Stay positive and motivated in 2018

Well here it is, I blinked and we are all of a sudden few days into 2018. So I guess I can now wish you all A Happy New Year – I really hope it’s as amazing as you set out for it to be because I sure am excited to potentially create the best year of my life…

I’ve started the year a little unmotivated and groggy because of course, I am ill, yet again. I don’t usually have a negative mindset as I’m usually the ‘motivating one’ especially when I’ve got so much to look forward to so I’ve just got to pick myself up and complete the little tasks I usually do to stay focused, motivated and most of all positive.

I thought I would share with you these few little things I do on a daily basis, you may follow some of these already but then again you may not, I find these all work wonders for me to stay on track and keep my head above the water.

Keeping a Journal 

I am addicted to handling a journal, I am just obsessed with them.
I have officially started my very first bullet journal which I’m kinda regretting at the moment, i’m a perfectionist and I’ve already messed up my first few pages but I guess that’s the fun of it, just one big book of messy notes.

A journal is a great way to keep organised; you can make day-to-day to do lists, make notes, doodle, stay creative, keep a diary or do whatever the hell you want with it.

It doesn’t need to be perfect it just needs to work so you understand it. I have created pages I can contribute to throughout the year; 2018 goals, a vision board, social media statistics, blogging schedule, finances and a week by week planner for every month of the upcoming year & a gratitude page (so far)

I’ve used this picture from Pinterest so my bullet journal and previous journals look NOTHING like these perfect ones you see online… dammit

My favourite place to find the nicest journals/diaries is of course Paperchase, I have collected many of their hand stitched/woven books which are ideal for keeping an organisd life balance


Take Your Time 

Take your time with everything, don’t rush!
Don’t rush a deadline, don’t rush your food, don’t rush your make up in the mornings, nothing… allow yourself to have a moment to do everything, plan accordingly, wake up 15 minutes early, get an earlier train, slow down dinner time, do whatever it takes.

I don’t have a reason for this or any scientifically proven evidence, I just know it’s important and we cannot simply rush everything we do because we aren’t actually always ‘busy’ we just like to think we are.

Everyone get’s so caught up in life that we rush so much and we actually miss so much in the process. I recently read a great post from Beth Sandland on our obsession with being busy and I must say it couldn’t be any closer to the truth, G U I L T Y.


Do what you Love – Find your passion

If you haven’t already done so, make it your goal to find something you love to do this year, last year I found my passion for blogging and I literally think about it everyday & I implement it to a solid part of my future all of the time, It’s a great way for me to get some headspace, it relaxes me and gets me creatively inspired more and more everyday.

It connects me to new people socially face to face or just over social media, it get’s my brain working when I’m writing my posts or figuring out my next post’s content, I have a fire in my heart when I talk about it and I get quite protective over it like its my baby, because it is – I have created this blog that I really am proud of and that’s not something I can easily admit for myself because i’m not proud of everything I seem to do.

thumbnail_EYEFUL EVENTS.jpg.png

Make Plans

There is no way I just could ‘just wing it’ throughout the year, I need solid plans or at least have a few provisional bookings. I love having something to look forward to it gives me a purpose to work and a little incentive along the way.

We all usually have a holiday lined up which gets anyone motivated (I’m grateful to have this advantage, some times a couple of times throughout the year as well) but it could be anything you desire, have a monthly plan to go for a night out with friends; dinner and drinks, or even one big pamper day; hair, nails, brows, lips or whatever but be sure to have something in eye sight planned ready for activation, whatever you’re able to do, do it.

There is nothing more motivating than looking forward to something, it maintains focus and certainly positivity.

Similarly it is important to Treat Yourself after all, who else knows what you need/deserve more than you yourself? No one, so if you feel you deserve to treat yourself then 100% make sure you do


Look after yourself – Eat Well & Keep Active 

Need I have to explain this? A good healthy diet & a balanced nutritious one at that is so so important, I eat very well with the occasional treat to keep me on track but I can’t stress enough how much of a clear mind you gain from actually being cautious about what we put in our bodies

Of course additionally to the healthy eating keeping active is just as important, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym because I don’t, you just need to just consider different life choices in your day-to-day routine. Take the stairs, walk to work, go for a brisk walk, just don’t be lazy.

My most recent health plan is to become a pescitarian, I understand this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it works for me, I haven’t gone completely meat free but I’m very close and I can notice a difference within myself physically and mentally. If anyone has any tips or yummy recipes please comment below!!

Don’t forget to drink loads of water and get plenty of sleep, nobody can function on minimal down time, you’ll certainly lack both a positive mindset and motivation without it & trust me – it does catch up on you.


Last but not least, Give Gratitude

Everyday I am grateful for something or mostly everything, I try to publicly show my appreciation quite a lot actually just to send the good vibrations into the universe, I believe it comes back to me with more things for me to appreciate.

The more I think and talk about the things that make me happy & the people who inspire me, I feel more motivated and positive, the power of the law of attraction is undoubtedly the most incredible motive for a positive outlook, think of all things good and be grateful for what you have and want and you will receive it right back,

It’s down to you to believe it but honestly don’t knock it until you try it – I try to fill my social media platforms with as much positivity and love as possible in hope it catches on and everyone else into the swing of it

I hope you’ve enjoyed my top tips to stay motivated and positive – we all work in different ways at different times so really do what’s best for you


I’m interested in knowing your personal motivations and everything you do to keep positive – I would love for you to share them with us down below in the comments!

My pleasure as always, thank you for reading!

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12 thoughts on “Stay positive and motivated in 2018

  1. Love this post! 👊🏼 Keeping a journal is something I revisited the end of last year and is such a good method to clear up headspace! Also just discovering the huge impact of eating a varied diet. This year to stay motivated I am going to challenge myself to eat more creatively and invest more time in learning to cook. Would also like to allocate more time to reading and try and read two books a month 🥙📚📝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Morning Natalie!

      Thank you & thank you for the comment, creative eating is certainly a winner, my motto is to chuck everything in and see how it goes!

      Reading is also a great one, I need to add that to my list – you’ll have to comment some recommendations x x x


    1. Yes do it! I advise using good bold pens, probably felt tip ones with not too much spill, I’ve used a pencil to start and i’m not happy with it

      I will update you with pictures once it’s a little more complete x x


      1. My problem is that I am such a perfectionist. I feel like I’ll have to start with pencil, otherwise I’ll rip half the pages out!! New Years Reso – be less of a perfectionist. 😂 Keep us updated on how it’s going. Xxx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Honestly, we blink and suddenly months have gone by! I love this post and I’m definitely keeping up a few of these this year. The first day or two wasn’t brilliant but I persereved and I’ve ended up having an incredibly positive and productive start to the year! I’m doing more yoga, eating less meat and trying to do more of what I enjoy and keep on top of things. I want to work on the “taking your time” point because I feel like I’m always in a rush to get stuff done when I don’t need to xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I Know right, I feel like I’m missing out on time but obviously not at all, just need to make most of every moment !

      That’s great to hear, start as you mean to go on, I love that! Same over here, slow down and take it all in girl x x


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