Moxy Hotel Stratford

In an ideal world I would travel the world & stay in every possible review-worthy hotel, Of course it’s still part of my plan to do so.
I absolutely love the Hotel life, I don’t do it near enough as much as I want to but when I do I actually have the best of times, it’s a great basis for escapism, relaxation and a little bit of luxury in a home away from home.

I recently found the perfect spot for any adult to stay on various occasions, whether you need to rest your head for a business meeting or if you’re looking for an ideal spot for the weekend with a partner or friends – better yet like me maybe, you need a night to yourself and some personal space,  Moxy Hotel is the place to go.

Perfect for : Entertainment, Sight Seeing & Attractions

Just a stones throw away from Stratford station & Westfield Stratford City this hotel really is in the perfect location or all public transport (even if you miss the last train and come back at 3am). You have plenty of local bars and restaurants – even a casino if that’s something you’d fancy & you then of course have the amazing Olympic Park & West Ham United stadium, Local supermarkets and ‘go to shops’ if/when needed and most importantly direct to central London.

I was honestly very pleased with the presentation of this hotel, even though it’s fairly new I still didn’t expect it to be the way it was for the value that was paid (£65 for one night). It was very smart, creative, warming and certainly modern.

The Room 

The room was very basic but an absolute dream, it provided me with everything I needed and most of all that perfect comfort ‘home away from home’ it was certainly more than what I expected from a standard room.

As I entered I see everything in the open planned room. To my left there were a couple of coat hooks and a couple of hangers on the wall ‘polls’, that supposedly is the new ‘wardrobe’ style. I personally didn’t mind this as it was a little different but the room did lack storage space.

Directly ahead there was a flat screen TV highlighted with bright lights – as seen. The best bit of furniture was directly opposite and that was the bed. It was delightfully comfortable, it was firm but soft to touch, as were the pillows. I am a sucker for a nice bed, my full night sleep confirmed that.

There was one fault that I didn’t quite get and that was that there wasn’t a phone, so if you wanted/needed something you would have to go get it yourself, I know this sounds lazy but I always assume hotels would have room service, being on the top floor it’s not ideal. There also wasn’t a kettle or any drinking glasses, am I being too picky?

There was plenty of good lighting and mirror space, as a female this is very important to know and admittedly very much appreciated.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was small but very stylish, I’m guessing all room types will be different but mine had a lovely walk in power shower that was quite spacious, a sink that had plenty of side space for all my toiletries and make up and funnily enough there was a toilet. All rectangular to one another so it was literally a compact bathroom.

The bath room also had complimentary necessities like shampoo and conditioners and a hairdryer (in case you forget yours) so this was a little bonus

Hotel Communal Areas

I am completely and utterly obsessed with the unique yet modern interior design of this hotel, It really wasn’t like any hotel i’ve been in before and all I kept thinking was the price, it was just so worth it.

There was plenty of seating perfect for day time reading, meetings, games, socializing, working, eating or drinking.  It it literally perfect for young adults and above. As you can see though the images I took, it is certainly exciting, warming, vibrant and fun…not a moment of dullness.

You could do/play with whatever you wanted, it wasn’t just for show. I loved the games table it certainly brought back some childhood memories. They type writer and hungry Hippo game did it for me.

As seen above there was a lovely extended lounge just the other side of the bar with more seating & games, music and the obvious big screen TV.

I never sat to eat or drink at the bar but it was lively and everything and everyone just seemed to fit in well with the general experience of the hotel.

The bar is merged with the reception so you wouldn’t miss it as you walked in, everything is within a short distance so there’s no confusion.


C O M I C – C O R N E R 

Last but not least the complimentary breakfast. The breakfast was continental so it had all of the basics; toast, cereals, yogurt, fruit & pastries – it also had a small section with hot beans, boiled eggs & choices of cheese and ham.

I have a love hate relationship with this type of breakfast, it’s like the equivalent of a house party’s finger buffet it’s rubbish but you can’t stop eating it anyway… to wash it down you have unlimited hot drinks and cold juices to suit your mood.

So that was that, you can help yourself to whatever you want and as much as you want.

Overall it was a pleasurable experience, I opted not to eat and drink at the hotel as I got my own drink and snacks for the room and I went for dinner in Westfield, I presume this would be a better option if you fancy something in particular . The staff were friendly and helpful but also left you to do whatever you wanted.

As I first mentioned, this hotel would be perfect for a weekend or overnight visit. I probably wouldn’t say it’s child friendly due to the hotel environment but it is very fun and engaging for friends, couples and businessmen/women wanting to be in the city or close to where they want to go.

I hope you enjoyed my review! I highly recommended this place for many reasons, I hope to see you stay soon!

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