What I learnt in 2017

I have sat here reflecting back on 2017, openly some moments seemed like the worst days but undoubtedly ended up working out for the best. I know and believe everything happens for a reason and if anything this year alone has taught me mostly everything I know about myself and life today. I’ve challenged myself and gone with how I feel a majority of the time and worked on some personal attributes that weren’t good for me, All I do know is that I’ve done right by me and I’m ending 2017 on the greatest note, I feel  the happiest I’ve ever felt.

I thought I would share with you 5 of my biggest lessons learnt this year…

I Left that job I hated 

My god this was one of the bitter-sweet moments of my year, I got this job after I graduated in 2016 so of course I was over the moon and so glad I was doing exactly what I wanted. I loved the job and loved my clients, I made great business connections and learnt a lot very quickly but things took a turn earlier this year. I was in a really dark place, I didn’t want to get up in the mornings, I struggled to smile and mean it and I often went to the bathroom to escape and I even some times cried in there because of how stressed and uncomfortable I felt.

My partner at the time and friends were telling me to leave whereas my family were more reluctant for me to stay, ride it out until I got a new job lined up… I got up for work at 4am and didn’t get home until 8pm some nights. I worked with very few nice people who were happy staying there just because it was a stable income. I was being picked on and majorly disrespected, I couldn’t explain it even today as to why they were so nasty to me, I would feel so uncomfortable going into the office to pick up something, the room would go silent, or id come in as my bubbly self and say good morning and id get nothing back…the last straw for me was my manager swearing at me and being quite aggressive  “are you fu*king stupid” in the next half hour I typed up my noticed printed it out that exact morning and said my goodbyes, I didn’t have anything lined up, I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do and I literally couldn’t have cared less because I was so relieved to have left, I was no longer going to feel the way I felt…

This was a massive step for me, I felt so much stronger and positive and it opened many more avenues for me throughout the rest of the year that id of never expected without taking this step into the unknown, I learnt that no income or job is worth your mental and physical health, take big brave steps

That unexpected Break Up 

This is the most adult thing I’ve felt to say but being able to build a friendship back with someone after an amazing relationship but an unfortunate breakup is the most amazing feeling in the world, I have so much love and respect for my ex partner, losing him, my best friend was the hardest part.

I’m just very appreciative to have someone who cares for me like no one else ever has, we broke up a few months back, for no serious reason – neither of us did anything disrespectful towards one another it just wasn’t meant to be and that’s fine…relationships aren’t easy and I can admit it was something I found difficult to deal with when I had loads of stuff going on at the time, I wasn’t ready to give 50% of myself into a relationship or even more when it was needed – I learnt that it’s okay to be selfish and that you sometimes have to do what makes you happy even if you have to let people down in the process…being mature enough to be able to communicate and get on well now means more than anything.

Learnt to love myself again

Ever since I can remember people have always told me to stop being silly about the way I looked and perceived myself, friends and family would wind me up about it but I don’t think anyone ever really understood. I kinda know when certain things started but they’re things left in the past but have continued to affect me in recent years. I’ve been obsessed with my size, never once been satisfied; I’ve tried every diet, obsessively exercised and whatever else but could never ever understand why I wouldn’t lose weight, I am not big at all, I’m very healthy, I weigh 10 stone and I’m 5’7 – I’m  not big at all, in fact I am far far from and I’m so annoyed at myself for being so ashamed…

I am envious of other girls I follow on social media, I’m obsessed with these lifestyles which aren’t even real and I never appreciated the natural beauty I had within myself, I couldn’t accept compliments I literally found it really hard to but I can’t explain the constant negativity I would drown myself in about it, going out was a struggle for me – I loved every outfit but hated it on me, it’s really sad and for so long I just never felt very worthy but I now know it’s because of stress… I have always been stressed about something but for the last half of 2017 I have literally learnt to LOVE myself, yes love!

I stopped worrying about my weight and all of a sudden I see myself for who I am, I’m really perfectly happy with my body, there are parts id like to work on and change so that I will but I mean there’s nothing to worry about…I learnt that I don’t need to envy others we all have our own paths in life some more fortunate than others, I don’t want to be a beauty blogger or a fashion blogger so no I’m not going to own all the Gucci bags and have perfect make up 24/7 (I don’t even know how to do eyeshadow but I would like to learn) I’m a lifestyle blogger so I focus on life’s little things, I’m not supposed to be good at everything and that’s another lesson learnt.

Started planning and saving for my dream trip

To be honest it’s been planned for many years but everything has been put into place, I have a lot of planning to do still but my visa is confirmed and my flights are very nearly being booked (just waiting for the next pay-day) but I am well on board ready to start my Australia experience, my year’s but a little blur I’ve been living on what I’ve been earning in and out of jobs and been doing literally everything I’ve wanted to do all year, last-minute holidays and all that so saving seemed impossible but I’ve managed to save more than half of my expected target so yay to the determination and hard work, you can do anything you put your mind to and have a healthy life balance and enjoy yourself. 

Found my talent/passion 

This, blogging… I love it, It has been a founded passion for me, I never thought I would love writing as much as I do and I never really thought I would get the amazing feedback I have from it, I’ve only really focused on it over the last 8 or so months after I left my horrid job. I’ve had so much fun with it this year, visiting places like Chelsea FC for show venue a tour of the venue and I’ve attended some fun workshops and blogging events.

By the end of 2017 I wanted to remodel my blog and make it my own, I wanted EyefulEvents to be me all over, from the domain name to the little details and of course the layout, I’m now an even proud owner of what I have created and I know this is what I’m good at, I’ve always been creative but never found something to be talented at, I have  learnt that you don’t need to be really clever or really great at the obvious talents; singing dancing art or whatever else, if you’re passionate about something or really good at doing something else, that is your thing.. grab it with both hands and own it

Here it is, my favourite five lessons of 2017 – it’s important to take negatives and turn them into positives and make sure you reevaluate them times in order to take the greatness from it, this post isn’t made up of images like they usually are so thank you for reading through and baring it

I would like to wish you the happiest of New Years, celebrate in style, drink loads (but sensibly) surround yourself with your best people, tell those you love you love them & set goals higher than you think possible !


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