Proper ‘Vegan’ Meals

Week 1 – Done (wow) Can we believe it’s the 7th day of 2018 already? Absolutely not

I am really pleased with myself for getting straight back into a health kick because I would’ve easily slumped it for another week or even 2.
This time around my diets a little different, my New Years ‘resolution’ that I don’t really like to claim as a resolution is to eat less meat, I already started a few months ago and to my surprise it’s gone really well, I’m not a vegan so I’m not claiming to be as I am still eating fish and very rarely the odd bit of chicken is added to my meals. With that being said I’ve enjoyed experimenting with vegan meals and I’ve noticed a massive difference with my health (mental and physical health) since doing so.


My favourite food prep Proper Meals has now launched a vegan menu and I am all for it – The increasingly large number of people finally doing the no meat / vegan / vegetarian transition is incredible and I am more than happy to promote the places that are listening to their customers needs and actually fulfilling them.

I was first to snap up the opportunity to try out the new menu to broaden my options, I started using this service a few months back as it’s the only meal prep that uses quality ingredients but also prepares decent meals or should I say ‘Proper’ meals, they’re not preparing the standard chicken rice and veg that you can cook up for yourself at home you can see my last post here if you’re interested in the non-vegan options  I do recommend finding out a little more about what they do and having a look for yourself on their website.



Mixed beans, cabbage, kale with rice noodles cooked in a tomato sauce.
Garlic chickpeas & mushrooms, spiced spinach with quinoa.
Asian spiced veg, sautéed cabbage with rice.
Spicy beans, spinach, kale & fresh chilli with rice. 


These are the current meals on offer from the vegan menu but I’ve been informed there will be more added in the near future.

I have tried all of what’s on the menu and can’t really say I had a favourite, they were just really good – I did however enjoy the noodles and the Garlic chickpeas dish, certainly something I wouldn’t have thought to cook for myself

 All of the meals are nicely cooked & are full of flavour , the portions are great and massively convenient to carry about if you’re busy and struggle to find the time to prepare your own food or even find time in the day to eat like me…

The Meal Deals

You can check out all of the ‘Meal plans’ here and see what kind of packages are available to see what would suit you, whether you’d like 1 meal a day or a complete full days worth of food – this is all depending on your diet requirements and your fitness goals and of course your weekly food budget.

I literally love their recent meal deal option –  You get a choice of a vegan main or a standard main + fresh pressed vegan juice – you really don’t find this kind of thing anywhere else



I have attached all of the relevant links for you to find out more information in regards to the ‘Vegan’ options and of course the standard mains but if you have any questions feel free to comment and ask me, I will point you in the right direction – better still contact the team through their website or their social media platforms @_propermeals

Once again, thank you for taking a moment to read, I look forward to seeing your experience with Proper Meals!

BC x












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