London Blogger Event

London Blog Event ‘ 27th January 2018

Venue : Purple Patch – London

It has been a great month and a fantastic start to 2018 for me, I am a little worried about the speed of time at the moment but as long as you’re not wasting a moment of it then that’s fine. So far every weekend and every ounce of my spare time has consisted of extra work. I’m constantly doing something and surprisingly I don’t feel over worked I feel: excited, motivated and appreciative for everything that comes along with the busy lifestyle i’m currently living.


Over the weekend I attended my first blogger event of 2018, I had such a great time I thought I would share my experience with you.

Throughout the day I got to listen to other bloggers talk about their experiences and share with us what they knew to help us grow as online influencers.

‘How to win as a micro influencer’
‘How to become a full time blogger’
Rosie Dean (Cupcake babe!) –
@Nikitachandni – ‘How to balance a full time job with a blog’
  ‘How to monetize your blog’
 – ‘Confidence and positivity in blogging’

I took away something from every single one of these ladies, if you’re a blogger yourself and want to know more about the given topic than i’m sure they will welcome your messages with open arms. I am also more than happy to share with you what I know (working progress).


Margo Carolo

I had the pleasure of seeing these beautiful collection pieces from the  fabulous luxury  womenswear brand, Margo Carlo. I loved everything about what was on display, the material, print, ‘wow’ factor, packaging and even the kind team behind the brand.





Urban Veda

I’m officially a big fan of the Urban Veda products, probably more so after I trial the lovely freebies I received from them. They’re a combination of natural ingredients to suit different people with different complexions and skin care types.

I had to fill out a questionnaire to help find my ‘dosha result’ – Mine was Pitta Vata (The orange product) There were different types of products to chose from rather than just body lotions, Give them a browse and see for yourself !


The Tumeric Co.

With over 10 years of product development, The Tumeric Co have created different formulas containing 5g shots of turmeric and other ingredients as a natural remedy for a range of health benefits.

Check out their website to find out a little more information and start your weekly subscription or your one of purchase. I would also recommend looking into the benefits of this amazing product just to get validation, It’s true…the benefits are amazing.



I didn’t take any pictures of this brand but as summer is basically around the corner and the spring sunshine is even closer, Check out the wonderful @flame-lily & the lovely unique product collection she had on show for us!



So, if you want a full detailed explanation of this subscription box then head over to my Instagram (@beckyrosecarver) where you will find my review in my ‘Highlights’ – I am all for it…this is a fantastic idea for females and their time of the month.. We all deserve a little treat and comfort and I truly believe this will be the answer for it!

Pink Parcel you are fantastic.


I am a sucker for a sweet tooth, I can’t not have a treat a day… what’s the point, Are people ever really happy without snacking? I don’t think so! Inside our goodie bags from the event there were a selection of brownies and other desserts to try from @DeBaere

I have to say their brownies have taken the highest ranking on my favourite brownie list.  The best thing is that they cater for everyone (or mostly everyone) by having a vegan and gluten free options, I know how frustrating and complicated it can be for people with special dietary requirements to enjoy life little pleasures so it’s great they’re helping those in need.


I had a great opportunity to network with other bloggers and vloggers, which I must say are all so beautiful and lovely! I find it extremely inspiring to meet other people who have the same passion and vision without feeling like they’re in competition.

2018 is the year I started my 5 year plan (only a month in) but my mindset and vision is stronger than ever because of the surroundings I’ve put myself in, I am more motivated than ever because I’m seeing the results I’ve been working hard for and I know consistency is key, there’s so much I need to learn and I need to master the scheduling technique for a couple of weeks or months in advance so I’m not left with no content one week.

A massive appreciation shout out to the two lovely ladies that planned/organised and hosted their first blogger event – Giulia Smith & Ana De-Jesus – It was a great a success you should be so proud, I look forward to the next one…

Finished the day with food…


This was a bit of a guilty pleasure, if you you’ve been following you’ll know I’ve not been eating meat and I’m doing everything to completely cut it out during the first quarter of 2018 however when I visit some of my favourite restaurants it’s proving to be a little more difficult… in all fairness it is an American diner predominantly an all meat menu… I did try but failed to succeed, however I’m not letting one day ripple into the next day, that was it! (It did taste so good look how happy I am)

This is Grand Central in Basildon, the food is incredible & the portions are more than enough for one individual… cocktails also top it. My go to place around the area as everything is just a bit samey same.

It’s been my pleasure to have you all join me on my weekend experience! I hope you’ve got some information / contacts and or even benefited from the brands I’ve promoted.. please do check them out and let me know what you think!

                          All my love ; Becky

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