos you should treat your partner every day – well same goes for Mother’s Day but they all love that! I could rant for a while about this clearly!


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