Dream Countdown


Okay, So this is exciting – my first ‘Travel Post’ because can you guess ? Yes of course i’m going travelling yay, Everything is booked & confirmed and the countdown is now on

68 Days!

I want nothing more than to bring you along with me from this stage on wards, This is my dream journey so having the ability to combine my experiences with my beloved blog and all of you is just a little bit of heaven on earth for me. Life’s little pleasures.

The planning process has just been a mental sketch pretty much my entire adult/teenage life. I can vaguely remember the urge of wanting to go but I cant really remember where the desire came from and when it actually started. My plans were all a bit mismatched but my dream of travelling and working in Australia hasn’t changed at all.


The main reasons I want to document my travels from this stage is to keep the engagement between myself and you going, this is a big part of my life moving forward and I want you to hear all about it.

Secondly, If you’re planning to travel or do something similar yourself then I would love to support you by explaining my experiences and sharing with you my top tips/recommendations and everything I find useful along the way – the good the bad and my very honest thoughts and opinions.

Nevertheless this is life & this is my lifestyle blog – You will get to see my journey, you’ll get to see me in every way good, bad & probably very backpacker ugly – I vow to show you my experiences even at the rawest of times so I will be completely honest about every little thing.

Last but not least, I guess this is a way for all of my friends and family near and far to keep an eye on me and see what i’ve been getting up to but that’s just expected.


If you haven’t already seen or haven’t already gathered then just so you know I am going to Australia. I can promise you that this has been my dream to do so since I could ever remember (ASK MY MUM) even wayyyyy before social media became an inspirational platform so please understand my excitement.

Here’s the start of my travel journal I guess!

The Process

Visa Application 

I applied for a working holiday class visa (Subclass 417) – This entitles me to stay in Australia for an entire year travelling, it gives you access to complete 3 months agricultural work (not necessary unless you want your 2nd year visa granted) – You’re able to be employed but within reason and I believe that’s to not work with the same employer for any longer than 6 month. This visa type is ideal for me as I plan to travel and complete the 88 day farming seeing as I want to extend my stay for as long as possible.

IF you’re applying for a visa please make sure you complete the application through the Australian government website, the last thing you want is doing it on a dodgy site and handing your money over to a scammer, please just do it correctly, even if you think you find it for £50 cheaper

The application process was as long as expected but it was very straight forward and done within 15 minutes (Make sure you use a laptop to do it and have all your passport details with you, I think maybe your NI number too…)

I can’t speak on everyone’s behalf but my visa was approved straight away, I literally had an email within the same hour confirming that mine was granted, however I do know people that have waited almost 3 weeks for theirs.

Flights booked

So I have chosen to fly with Singapore Airlines as I’ve had the most reviews on how fantastic they are to fly with and have been told the entire experience is 5* whether you’re in Economy or business class. I’ve had no other recommendations quite like theirs so I opted for a guaranteed good experience for my first long haul flight,  Above all that the flights were actually really bloody cheap as well – A One way flight straight to the Gold Coast was £550 (wowza). I chose to go for a shorter layover in Singapore because I didn’t want to get to Australia too late in the day and I kind of wanted to get the flights out the way!


Booking my flights took a little longer and I thought it was the most difficult decision to make but something just clicked over the weekend and my mind was setting stone, things just fall into place. I originally planned to go on the 16th of April because I didn’t want to be alone on my 23rd birthday (which is on the the 13th April) the second decision was based on the fact I was going to fly straight to Brisbane, I don’t really know why I just had it in my head that that was the place I needed to start…but no.

I decided I wanted to spend my birthday in the Gold Coast so that’s where I’m flying directly to, I also chose to fly on the 9th April so I’m actually going to be there for my birthday – what an experience that will be right?

For now this is all the progress that has been made, the next thing to do on my list is book accommodation/hostels – find a backpack – plan my birthday day out & find myself the perfect camera – with that being said, if anyone has any recommendations for any of the above then please comment and give me what you’ve got – all is welcome !

I am interested in connecting with other travel bloggers or anyone who’s done the Australian trip & the 3 months farming just to hear all about it and get some tips so if yourself or someone you know has done so you can reach me though my social media platforms & my email (via the contact tab)


4 thoughts on “Dream Countdown

  1. Well done beaut, great start to the new to pursue your goals. Just from reading your previous blog posts, I can tell your well excited and intrigued to go Australia. It’s been a long wait! I know a few people who have been and said great things, so lap it all up hunni and be safe when you travel! Look forward to your posts there, especially cause I’d love to add Australia to my travel blog lol and I grew up watching home and away and neighbours haha. Anyway all the best hun, your doing well x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment!! It really has been a long wait, the countdown is quickly dropping as well!

      Of course, keep your eyes peeled, if you have any questions i am happy to help however I can! That’s so cute, make sure you do visit – keep it on your list! I always watched it too and wanted to visit their suburban homes

      You keep doing you too miss, have a great weekend x x x

      Liked by 1 person

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